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A night at Haunted Hill

When asked about Fairy Tail, the residents of Magnolia would qualify the guild as many things: rowdy, lawless or... destructive. It was a good thing that loyal, festive and funny could also be used. However, the word boring wasn't usually making the list.

Nevertheless, it was how Levy McGarden was feeling that day. Standing in front of the request board with her hands on her hips,she was looking at the jobs without her usual enthusiasm. It really couldn't be helped: the day before, as she was about to go on a job with her team, Jet had a meeting that left him in a sorry state. He was racing Droy and her to the guild using his magic to run at full speed. He did have an excellent head start but unfortunately, they caught up with him when he missed a turn and crashed face first in a brick wall. Useless to say, the wall left a bigger impression on him than the other way around.

So, Jet was bed ridden at the infirmary and Droy had convinced her to go do something else while he would keep watch over their friend. There was no need for two people watching a knocked out mummy all day long. Levy felt bad for not staying but she promised to share turns with Droy.

Sighing, the blue haired youth eyed the many posters for a job she could do by herself but the more she searched, the more she felt disheartened. She was eliminating the jobs she would never be able to do without help, too hard or too dangerous, and she was realizing that there was almost nothing left. There had been something that looked easy from an Ichiya-san but Erza had passed by and tore off the paper to make it into paper snow... Levy figured that, whatever the reason, it was better like that.

She was about to go back home and spend the rest of her day trying to find the heart to read when she heard a voice calling her. Raising her head, Levy looked around until the white haired waitress at the bar repeated her name and motioned for her to come take a seat. The book lover complied with a smile and was rewarded with a cup of her favorite tea.

Mirajane crossed her arms on the counter and asked her how she was doing with her motherly smile:

" They say he'll have to stay in bed for a couple of weeks," answered Levy, a bit sadly. " He wakes up from time to time but he can't talk. Droy kicked me out of the room because I was pacing too much."

Mirajane giggled at the thought.

" So, you were looking for a job?"

" I haven't found anything, it's all about hunting monsters or stuffs I can't do except if I'm Erza... or you."

The waitress raised her eyebrows and took out the request log with an enigmatic smile:

" I might have something for you, Levy. I received those new requests this morning and there's one here that might be perfect."

Levy took the poster Mirajane offered her while taking a sip of her beverage. The request was surprisingly simple: check over an old woman's house for a night. The reward was also quite generous: 100 000 Jewels, almost too good to be true. But she figured that the fact that the mansion was in a far away town was also influencing the price. Or the old woman was loaded.

After taking the time to think about it, the petite woman accepted the job. It was an excellent opportunity to get some time for herself, she would be richer the day after and she would be back in time to relieve Droy from watch duty. Perfect job, indeed.

The train ride had been long and tiring. Five hours had been necessary to get from Magnolia to that little town named Haunted Hill and Levy couldn't feel her butt anymore when she got off the train. Rubbing her cute behind, the language specialist started walking in the little town that didn't really fit its name. With cosy-looking brick houses, clean streets and trees full of red, orange and purple leaves, it looked like a cute, normal and family-friendly town. Even when she stood in front of the mansion where she would spend the night, beside the fact that it was standing on a hill, she didn't understand the reason of such a name. In a similar design than the other houses, it was made of brick with a large front door and large windows. The porch was clean and welcoming and there was trees lined on each side of the little path that led to the house.

Adjusting her shoulder bag, Levy made her way to the front door with cheerful steps. She knocked on the wood and gave her warmest smile to the person who welcomed her.

" Good evening. I'm Levy, from Fairy Tail, and I came for the job."

An old woman, barely tall enough to reach the blue haired youth's chest, was standing in front of her, wearing huge glasses so thick that she looked like an owl. She was shaking slightly, leaning on a cane that matched with the rest of her clothes. She gave her a grand-motherly smile:

" Ah, such a sweetie. You came for the request, yes?"

" Yes."

" Such a relief, you came just in time." said the old woman while turning back inside. She was walking with extremely small steps and her arm was shaking every time she lifted her cane. Levy followed the elder walking at a turtle pace, pretending to not be bothered by the fact they would seemingly not reach the living room before nightfall. The old woman was talking with the same slow pace, obvious to anything else:

" It is so nice to have young people come help an old woman like me, they say youngsters are all bandits, nowadays, but I tell you, Sweetie, it is not true at all. Young people, nowadays, are so generous, I requested for this job yesterday and already, they send me not one but two wonderful children to my help, is it not marvelous, Sweetie?"

The blue haired beauty was smiling at the compliments then her brain suddenly understood the last statement. Two children?

" Um, Madam," she asked politely, " what do you mean by two people? There is only one, here: me."

It had taken them almost five minutes just to exit the hall and they were almost at the next room. The elder didn't seem confused or offended by Levy's comment:

" There is another that came to my help, right before you, he is just the sweetest. Such a gentleman, I tell you, Sweetie, never I have seen such a polite boy. He reminds me of my darling when he was still living, he was so handsome, too..."

They finally reached the living room that looked like a typical old woman paradise, with kitten plushies, pink pillows, frills and knitted objects everywhere. It even smelled like peppermint. Far from looking like something Levy would choose to live in, she admitted that she wasn't really surprised, everything was matching, including the client's wardrobe. She gave a look around, more frills and more pink, then, she spotted him.

Standing out of the scenery like gothic clothing in Mirajane's closet, Gazille Redfox was waiting in the ocean of pink furniture, arm crossed over his muscular chest, dressed in his usual black coat and white pants. His permanent scowl on his face welcomed Levy in the room, his red eyes meeting her brown ones. To say he looked out of his element would be the understatement of the century, it was like Alucard meeting Hello Kitty.

He was looking slightly surprised to see her there:

" What are you doing here?"

" I'm here to watch over the house, tonight." she said matter-of-factly. " How about you?"

" Pretty much the same thing."

Levy bit her lower lip, analyzing the situation: they had been sent for the same job, obviously. She figured that the waitress was as prone to mistakes as anyone else.

" It's the first time this happens to me, what should we do, now?"

" Aww, aren't the two of you adorable?"

They both turned around to face the old woman who was looking at them, from quite a lower point of view, with her never-ending smile.

" You make such a cute couple. Are you married?"

Levy jumped in surprise at the question, her face started heating up. She didn't even dare look beside her at Gazille who made some throaty sound while crossing his arms. The language specialist waved her hands in denial, trying to find back her voice after such a shock:

" N-No! We are not... It's-it's not like that."

The elder grinned:

" How sad, you look perfect for each other."

Her cheeks were past the boiling point now. She quickly changed the subject to prevent another series of awkward comments.

" How about I help you with your luggage?"

The client was finally ready to leave and after a never-ending journey through the mansion hall, she was making her way to a waiting carriage at the other end of the little path. Levy and Gazille were standing in front of the door, sweat dropping, as they were literally taking roots there while the iron dragonslayer was fighting the urge to just go grab the old woman and carry her. The carriage driver was as bored as them, he was resting his chin in his hand and he kept yawning over and over.

Almost fifteen minutes later, the Fairy Tail mages allowed themselves back in the mansion with a relieved sigh. The piercing faced man was the one to speak when she closed the front door:

" Gotta do something about the job. Who's staying?"

The blue haired woman shook her head:

" There's no train going back at Magnolia, tonight."

" So what?" Gazille shrugged. "I'll walk back."

" That would take you a month!" she exclaimed. "There is a better solution."

He watched her curiously so she explained:

" Let's do this together."

His eyebrow raised:

" Together as... a team?"

He wasn't looking so enthusiast at the idea, Levy felt nervous even if she didn't know exactly why:

" Is it... a bad idea?"

He looked somewhere else, muttering something, eyed her again then groaned. He turned around and made a gesture with his right hand over his shoulder:

" Whatever. Let's just get this done."

Levy smiled at his retreating back, even if she haven't known him for long, she knew that this was an equivalent to an invitation to stay. Breathing in relief, she followed him happily, glad to have someone to keep her company, even if it was Gazille. It wouldn't be so bad, right? They could get to know each other a little bit better.

Anyway, it was best she stayed with him even if just to make sure the client would still have her knife set, tomorrow.

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