Fallen Angels Descend

A dark creature strode down the street. He had the figure of an average well built person, but anyone could tell by his appearance that he was indeed anything but human. The wisps of black drifting off his outline made him feel like some sort spectral entity. Many of the people who passed by this strange creature fell into a sort of mad seizure. Some ran, some didn't even hear it coming, while some unsuspecting passerbys went into a convulsion just because of the presence of this black figure.

"Hey, you over there!" said a female voice from behind, fitting as much contempt as she could into the sentence. It would be enough to provoke anyone it was directed at.

The figure turned slowly revealing its extremely thin but red eyes. It had a smile as thin as its eyes, curled into a mad smile, and a flame emitting from its crown in a flame like fashion. Whatever formed its body was in the shape of a nice suit, although it was nowhere near fabric-like in existence. Only a red outline marked the vague sketch of the suit, colored just as black as the rest of its body.

Behind him were two girls in a pink jeep. One was a blonde standing over the windshield of the Humvee, one foot on top of the hood of the car and the other on the shotgun seat. The other was at the wheel, whose extremely long hair was darkish blue on the outside and a shocking pink under. The pink leaked though the blue in some parts of the hair in a fashionable manner. She was wearing clothes you would typically find on a maid or a Goth Lolita.

"You look pretty normal for a stupid ghost!" the blonde sneered. "You're not so tough are you?" She continued to taunt.

"Hey, Panty, check it out." The dark haired girl pointed at the side of the car. One of the bystanders that had passed too close to the ghost was recovering from his seizure. Still shaken he attempted to get back on his feet using the side of the Humvee as support.

"Oi, geek boy!" called out Panty as she waved. The dark haired girl pushed open the car door knocking over the orange haired boy as he tried to get up.

"Careful Stocking, you'll get 'geek' all over See Through" Panty said referring to the Humvee.

"What a surprise, we didn't expect you to show up" Stocking said sarcastically to the boy stepping out of the jeep and slamming the door shut.

"What's this? An angel?" The ghost shrieked. "Interesting, I've never been into an angel before" It said rubbing its chin.

"Eh? What's that supposed to mean?" Panty said in disgust.

"That's not it Panty!" the boy cried, "he can go into your head and mess with your mind! He can read into your deepest secrets and drive you insane!"

"Secrets?" asked Stocking, backing off at the thought of having her secrets violated.

"Ha!" Panty laughed "That's it? That's some weak shit you think you can beat us by reading our minds? Cover me Stocking!" Panty said arrogantly while pulling down her panties which transfigured into a gun, much to the orange haired boy's delight. Stocking also pulled off her stockings which turned into a pair of diamond swords. She prepared herself rather unwillingly.

"I'll be borrowing Brief for a moment" she added picking up the boy by the collar as he was distracted by Panty's stripping.

"It's not that simple, he's actually stronger than he looks! Wait!" Brief yelled. "What're you-"

Panty then dashed full speed straight at the ghost.

"Show me your secrets!" The ghost cackled spreading his hands toward Panty as he was enveloped in black smoke. The clouds of black propelled themselves at her.

"Go, Geek Boy!" Panty shouted, using Brief as a shield. She repelled the clouds with Brief, who shrieked as he was mentally tormented by the ghost's attack as soon as the clouds hit him. Throwing the useless shield aside Panty then pointed her gun at the ghost and fired a few shots which were deflected by the black smoke enveloping the ghost.

"Shit! Go Stocking!" Panty yelled over Brief's whimpering in the background.

Stocking jumped over Panty with her double swords and attempted to cut through the black clouds. At first it seemed to be cutting through, but the clouds resisted the blade and Stocking was subjected to the psycho attack. With a scream of pain Stocking fell onto the pavement immobile, her swords useless at her side. The ghost laughed in delight.

"Interesting! Just what I expected from an angel." It rasped. "Now for you! Reveal your secrets!"

The smoke was directed at Panty. There was too much to escape it, dodging was impossible.

"Over my dead fucking body!" Panty attacked once again, ignoring the smoke that was about to cover her from all sides, gun ready and pointed straight at the ghost.

"It's over!" the ghost laughed.

Panty was encased in the fog right as she was about to come into contact with the ghost.

"Resistance?" The ghost said in curiosity as Panty was fighting against the smoke, making a hole and tying to pry it open with her gun and free hand only a few centimeters away from her target. Growling in effort while resisting the smoke and forcing the opening wider Panty was almost at her limit.

"You're about to crack!" The ghost jeered as he kept his red eyes fixed on Panty's struggling expression. Then, Panty had forced the opening wide enough to point her gun again right between the ghost's eyes. The ghost who was gloating moments ago was frowning.

"Let's see who comes first!" Panty sneered "My gun, or your weak smoke!"

Panty was just about to pull the trigger, but the smoke had broke through the moment she had focused the smallest amount of attention onto shooting her gun. The smoke covered every inch of her except her arm which still had the gun fixed on the ghost's forehead. For a second Panty's grip loosened on the gun and that she had lost. The ghost had broken into her head at point blank. The ghost savored its victory to come but staggered back as if it was in some sort of pain.

"What is this?" The ghost shrieked in disgust. "It's full of nothing but… but…" it said grabbing handfuls of his hair like flames on his head.

"That's right…" said a voice from behind. It was, Stocking ready to fight, dizzy from the attack but with enough stamina left to have both swords back in her possession. "Panty's head is filled with nothing but sex and guys."

"That is unheard of!" The ghost roared.

Stocking then used her swords to cut through the smoke wrapped around Panty. Her grip tightened on her gun once again she covered she short distance between her and the ghost in one swift step and jammed the barrel into ghost's midsection. Breathing heavily from previously exhausting herself she managed to say.

"Repent!" She commanded before rapidly taking shots with all the strength she had left.

Still recovering from going too deep into Panty's mind, the ghost was powerless to defend himself and evaporated into black fumes, his final scream of fury echoing down the street.

"I'm not hearing any bells." Stocking said taking a seat in the jeep to rest. The people that were affected by the ghost were recovering, gathering around See Through to take a good look at Panty and Stocking.

"I was sure I killed it." Panty said, her gun transformed back into clothing which she put back on (with some applause from the crowd).

"What do we do with him?" Stocking asked pointing at Brief while putting her stockings back on.

"He can help himself." Panty said before looking back to check for any traces of the ghost. "That's strange… Still no bells."

"Forget about it." Stocking said, it's probably one of those fake ghosts.

"Still… too strong to be the average fake ghost." Panty said unsurely. "Eh, forget about it…"

"Quick, we need to get back; my special hot chocolate is going to cool." Stocking said impatiently starting up the jeep.

Panty shrugged and jumped into See Through. Stocking immediately made a U-turn and drove off leaving an unconscious Brief in the dust.

"My head feels like crap." Panty groaned rubbing her forehead.

The car swerved and nearly hit another car on the opposite lane.

"What the hell?"

"Sorry, feeling a little dizzy…" Stocking replied.

"Don't overdo it." Panty said leaning back into her seat. "You're gonna get us both killed."

The two went up to their rooms as soon as they got home to recover from the fight. Ignoring Garter and his many questions about why the bell hadn't went off and why Brief wasn't answering his phone calls.

Panty lay on her bed completely naked as she does on a regular occasion, today however she was alone. Garter wouldn't let her off so easily for ignoring him. Dizzy and light headed from the fight, Panty couldn't stand Garter shouting through the door demanding that she tell him about what happened while she was trying to get some rest. She wondered if she should tell him to ask Stocking instead. No, too many words. The answer should be short and give Garter everything he needs to leave her alone. Deciding it was only right to do so; Panty gathered enough strength for a round trip from her bed to the door and spared a single answer to all of Garter's questions.

"Fuck off." She spat before slamming the door in his face.