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Lover Escapade

" EH? You sent them at auntie Grenta's house?"

Mirajane giggled happily at her little sister's outburst, not minding the stares they were receiving from the other customers. The two of them were shopping for clothes in a little boutique and the white-haired beauty had just told Lisanna about what she had done, earlier that day.

" Auntie gladly accepted."

The shape-shifter was unable to answer for a moment, clearly not agreeing with her sister's methods. When Mirajane played matchmaking, she could go to great length to get her way...

" It was such a daring thing to do, Mira-nee." Lisanna said while slowly shaking the head. " Imagine, if they learned about the fake job request, what they could do? Especially Gazille."

The elder woman shrugged her shoulders casually, obviously not scared by that eventuality.

" It's fine. Beside, it's for their own good. If they want to fall in love with each other, they must spend more time alone together."

Lisanna didn't bother mentioning that it was her sister that was the most excited about sending the iron dragonslayer and the solid script mage in a lover escapade. She gave her attention back at the dress she was holding, wondering if she would look cute in it.

" Does auntie still have her... furry problem?"

Mirajane was looking for tops in a rack:

" Oh, yes. It's the reason i sent them there, in the first place."

" Won't they be in danger? Those creeps are nasty."

The elder's smile grew wider as she found a lovely skirt:

" With him around, I'm sure they will be alright. And there's nothing better than a near-death experience to create bonding between two people."

Lisanna raised an eyebrow at that but she wasn't well placed to argue on this subject against her sister, she hadn't that many love experience beside Natsu, if it could count as experience. She left the fitting room and spun around to show the dress she was wearing to Mirajane who gave her a thumb up:

" Lovely."

The younger sister went back to change and spoke through the closed curtain:

" And if nothing happen when they come back?"

After a moment, Mirajane's voice got unmistakably darker when she answered:

" I'll get them drunk and shove them naked in a closet."

Lisanna gulped, she hoped that her dear sister would never try to match her with anyone anytime soon.

Boot camp

A loud complain echoed in the forest that surprised some birds and made them fly away in the grayish sky. To anyone passing by, it would have sounded like a dying dog however, to the black exceed standing on a huge rock, it was the hundredth cry coming from the blue cat he was supposed to be training. So far, beside the concerto of Are we done yet?, I'm hungry! and Not again!, nothing much came out of this training day. Pantherlily had seemingly the patience of a monk because he hadn't tried to choke his apprentice yet.

Lying face first on the ground and panting like an asthmatic, Happy was crying again that it was just too hard.

" You are the one that asked me to train you." said Pantherlily with crossed arms over his furry chest. He was obviously not impressed by his friend's whining.

Happy lifted his head:

" But, all I've been doing since this morning is running laps, chopping wood and pulling this rock," he pointed at the big rock linked to his waist by a rope. "I wanted to be trained for combat."

Pantherlily jumped from his leader seat and walked to his apprentice's side.

" Physical resistance is the basic for combat training. And you will not become strong by eating fish all day."

Happy's stomach was the one to answer. Pantherlily sighed, this exceed was unbelievable, he knew yelling at him wouldn't result in anything so he went with the positive reinforcement:

" Keep in mind who you are doing this for, that should help you focus."

The blue cat lifted his upper body from the ground, nodding to himself. He was doing this for Natsu. He wanted to be more reliable, he wanted his friend to be able to count on him. Pantherlily was so awesome in so many points, he wished he could be that amazing for his dragonslayer. And also, being stronger could help win points with Charle.

Standing up completely, Happy dusted his blue fur and stretched his arms left and right, a new confidence in his eyes:

" Alright, I'm ready, Sensei!"

The black cat snorted. He jumped on the rock and held a long stick over the blue cat's head, at the tip of the stick, a fish was hanging by a little rope. Happy's face glowed in happiness and he immediately started pulling the rock, waving his paws to reach the delicious looking fish that was just a inch away.

Pantherlily grinned proudly, that guy just needed a little motivation.

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