Do We Have A Future Together



After she mysteriously disappeared on her wedding day 5 years ago and thus marking the end of their relationship, noone has heard from her since then. Years after, Hino Kahoko met up with Yunoki Azuma again. Now though, is it pure coincidence that brought the former lovers together or is heaven playing a joke with them? Kahoko x Azuma


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CHAPTER I: The Initiating Spark

Taking in a lungful of fresh air, she walked out of the high-rise building in her Prada black heels. Gosh, what a cold day. It is not the winter season yet. However,the weather seem to be acting against the season. Strong wind blew across the streets,leaves rustled, pollen grains were sent flying into the air, the temperature was indeed low. Such that she shuddered every once in a while when she get in touch with the wind. At least she was wearing a cardigan, a really thin one at that. But she did not exactly mind it. After all, it is going to be christmas soon.

She continued walking down the busy and crowded streets. America is a really happening place. She thought as she watched people entered the shopping mall, which is located next to her working place.Christmas is coming soon, where's my Santa Claus? She wondered, almost laughing to herself. Christmas seem like an eternity away for her. In fact, she did not believe in Santa anymore. It is just silly...Especially if you did not get what you want during Chirstmas. She was silly once...But never twice.

Shaking her head at the displays, she turned her attention away from them and almost stomped past the mall. "This people are just wasting their money," she muttered darkly to herself. Well, she would have put those money in the bank and then...get a proper apartment for herself. Even if it is a really tiny one. At least,she would not have to rent a room at a stranger's house. And...see people enjoying themselves on Christmas. Now that she thought about it, she really hates Christmas. Ever since that day...

"Don't be so nervous, Kahoko! You're going to sweat your make-up off your face. And I don't really fancy having to redo your make-up again," Amou nearly shouted at her, desperate for her to at least calm down for a moment. And stop sweating like a water fountain.

Kahoko giggled guiltily, "Mou, I'm sorry about it." She grabbed onto the flower boutique in her hands as if her life depended on it. Her palms were sweating hard, much more so right now. She looked around the spacious white-walled room they were in, before breaking out into cold sweat. Again. Seriously, she could not calm her nerves down.

Nao and Mio smiled at her from the mirrortables. They were dressed up in identical creamy white dresses, same as Shoko and Amou. All of them were prettily dressed up like little princesses in the fairytales. Their hairs were braided, just like Rapunzel. Maybe all they need right now, would be the handsome princes.

"Jesus Christ! Kahoko, do we need to bring in a large fan to cool you down or something?" Amou continued, exhausted as she attempted to dry her sweat. Not that this room is not air-conditioned. It is. Still, she was sweating like noone's business.

Amou pulled away from her and crossed her arms across her chest. "I swear Yunoki would totally murder me if you appear as a water fountain before him later. Could you make my job a little easier? All you need to do is stay still and god, just stop sweating!" Amou looked at her sternly, as if she was teaching a little girl a lesson.

Kahoko blushed furiously at the mention of his name. "Oh great. I just mentioned a forbidden name," Amou muttered under her breath, hoping that the bride would not get even more nervous and...start sweating more.

Mio turned away from the mirrortables and glanced at the lady dressed in a big white flowy dress. It was beautiful. A magnificent piece. What is with the flowy and silky material. And god, that heart-shaped diamond necklace lying around her collarbones. Her hair was mostly pinned up,letting loose only a few strands to hand down by the side of her face. In short, she was gorgeous.

"I would never have bet that you would get married first," Nao teased the bride as she moved towards her. Indeed, no one has expected a girl like Kahoko to be the first one among them to get engage. What's more to Seiko's Academy's finest man specie-Azuma Yunoki. She never noticed how all the guys around her looked at her or even felt about her. She is just one silly wood block. Like she is never exposed to the world even once.

A knock was heard from the door. Shoko stood up from one of the white arm chair and began to make her way to the door. "Guys, I'll see who is it. Go on with your conversation," She smiled angelically at them. If any of them were to become an angel, she would probably make a perfect one, Kahoko thought. Everyone nodded and murmured their thanks.

Kahoko has sat around, talking and giggling along with the other girls. Occasionally, she would just blush bright red due to all the teasings by the others. Thinking about how she is getting married at the young age of nineteen, it is indeed a little too quick. But love could not wait, right? That was what she has thought.

"Kahoko, someone is here to meet you," Shoko has popped back into the room to inform her.

Smiling, she nodded and picked up her way to the door after muttering a thank to her. Really, she wondered who would want to meet her now. The wedding is going to start soon. With that thought stuck in her head, her pulse picked up again. God, if this kept up, she would probably have a heart attack soon!

Upon reaching the door, she has pretty much guessed who was the person who wanted to meet her. The wedding pretty much has an ending already. In fact, it has just ended.

She shook her head. It just isn't worth thinking about it. It was the past now, wasn't it? Indeed, thinking about it would not bring her back to the past or even allow her to change her decision to meet the 'mysterious' visitor. So she might as her present life and live it well. Sighing, she took a left turn to the taxi stand. Just maybe, she could hire a cab to bring her home. And avoid all the Christmas enthusiasts. She was one too. Was. Never one again.

At the very same time, someone in Japan was stuck in his recurring dream again. To be more precise, it would be called a nightmare. Still lying on the giant black bed, Yunoki Azuma pushed his blanket away from his body. Using the back of his slender left hand, he wiped the beads of sweat tailing from his forehead to his neck. Why did he have that dream again? He leaned against the bed frame, hoping to calm himself down. To stop thinking about it. It was a good five years ago...

"Azuma! Are you nervous?" Kazuki asked in a teasing manner and paced around the room. All of the bestmen were situated in the same room with the groom. Right at the end of the corridor. Which would mean...that the bride and her bridemaids were just down the corridors. To be exact eight rooms apart.

Azuma smiled his gentlemen smile. "Not at all," he lied, "Why would I be?" He tightened the black bow around his collar. He need to be picture-perfect today. After all, this is an once-in-a-lifetime. Not to mention, how special his bride is to him. And the others as well. Especially most of his bestmen.

"Sure, he isn't nervous at all. I would bet fifty dollars on it that he's lying," Ryotaro joked from the piano seat. He was rehearsing a piano piece for the wedding later. Sort of a gift for the couple. Pretty unexpected couple too. No one was sure how they really became a couple. Or the reason behind it either.

Shimizu smiled as he pulled his bow across his cello. At least he is doing something useful today. Hopefully, he would not fall asleep, Azuma thought as he watched him. "Who are you betting with, Tschuira?" Azuma asked, throwing a glance his way.

"Why, Tsukimori of course." He smirked as he glanced at Len. Everyone started laughing when Len turned his head away from his violin to glare at the pianist. "Or are you not man enough to bet against me?" Ryotaro teased him, laughing. Azuma shook his head. Those two would never get along with each other. Ever.

He glanced at his wristwatch. Time to report to the altar. The next time he leave this place, he would be a married man. And a happy one at that. No more a single. With that, all of the musicians followed him out of the room to the church. Time for a happy ending. At least for two of their fellow musicians. Little did they know what was about to happen to their happy ending. Not until...

"Let hold our applause for the bride!" The announcer announced as everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the wooden doors. When the doors were held open, no one was seen to enter the room. Except...There was a shout. A shout that went, "Kahoko's missing!" And that is always where his dream always ended.

Azuma shook his head, his violet hair still plastered to his wet face. He has pretty much exhausted all his resources to find his bride. To find her. For the past five years. But to no avail. Everytime he got a lead, something would always get in the way. It was as if someone did not want to let him to find her. To allow him to have her back to his side. Maybe.. Just maybe he should give up. It has been five long years. Five really miserable years. Maybe she has left him because she did not love him after all.

A shrill ringing interrupted his thoughts. He turned his attention to the little object lying in the centre of his bed. What is it now? It is nearly 3am in the morning.Slightly annoyed, he picked the phone up and pressed it against his ear. "Yes? Kazuki."

The caller obviously did not keep in mind about the time. "Azuma! Merry Christmas!" He nearly shouted into the phone. Azuma pulled the phone away from his ear. Sometimes, his best friend could be a bother. What is so special about Christmas? Money-spending season, time wastage season, noisy annoying season... What is so nice about it?

"Azuki, I need to sleep if that's all you've got to tell me." He droned into the phone. This is not helping him at all. To know that there is a friend somewhere celebrating the most dreaded festival of the year. He tilted his head to the side, waiting for his estactic friend to calm down. It would be rude for a Yunoki to just hang up half-way through a phone call.

Hihara laughed over the phone, "Azuma, don't be a wet blanket please! It's Christmas! We have got to celebrate it! Come on..." Azuma sighed. He of all people should understand how he feel about that particular day. Every year, he would busy himself with work or with any other believable reason. Not that the others believe him though. At least, he would get by that day and...not think too much about it.

"You see...Amou want to go to America for all the others have agreed to go with us. So you're considered in as well. Meet us at 9am at the airport later!" And his friend hung up the phone on him. Jeez, just great. How Hihara was able to subcuum to his wife's every request was a mystery to him. Amou is a...demanding person, he supposed. But if Kahoko is someone who was as demanding as her, he himself would not have mind as long as she was next to him. He would exchange anything and everything for her. To be by his side. Anything at all.

Throwing his phone on the bed again, he had decided that he would go along with them. It is time to forget about her once and for all. Five years was a long time. He should have been over it. If she has really loved him, she would have returned by now, wont she? That was what he thought... Little did he know that god was going to play a little game with him.

Sneak Peek...Chapter II: The Coincidence

Right after his wedding failed, his grandmother has paired him up with Shoko Fuyuumi. A daughter of the owners of the rich coporation. He did not really know Shoko or understand her at all. All he knew was that she was one of Kahoko's good friends. In fact, after she has learnt of it, she has apologised about how her parents has agreed to their future marriage right after Kahoko has gone missing. He has felt bad about the girl. She has to tolerate his indifference towards her. Yet she still stayed hopeful of their relationship, telling him that she believed he would accept her one day. The fact was he would never be able to accept her even if Kahoko was no longer occupying his mind. Recently, he has noticed her trying to inch closer to him. It was disturbing, yet his grandmother would have reprimanded him for letting the girl to take the initiative first...And he knew he could not put off the wedding any longer if he did not want his grandmother to do something drastic. Not that he knew what she would do. But still his grandmother would never change in a millenium.


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