To Our Beloved Readers: Last Chapter of the story. There might be a few small holes plot wise, but if you tilt your head it'll come together enough to satisfy. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll do another story in the future. Look forward to a sequel(?)

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Panty found herself standing in a hallway. Various sorts of Gothic decorations throughout the place made it look like one long extension of Stocking's room. Going down the hallway there were many painting of sweets and cake Stocking liked to eat. At the end of the hall was a single door.

"This must be Stocking's mind." Panty assessed as she examined the setting. "But how do I read it? I haven't learned jack yet."

Panty assumed that she had to explore the hallway as one would explore the mind, figuratively speaking. She looked behind her in the direction opposite of the lone door. It led into an unknown blackness. She didn't have any intention of going towards a place with no light. She was much more comfortable going towards the door where there was some reassuring visibility .

"This better be good." Panty said as she wrenched open the door which opened with a creek.

The room inside was lit with candles, it was too dim for Panty's taste. Looking around, it was like a sort of medieval torture chamber.

"Whoa, what the fuck is this supposed to be?" Panty said looking around the room which was full of sinister devices. The selection was lacking in spikes and blades but was made up with a plentiful verity of ropes, leather, gags, and many other objects appropriate for a set for a BDSM porn flick.

In the middle of the room was a torture rack which Panty had a hard time approaching. Regardless she entered the room, which soon after the door had closed shut on it's own.

"Fuck!" Panty said trying to pull open the door. No use, it was locked. Panty didn't feel all to comfortable being locked in a room inside Stocking's mind without a way out. She'll be here all night. Damn, she didn't tell Brief what to do if she didn't return either. If she doesn't, she'll be caught for sure. If she was going to be busted, she better have something to show for it. Where the hell are the secrets at?

Suddenly the ropes from the torture rack in the middle of the room sprang to life. The ropes at the four corners of the wooden rack lashed forward and tied themselves tightly around Panty's wrists and ankles. In a few seconds the ropes had started to retract and Panty was bound properly to the torture rack.

"I'm in some deep shit."Panty said.

Someone came into a room through an entrance hidden behind a curtain. She approached Panty and inspected the rack to check of the ropes were secure. Panty couldn't properly turn her head to see who it was.

"Hold still Panty." Stocking said making herself visible in the candle light. She was wearing the night gown she had worn to bed.

"Stocking? What're you doing here?" Panty asked.

Without answering Stocking began turning the wheel of the rack, the ropes began to tighten.

"No use Stocking!" Panty said confidently. "You can't hurt me here. Regrettably I can't feel anything!"

"You can't, but it can." Stocking said with a hint of envy spinning the ropes even tighter. Black fumes started issuing from Panty.

"What's this?" Panty looking down at herself.

"Hold still." Stocking said again. She took off her stocking, it transformed into a sword. She stood over Panty on the torture rack and prepared to stab Panty, sword at the ready.

"Even if these are just your thoughts, killing me here on a torture rack is," Panty gulped "a little too much isn't it?"

The black fumes got even thicker as the tip of Stocking sword got closer and closer to Panty's chest.

"You're missing the point." Stocking said. "I'm here to kill the ghost."

"What ghost?" Panty asked nervously wondering if she'll see blood splash everywhere if Stocking ran her through.

Suddenly a thick black smoke exploded out of Panty's chest. Stocking made a series of quick slashes but the smoke was fast, it managed to get away. It swirled onto the floor and took the form of a large ghost.

"That ghost." Stocking replied.

"I have been discovered." the ghost growled.

Panty didn't recognize the ghost at first. It was extremely familiar.

"It's the ghost from two days ago, remember?" Stocking asked.

Now that she had said it, it did have some resemblance to that mind reading ghost they had fought last time. Stocking cut Panty down from the rack.

"You're dead!" Stocking cried as she rushed toward the ghost attempting to slash it.

The ghost was faster and stronger than before. It dodged Stocking's attack with ease. Stocking missed and was subjected to a counter attack. She was flung against the wall by the ghost's massive arms. Panty retaliated pulling out her Blacklace and making a few attempts at offense as well. The ghost dodged once more and the bullets hit the door behind him, breaking it open.

"Fool!" The ghost cackled as he ran out of the room down the Gothic hallway and into the darkness.

"Damn it..." Stocking said getting up, picking up her sword. "C'mon no time to waste. If he escapes it'll be a problem for everyone."

Stocking ran after the ghost, Panty followed right after.

"How did he get this strong?" Panty asked as she ran down the hallway deeper and deeper into the darkness.

"Maybe it was because you were using his powers?" Stocking said to Panty giving her the blame.

"Ara, so you knew?" Panty said with the guilt and amusement of a child caught while pulling a prank.

"I can feel it when someone keeps trying to pry into my mind all day. I'm sorry but you're not the most inconspicuous person I've met."

"How could you tell?" Panty asked.

"You gave the same feeling the ghost did when he attacked me. When we took care of him that night there wasn't any kind of bell toll to signal his passing so I supposed he must've went somewhere. Since you're here I assumed you did it with the ghosts powers."

The hallway became as dark as ever. It seemed almost endless. The paintings on the wall never repeated however, just how many paintings of sweets did Stocking have in her mind?

"Anyways, your mind is fucked up. What's with that room?" Panty asked.

"That wasn't my mind." Stocking said.

"What? Then what was it?"

There was a small chink of light at the end of the hallway, or the tunnel, so to speak.

"That was my dream." Stocking admitted with embarrassment.

The had reached the end of the hallway, there was no floor to continue the path. It ended and soon Panty and Stocking were both falling through the pink sky of a candy land world.

Clouds of cotton candy, hills of ice cream, mountains of cake, you get the picture.

"This, is my mind!" Stocking said with wonder as they landed softly next to a waterfall of tea.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Stocking said transfixed with the setting. "They're so cute!" she cried as she started petting little jelly bean creatures.

The little candies scattered when a horrible gagging sound came from the sugar grass meadow. Stocking ran over to check what it was after biting the head off of one of the jelly bean creatures.

"Blargh! Take me back! This is horrible! I can feel the sugar!" Panty said clutching her throat. "It's in my lungs!" She wheezed.

"I thought you couldn't feel pain here." Stocking teased licking her fingers.

"Kill me..."

"Get up! The ghost is right over there!" Stocking pointed to the ghost heading towards a portal at the end of the grass meadow.

"I'll kill that fucker." Panty said spitting sugar grass out of her mouth.

They ran full speed across the meadow towards the ghost.

"We're not going to make it in time!" Stocking yelled.

"In time for what?" Panty asked.

"If the ghost gets through that portal, it'll escape my mind and return to the real world!"

Indeed, at the far end of the meadow was a purple portal that was practically waiting for the ghost.

"Cliche!" Panty said in disgust.

The ghost was right in front of the portal with one foot already through.

"I bid you adieu angels. I shall be even more unstoppable in the real world!" The ghost cackled and plunged head first into the portal.

Meanwhile Brief was sitting next to Stocking's bed, transfixed at what he was seeing. Panty had started out holding Stocking's hand when she began to read her mind. Apparently as she got deeper, more body contact was necessary. Now with Panty submerged in Stocking's mind to the point of being able to feel the sugar inside, Panty was full on the bed, both her and Stocking in an erotic half naked embrace. Brief was holding the dildo in both sweaty hands living out his Yuri fantasy. He had been staring non stop for the last fifteen minutes.

He almost didn't notice the black smoke drifting from Stocking's nostrils.

"W-what the?" Brief said as he took a closer look at Stocking's nose. The smoke was getting thicker and thicker.

Then in a split second, the top half of the enormous ghost popped out of Stocking's nose. The surprised Brief jumped back in shock.

"I AM FREE!" The ghost cheered.

There was a shriek of terror from Brief, a very loud buzzing noise like a chainsaw, a roar of pain from the ghost...

Back in Stocking's mind, Panty was on all fours exhausted from running through a thick field of sugar grass.

"Damn it... We lost him! It's over!" Panty said once again developing a sugar asthma. The portal had closed after the ghost had went through it. "Why did the portal close?" Panty asked.

"It opened after you came in." Stocking explained. "A simple rule of one comes in, one goes out."

"How do we get out?" Panty asked.

"We have to wake up. It'll take hours though..." Stocking said.

"But I wasn't asleep! I was right next to you trying to read your mind!" Panty denied.

"You could have fallen asleep..."

"Fuck!" Panty said pounding the ground once more with her fists.

"Care to explain how you got into my room in the first place?" Stocking asked.

"Well... hey, what's that? Panty said quickly changing the subject.

There was a small purple dot where the portal had been. It grew larger and larger until there was another portal replacing the first one.

"But how?" Stocking asked.

"Kickass! Sleep soundly Stocking, I'll take care of this one! Can't stand another minutes in this sugar hell." Panty said picking up her gun and marching towards the portal going off the chase the ghost. She was then flung backwards by the force of the ghost emerging from the portal.

"It's back!" Stocking said.

"RAAARRGH!" The ghost roared.

"Why the fuck did it come back?" Panty asked.

There was something wrong with the ghost. It seemed to be in pain. Upon closer examination, there was a vibrating giant pink dildo sticking out of the Ghost's eye.

"THE FAGNUT STABBED ME!" The ghost screeched holding it's eye, the vibrating base of the dildo protruding between it's fingers like it was stabbed with a chainsaw.

"Nice one Geek Boy!" Panty yelled. "Now! Stocking!"

Stocking ran forward and cut the ghosts in eighths like a pizza.


"IMPOSSIBLE! HOW CAN I BE INJURED BY THIS... A MERE EARTHLY OBJECT!" The ghost wheezed over the buzzing as his end was approaching.

Panty, like two nights ago ran in front of the ghost and put the gun to his chest.

"It's an angel's blessing!" Panty jeered.

Stocking looked away.

"Now repent!"




B - L - A - M


"CURSES!" (splodes)

Panty blew off the smoke from her gun. It turned back into a pair of panties that she pulled back on. Stocking caught the dildo that had been in the ghost as it was flying away from the explosion along with the styrofoam debris. The ghost destroyed and Panty's power no longer with her, the portal closed.

"Damn... I guess... we'll have to be here for a while now" Panty said hoping for another portal.

"Might as well enjoy myself." Stocking said digging a slice of cake out of the ground.

Panty picked up the dildo that Stocking had discarded away. The batteries were dead from use in the maximum setting. She frowned as she watched Stocking enjoying her second piece of cake. She didn't feel the dildo was usable after using to kill a ghost. It is going to be a long night...

"Or is it?" Panty sneered.

Straining hard on one of her fantasies the candy world dissolved around around them.

"Eh?" Stocking said as the cake melted away along with her perfect sugar world.

The setting solidified and both Panty and Stocking were naked on something soft.

"What'd you do Panty?" Stocking said angrily pulling a sheet over herself. "Is this a bed?

"Oh my! I think I'm dreaming!" She laughed.

The door at the far end of the fuzzy pink bedroom opened. A mob of nude macho men and hot studs marched into the room.

About the time Panty had destroyed the ghost, Brief was breathing heavily after having just stabbed something with the dildo. After calming himself down he was now bent over Panty and looking up Stocking nose.

"W-where'd it go?" Brief breathed trying his best not to touch Panty as he bent over her.

Out of nowhere Panty hugged Brief from below and pulled him onto the bed. He was now sandwiched between her and Stocking. Too happy to make any noise, all he could do was smile and go with the flow.

"No! Not there..." Panty moaned in her sleep squeezing Brief who was in his own world by now.

"Bitter..." Stocking also moaned in her sleep, tossing and turning as if she was in a horrible nightmare.

"Esctacy..." Brief sighed. God only knows what kind of punishment awaits him in the morning. Live for the moment, it was worth it. As he listened to the bell toll he thought, where ever Panty was in her dream, that's where he wanted to be.

Clap your hands... Clap your hands. Clap-clap-clap-clap your hands.