The actual name of this two shot is You Belong With Me (Taylor swift's song) so is a song fic or crossover. enjoy!

Bella POV*

Tuesday night I'm in my room… typical, I'm listening to my favorite music and studying; seated on my bed, all my books around me. I had the curtains of my window open it was a beautiful night, I looked through it.

After watching the moon for a few seconds my eyes landed at my neighbor's house the Cullen's; they had a son Edward. He's a great guy; he's captain of the school football team, I had a crush on him since ever, well actually we used to be friends… His window collided with mine and he also had his curtains open, I looked at him as I often did when he wasn't looking of course.

He was on the phone, and by his body language, and facial expressions I assumed he was talking with his girlfriend Rosalie Hale; the cheerleader squad captain and school's most popular girl; she is also the biggest drama queen on earth.

I don't know why they're together…well I suppose that is because they're both captains, so is expected. He's too nice to be with her; she doesn't know Edward like I do, she doesn't get his great sense of humor and I bet that she doesn't know his story like me.

We've been neighbors since little, before she even moved here. We used to be friends… okay maybe not that close sometimes but sort of; but of course, all changed when they met. He still sometimes talks to me and when he does he's nice and polite, nothing like her. In school she teases me just because I use glasses and wear jeans, sneakers & T-shirts and I'm a bit nerdy I have to admit.

He continued with his phone talk, he looked tired of whatever they were talking about. Soon enough he hung up and sat on his bed; his head on his knees. He ran his hands on his hair a few times… all sudden he raised his head looked at me, and as usual he smiled.

I grabbed my notebook and sharpie…'You okay?' I wrote.

He read and looked for his notebook and marker.

'Tired of drama' he responded.

'Sorry' I wrote back, he raised his shoulders and sighed.

I went back to my note book. 'I love you' I wrote.

When I turned to show it to Edward, he had closed the curtain, I sighed and twitched my mouth… typical.

When was he going to realize that I loved him? That I was all he's been looking for?

A few moments later my favorite song started playing and I couldn't help it, I grabbed my hairbrush and singed along as I dance in a crazy way…

'Can you see that I'm the one who understands you…? You belong with me.' I sang all over.

Edward POV*

I closed the curtain and went back to my world, after a brief conversation with my neighbor Bella Swan trough our windows, I don't know why every time I talked to her, I felt great… she's so easy to talk to, she doesn't interrupt with stupid comments about herself or to tell something random and without any sense like Rosalie.

I remembered that I used to talk to Bella, we weren't best friends but we weren't enemy's either, what had changed? Oh yeah, Rosalie moved here and we started dating, plus I only focused on football and she was into her studies. I used to feel good around her, she's really intelligent, the best in school since first grade.

I sighed.

I was accommodating my curtains when I saw that Bella's light was still on, I peeked…she was dancing all random and corky. She looked happy; she was having fun all by herself. I laughed a bit; then I closed the curtains again, she really made me feel better…I went to bed.

Few weeks later…

Bella POV*

I was outside seated in a bench reading, enjoying the sunny day, I was very concentrated on my lecture I didn't saw him…

"Hey Bella" Edward Cullen said "hi" I responded with a smile; he smiled back with his gorgeous crooked grin and sat.

"What's up?" he asked looking at me.

I flushed was this really happening? I asked myself "um nothing…just enjoying the day and doing some reading, and you?" I asked

The wind blew and a few strands of my hair where covering my face, with a swift movement he locked them behind my ear as he answered.

"Not much, I was just taking short walk, thinking…" he said "oh…a lot to think about?" I asked he chuckled.

"No…no, just planning some new football plays, you know for the upcoming games and stuff; since I'm the captain there's a bit of pressure, but is okay" he responded casually.

It was so easy to talk to him…why we didn't do this much? Oh yeah Rosalie.

"That's great Edward, I hope you win, it seems to be a big deal for you…football I mean" I told him he smiled wider "heck yea' I love football…but I guess you don't go to the games?" he said.

I chuckled now "Edward, I go to every single game! I'm in the school band; we perform at every game…" I trailed he hit his forehead with his palm.

"School band right…is just that I don't see you around school or anywhere…" he said

"You don't see me Edward? Or is that you don't pay attention when you're involved in something else or when you walk at the hallways; I see you all the time, you're the one who doesn't notice me…" I said sadness at the end Edward looked at me I looked at him and by a second I thought I saw a bit of regret on his eyes. He gave me a small smile and then he sighed.

"I guess you are right Bella" he said "I don't pay attention" he stated

'Oh! How cute my name sounds on his lips…his lips… focus Bella!' My mind said

I was about to respond when the wicked witch of the valley arrived…I mean Rosalie.

"Oh…um gotta go Bella…see you around?" he said I just nodded.

He waved with his hand as he got in Rosalie's flashing red BMW convertible. Just to tease me she grabbed his as soon as he was in the car and kissed him. When she was done and Edward sat properly she looked at ma and smiled wickedly…


Talking to Bella is the easiest thing on the world; it hurt me when she said that I didn't notice her at school…what's wrong with me? Am I turning into a jerk…? It was definitive, Rosalie had changed me and I didn't like that. She's not my boss I can be friends with whoever I want! From now on I'll salute Bella at school or whenever I saw, Rosalie or no Rosalie I don't care what she thought anymore…

Three days later…

Tonight was the night of one of the most important football games. If the team won we went to state a final that's what I wanted, that's what I've dreamed for since ever… my scholarship on music; Music and football my two favorite things in life after my mother and Mac & cheese dinner. Before the game I was at my house alone, mom and dad had left first to get good seats and talk with their colleagues which sons I was on the team with. As I went downstairs thinking very absorbed I sat on my piano bench, softly I touched a key it echoed on the empty house, I played another and after that I couldn't stop.

I started playing a song I composed long ago… a song that soothed my soul at my loneliest times; a song that reminded me of a lost friend. I got lost in the melody, I let it fill my senses my body swayed with the music it was a soothing sensation. It took the numbness I didn't knew I was feeling. Rosalie can be so self centered and superficial sometimes… well all the time actually; what had happened to me? I'm a totally different person when I'm with her a jerk sometimes… was she turning me into a monster, yeah she is and it's all because you let her inside your life, now she posses you.

I need to escape from her; Rosalie hale is not good for me anymore. Will I be able to break up with her…? That was the question did I had enough will power… I can't see her in my future; I need someone more like me…someone like, like…Bella. When the song ended I closed the piano lid and took my stuff, I headed out to school with a new perspective, and I needed to win tonight's game.

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