Just a kinkmeme prompt for adorable awkward Gob.

It was cute; the little shakes his hands gave when he put them on her shoulders, barely touching the skin as if he'd burn her or her him. She watched him, careful as a mother as she saw his ruined lips turn down, along with the creased dip the flesh between his eyes gave when she leaned further into him. The realization that this moment would take a little more work than she'd originally thought, never crossed her mind in a negative light. It would be worth any and all hassle. Being the first one to coaxed Gob into the intimate act she had planned was in its own right a high, and the ghoul couldn't look more inexperienced if he tried.

She smiled; a warm one that felt just as good to give as to receive back from him. He looked nervous still, eyes still creased up but the scared frown was now turned up; almost hopeful.

The pressure of his rough hands slowly increased and a comfortable weight settled further up her neck. She wondered if this was the first time he'd touched a smoothskin. A comfortable tune pushed into her head as the radio in the corner hummed out a song. The music was soft, but they needed to be quieter.
She was, as slow and careful as possible, settling herself in his lap. One knee at a time, and one inch closer as his breath started to puff against her face and neck. The under stuffed chair she'd got him to relax in was just big enough for her to fit a knee on either side of him.

"Don't be nervous Gob, it's just me…remember?", she whispered, finally settling down on his thighs with her knees on each side.

"...thats easy for you to say..", he made a low nervous raspy laugh before shutting his mouth tight as her hands came up around his neck.

"You know...I don't know..uh..", he mumbled and then hung his head to the side, avoiding the line of sight down her shirt as she shifted down on him. He didn't know what to do; what she wanted him to do now that he'd followed along with this. He'd never even got a chance to do this sort of thing before the war started, and instead of just being nervous he was also ashamed. No matter how many times she assured him she wasn't disgusted by him, far from it from what she said - still, he couldn't wrap the idea around his head that this was anything more than some sort of trick. She was so perfect. Beautiful, nice to him and went on all the adventures he'd set out to go on but never did.

"...I don't know-whatyouwantmetodo." He finished the words fast and half garbled, but a hand on the back of his skull told him she got the message. Her face leaned into the side of his neck, warm and soft. He sucked in a breath, not wanting to make a move for fear that she'd move away or even touch him more. This was everything and more that he'd dreamed of actually getting to do. It all just didn't feel real. I mean...he…had a smoothskin sitting on his lap, not just touching him but putting her lips on the side of his neck...the side that didn't have skin covering it either.

He heard himself gulp, and felt her move against his neck as the lump traveled down his throat. Suddenly everything felt unbalanced and his fingers twitch against her bare shoulders. His heart rate soared and he felt a wave of panic come on. He feared he'd freak out right then and there if she hadn't grabbed around him and pulled back enough to be eye to eye with him.

He stared, fearful almost and unable to voice it out of embarrassment.

She seemed to see it, but didn't mention it thankfully, neither did she mention the stiffness under her which he almost wanted to drop dead over. Everything had been easier when he imagined it; he was much more confident and could actually do all the stuff he was thinking about right now when he was dreaming. Right now, he just wanted to hide behind the bar like some frightened mutt.

Her whimsical giggle brought him around. His eyes focused finally on her flushed cheeks and the shimmer in her eyes. "I'm sorry smoothskin...I can't d-" Then she kissed him.

He froze as if Moriarty had struck him in gut. It wasn't a hard kiss or a passionate one, just her touching her lips with his.

Wide eyes watched her eyelids flutter close as he felt her lips part against his own. They were so soft, a little dry but they were pressing against his own; his own hard cracked lips.

"You can do it..", she spoke against his lips but pulled away for a second, eyes still closed, "..just move yours against mine.."

Slowly she returned to him, and now he'd let his own lips part enough for her to deepen the contact. He could feel a small smile against him before a wet flick touched his bottom lip.

Just her touching him, let alone kissing him...was enough to made him light headed, and now she was licking him. He almost considered her having a trace of some drug along her tongue; that would explain the dizzy sensation this gave him.

As if her queue was getting her tongue in his mouth, she then became hungry. It turned from tender and sweet to passionate and strangely enough, this was something he could manage - after all, his fantasies had been ravaging and fast paced, not slow and sweet.

Her mouth turned wet quickly, slipping along his own and pulling a rough moan out of him. Everything happened so fast. Before he knew it she was flushed into him, tugging at the collar of his stained shirt while she sucked and licked at his lips. Still a bit withdrawn he ran his hands around her back, stealing her against him with a little hesitation as she ran fingers across his scalp and the strings of hair still attached to him.

"Ooh..", she did it again. She moaned into his mouth and it felt like she was poking a fire inside him.

The chair he was sitting in was feeling too small, the weight over him was suddenly very heavy and he himself felt tight and constrained. Previously he'd been almost keen to avoid this moment, but now the ice had been broken and he just wanted the bar to be his so he could pushed her on the counter and take this moment to the farthest he could - but Moriarty was sleep in the back and Nova was snoring upstairs and what they were doing now was all that could happen tonight.

She hitched into him farther; tilting his head back as she playfully bit his tongue when he had the gall to push it into her mouth. She tasted good, better than he knew he tasted. Every inch of her tasted like a sweet hot Nuka-cola...and he couldn't remember the last time he'd had one of those.

Little smooth hands grabbed at the side of his face and that too spurred him on. He was slowly becoming the self he'd tried to be in his day dreams; the guy that could give her everything she craved and more. A bit more confidently he placed a hand down her back against the top of her ass, unable to go farther down on his own out of hesitation.

Without pulling her lips from him she ran a hand off his face, down his neck, along his arm to that hand of his. He twitched against her lips as she shifted his hand down on one firm cheek, squeezing it through his hand. He got the point and started to softly knead the flesh as she exhaled a breath through her nose to keep sucking the tip of his tongue into her mouth again.

His eyes had shut awhile ago but the present situation made him crack an eye open - as if what she was doing made even the muscles holding his lids shut weaken. Though what he saw out of that small slit of vision almost made his heart stop.

Moriarty was standing around the bar with an evil amused look on his face. Gob froze; mouth still open with the girl still ravishing it as he stared at his boss and owner in the dark. A little moan vibrated against his mouth and her hands continued to trace against his scared cheeks.

The expletive came out muffled and wet against the girl's oblivious kisses. "..shit.", and all Moriarty did was get that look across his face that told Gob he was thinking of something that spelled nothing but trouble for him…