Everyone had made it home from a long day, back at the dorm they were all called by Mitsuru about a meeting on the fourth floor. When they were all seated they saw ikutsuki sitting at the head of the table in his usual brown suit as he cleaned his glasses.

"Ah good everyone is here," said ikutsi putting on his glasses and smiling. "How's the progress in Tartarus going?"

"Very well," said Fuuka. "We have apparently reached a point in Tartarus where its blocked and we can't go any further until we fight the shadow on the full moon."

"Yeah," said Akhiko with a grin. "So every night we go there mostly to train."

"Although training is all good and well, we are needed in a new town." ikutsuki sat back in his chair. "The lost aren't up at the moment, but there is a town further down in japan where the shadows are out of control and there are no Persona users. We will need all the help we can get."

"Good," said shinji with his hands in his pockets as he leaned against the door. "I wouldn't mind getting the hell out of here."

"Sounds sweet to me," said junpei leaping out of seat with glee. "In a new town with new people…new babes." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Oh yeah baby. Sign…me…UP!"

"There is just one problem," said ikutsuki, he turned to ken and Koromaru. Ken was seated in the chair and Koromaru tilted his head as he sat in the chair next to Yukari. "You two have to stay here."

"What!" ken shouted. "But why?" Koromaru ears went down and he began to whine at the loss.

"Sorry you two, but ken you have elementary class here and I was only able to get permission for the rest because they go through the high school. As for koromaru, well its no pets allowed."

"Aw, I'm sorry Koro-chan," Yukari went down to pet a still whining dog, his red eyes looked at her pleadingly. "I'm sorry for you too ken."

"Well think of this way," said Hamuko, she walked over and kneeled down next to ken and smiled. "You will be our stand in's." She folded her arms and went deep into thought. "We are putting a huge responsibility in your hands. Do you think you can handle it? If not…we can always ask someone to stay."

Seeing this being put in a new light, Koromaru wagged his tail and barked happily.

"Hey yeah," exclaimed Ken, he got the feeling of being an adult. He always did his best to be mature but now this was his chance to prove it, should anything happened while the rest of the S.E.E.S group was gone. "Don't worry you can count on us."

"Perfect," said Mitsuru. "Now that we have this all figured out we can catch a plane tomorrow. Please get a good night's rest and you will find your in your rooms already."

Hamuko as well as the other girls ran to their rooms excited to see a new school uniform, while the boys took their time, feeling no need to rush. She looked at the yellow cloth and blinked. Its very bright she thought, and I would definatly have a problem skipping class..not like I wanted to.

"There is no way in hell I'm wearing this!" That voice sounded like shinji and Hamuko could hear it through her closed door, feeling the responsibility as leader she walked upstairs to make sure everything was alright.

"Is everything ok?" asked Hamuko.

Shinji glared and threw a light purple suit on the floor, he then proceeded to stomp on a purple tie.

"Shinji," said akihiko. "its really not that bad."

"Fuck that!" he growled. "I will no-"

"Do we have a problem?" Asked Mitsuru proceeding up the stairs and walking past Hamuko. "I heard you all the way from downstairs."

"I am not wearing this shit!" he pointed to dirty, crumpled mangled mess of a suit.

"That's fine," shrugged Mitsuru with a smile.

"What?" said shinji and Akihiko in unison.

"Its not mandatory, but I thought you all would like a chance to fit in and not look like the new kids, especially since everyone wears these clothing."

"Like I give a shit," shinji slammed the door, leaving the purple suit in the hallway.

Akihiko gave a sigh as mitsuru walked downstair back to her room.

"Are you ok akihiko?" asked Hamuko.

"N-no…I mean yeah," he blushed. "I just can't believe I'm goint to be wearing this, but I am a bit happy that I am going to be in a new town and away from my fans." He looked away. "Rest well Hamuko." And he quickly disappeared into his room.

Walking back down the stairs she was greeted by fuuka and Yukari in front of the vending machines.

"Is everything ok?" asked Fuuka.

"Yeah," whispered Yukari, looking a bit worried. "That was a lot of commotion."

"Mitsuru didn't tell you?" Hamuko shrugged and grinned. "Its nothing bit just a bit of commotion about a suit. Its fine. I promise."

Feeling a bit at east the girls all went to bed and slept early for the next day.

Hamuko felt better because she rested.

There was silence in the air as they stood at the gate of the building. Students walked past them, laughing gaily, thoroughly enjoying the day before it even started.

The former students of Gekkukon High however were still in awe struck of the building. No one could talk. Finally it was Mitsuru who broke the silence.

"It's um…" she said softly with her arms crossed. "It has a certain appeal to it. It's a bit flamboyant I'll admit but-"

"Flamboyant!" yelled Junpei, "It's as gay as you get. THE SCHOOL IS FRKKEN PINK! No wonder the shadows are attacking."

"Junpei!" she glared at him. "Keep your voice down."

Junpei grumbled to himself and tugged his hat down.

"I hate to admit this," said Yukari. "I mean I really really hate to admit this but I agree with Stupei." She rolled her eyes and ignored him as she continued to talk to Mitsuru. "A pink school is just…so… odd."

"I'm with her," said Shinji. "Fuck this, I am getting the hell out of here."

Mitsuru looked at Hamuko. "A little assistance please, you are the leader after all."

Hamuko gave a nod and stood in front of the group. "Everyone please remember our original mission. It may be odd to us but remember our goal is to help these people and get rid of the shadows." She shook her head and put a hand over her heart. "We just got here, we can't turn our back on them now."

Fuuka ran over to Hamuko's side and nodded. "Yeah guys, I know that we can all do this, no matter..how…odd this school may look."

"I still don't understand why I have to be here." Said Shinji who was in his usual drench coat and wool cap. "I never went to your stupid high school why should I go to this one."

"That's easy," she said. "This place is huge so we need everyone to get familiar with the area."

"Well that and the police here are very strict about kids going to school." Said Mitsuru and gave an appreciative nod to Hamuko. "If we are quite done with the aesthetics of the school lets go in."

After a few grumbles the S.E.E.S group gave a few began to walk in the school. They all went their separate ways and before they knew it, Yukari and Hamuko were lost.

Yukari sighed and looked at Hamuko. "Great, I have no clue where we are…"

"I don't either, " Sighed Hamuko, "Ok you go that way and I'll go further down the hall, if I find someone we'll meet up here in a few minutes."

"Ok," said Yukari, she turned on her heels and disappeared around the corner.

Hamuko on the other hand went in the direction and bumped into two bodies making her take a step back. "Ow!" she mumbled. She looked up to see two orange haired, light brown eyed twins.

"Haruhi!" they said in perfect unison, "The boss sent us to look for you."

"How do you expect to pay off your debt," said one.

"If you don't even show up." Said the other. The twins picked her up like she was a piece of wood board and carried her into a room. She managed to adjust her head, just enough to see the sign above the door saying "music room 3".

"Excuse me," she said, but they paid her no mind. They were too busy mistaking her for this Haruhi person.

"It's a good thing we got you before all the customers rush in."

"Yeah what if they saw you dressed in a pretty yellow dress and is it just me or are you filling out the dress really well today."

The two orange haired twins set her down in front of a group of men and a tornado of rose petals flew in her face. She gave a quick squeal of fright and brushed them away from her.

"Hikaru…Karou….who is this?" said a man in glasses, looking up from his black book.

"This is Haruhi," said one of the twins. "She has finally embraced her feminine side and not only got a wig but put in contacts and a dress."

The blonde haired boy walked toward her and gazed at her through his blue eyes. "She…she.." His eyes went wide and he picked up in a bear hug. "YOU LOOK SUPER CUTE! This is what daddy wanted for so long." He put her down and turned her toward the man in black hair and glasses. He bent down one knee and extended his hand toward him, as yet again flower petals flew down over them. "Look momma, isn't daddy's little girl just adorable today!"

"Tamaki…" he grunted. "You truly are an idiot."

The one named Tamaki held Hamuko closer and rubbed his cheek against hers. "I would know my little girl anywhere."

"S-senpai?" all of the guys turned to see, Hamuko was sure it was a girl in a boy's uniform with short brown hair. "Who are you hugging?"

"H-haruhi…" Tamaki slowly turned toward hamuko and let go of her quickly, "T-then who are you."

"Yeah," said the confused twins in unison. "Who the hell are you?"

"I tried to tell those twins over there but no one was listening to me." She dusted off the dirt from her dress and then put her hands on her hips. "I am Hamuko, a transfer student."

"Wow!" said said a little blond hair boy holding a pink bunny. "You are super cute!"

"T-thank you," said Hamuko, taking a small step back. "I…I think I will go now."

"I simply can't allow that!" Said Tamaki he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him as if they were going to slow dance. "Please forgive my rudeness princess; I will do my best…" he leaned in close to her face. "To make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible."

Suddenly a fist flew into Tamaki's cheek and he went flying several feet, only to be grabbed by the leg and slammed into the ground like a hammer. Akihiko retracted his fist and Shinjiro let go of his leg and both stood in front of Hamuko, ready to take on the rest.

"If I ever catch you touching Hamuko again," Akihiko said cracking his knuckles. "There will be much more than just a punch to the face."

"Damn straight," said Shinjiro.

All the while, Tamaki laid face first first in the ground, twitching in the indent of where his body lay. "Ugh…ah….ah."

"Wait guys hold on a minute!" Hamuko held onto both of their shoulders. "These guys are harmless. Odd..and ostentatious …but harmless I promise."

Her words went on deaf ears as the short boy with yellow hair gave a wicked grin. "No one attacks Tamaki and gets away with it."

A tall man with spiky hair stood behind and cracked his knuckles. "Yeah." Was all he said.

Hamuko looked from the two group of guys and sighed. They just started school…and already there is a mess of trouble.

"What is going on here!" Yelled Mitsuru.

And it just got worse….