Disclaimer: I don't own TMNT or any of these characters, not even Sergeant Bananas(he was an action figure who never appeared in the show). There are a few minor characters that I made up but they're not important.

And so it was that the turtles, after having struggled against Shredder for years, destroyed the Technodrome's engines, trapping it in Dimension X. It was now unable to escape the large unpleasant, tentacly creature that pulled it into a hole down on top of itself. And this is where our story begins...

Although half-dead, the creature still had enough strength to try to crush the Technodrome with its tentacles, forcing Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady to use the emergency escape pods. Landing on the edge of the hole, Shredder couldn't see the Technodrome because of the darkness, but he could hear the crunching of metal as it was crushed.

"NO! Noooooo! I was so close! All of my plans! RUINED! Because of those blasted turtles!" Shredder fell to his knees and pounded the ground with his fist.

"YOUR Technodrome!" cried Krang indignantly. "Its MY Technodrome! What about my plans for conquest!" Unlike Shredder, Krang was crying hysterically. Bebop and Rocksteady watched this scene awkwardly. Until Bebop decided to speak up.

"Look on da bright side, boss. Youse still got us!" He and Rocksteady grinned broadly.

"YOU TWO! You have been the bane of my existence since the day I mutated you!" said Shredder as he exploded in rage. "But no longer! I want you out of my sight, NOW!" Bebop and Rocksteady looked at each other, hurt.


"NOW!" screamed Shredder, almost primally. Bebop and Rocksteady quickly turned on their heels and fled. They ran for quite a distance before stopping to catch their breath and looking back. Shredder was hanging on to Krang's back after Krang had converted his arms to wings and were flying off. A realization hit both of them like bricks: they were trapped in an alien dimension with no place to go and now their benefactor was gone. Shredder had fired them a couple of times before and rehired them later but this time felt different. Bebop felt his heart beating fast. His stomach was tying itself in knots. Rocksteady was doing little better.

"What is we gonna do now, Bebop!" whined Rocksteady.

"Don't ask me, I dunno!" snapped Bebop. "Dis is all dem toitles fault!" he said as he angrily punted a rock.

"I hate dose toitles!" raged Rocksteady as he stomped the ground in frustration.

"If I ever get my hands on dose toitles..." Bebop growled as he gritted his teeth and made a squeezing motion with his hands as he imagined wringing their necks.

"We'll pound dere shells in!" finished Rocksteady as he pounded the ground. Once their little tantrum was over, they both sat on the ground, unsure of what to do next. Off in the distance, they noticed little shapes in the sky.

"What are dose?" asked Bebop. Rocksteady stared at the shapes.

"I dunno," he replied. They continued watching as the shapes took on clearer forms.

"Dey look like dem cars dose Neutrinos use," said Rocksteady. They were approaching faster now. Bebop jumped up in alarm.

"I-I-I don't tink dere da welcome wagon,"

"M-Mebbe we should run now," said Rocksteady shakily. They turned and ran but didn't get far because one of the cars shot rings of energy that chased and closed around them, binding them tightly. The cars landed and alien beings got out. It was the Dimension X Intergalactic Police Force. They had received a hot tip that Krang was here on this planet and had come to arrest him.

"You are both under arrest for aiding Warlord Krang!" one of the beings said. "Where is your master now?" Bebop and Rocksteady looked at each other and then the officer.

"We dunno," they said at the same time. The officer glared at them.

"It looks like you two will need to be processed back at headquarters," he said as he led them into one of the cars.

"Dis brings back memories," said Rocksteady with a slight smile as they sat in the back of the police car.

"Yeah," said Bebop as the car rose into the sky and took off.

They soon found themselves in a cold sterile cell back at the headquarters. Bebop looked out through the energy bars that keep them in the cell.

"Been awhile since we's been in jail,"

"Yeah, but dis time da boss ain't hear ta bail us out!" said Rocksteady worriedly. Soon a guard came and deactivated the bars.

"It's time for your trial," he said. He produced a gun that produced more energy rings that bound their hands in front of them. He then lead them out of the holding cells and into a cruiser that took them to a large courthouse. They entered and after waiting a little while, they heard the judge say "Next case please," Bebop and Rocksteady started to get really scared and had to be dragged into the courtroom before the judge.

"You two are charged with aiding and abetting Warlord Krang. As usual with allies of Krang, we will skip directly to sentencing..."

"Hey! Youse can't do dat! We know our rights!" said Bebop indignantly. Rocksteady nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah! Dat's right!"

"Silence, slime!" said the judge. "Minions of Krang have no rights! I sentence you to the Desert of Desolation!"

"Dat don't sound so good," said Rocksteady.

"You will be dropped into the middle of the desert, with only one day supply of food and water. The desert will determine if you should live. Very few have ever survived this ordeal," pronounced the judge.

"Your honna! I trow my self on da mercy of da court!" pleaded Bebop as he dropped to his knees.

"Me too!" exclaimed Rocksteady as he did the same.

"Take these two to their punishment!" said the judge, ignoring Bebop's plea. Bebop and Rocksteady were dragged out of the courtroom and loaded onto a cruiser. The cruiser quickly sped out into the desert. Upon reaching a predetermined point, the two of them were roughly thrown out onto the sands. Two backpacks and two canteens were thrown out after them.

"You have one day's supply of water in those canteens and food in those backpacks. Perhaps the desert will spare you, but I wouldn't count on it," said the grim faced officer before he turned the cruiser around back to the city. Bebop and Rocksteady watched it go off into the distance. They then looked around them. Nothing but sand in every direction, burning under a hellish red sky and sun. They then stared at each other before bursting into tears, hugging each other.

"Wahhhh I don't wanna die, Rocksteady!"

"*Sob* Me neidda', Bebop!" They continued crying and sobbing for quite awhile.

"Hah...hah..." wheezed Bebop, trying to catch his breath after all that crying. "W-w-we have ta approach dis logically,"

"Whaddya *sniff* mean?"

"Da desert has ta end sometime, right? So's we just keep walkin' in one direction 'till we get out!"

"Good idea! Um, which direction should we go?"

"Hmm, uh..." murmured Bebop as he scratched his head. "Eeney, meeny, miney...moe!" said Bebop after some random pointing. The direction he pointed at would take them southwest. "We go dat way!" Rocksteady nodded and they both headed off in that direction.