I loved the turtles as a kid. That may date me somewhat, but I'm not as old as you think ;). Although I loved the turtles(Raphael was my favorite), I loved Bebop and Rocksteady as well. They were hilarious and what wasn't cool about a humanoid warthog and Rhinoceros? I disliked it when the show got darker in season 8, and then, in season 9 and 10, Bebop and Rocksteady were completely absent. I wondered what had happened to them, and eventually I just lost interest in the show and the turtles. Then in the last two years I got turtle fever again and had to get all the DVD's of the show, this question of what had happened to Bebop and Rocksteady once again entered my mind. Some fans on another message board wondered the same thing, so, I took it upon my self to write what I think happened to them. I'd wrote little fan fictions and original stories before, but this was the first time I'd written something to put on the internet. I didn't want just to write a fic about them, I wanted to examine the processes of redemption and the power of friendship(that sounds corny, doesn't it). Most people don't give much thought to the underlings of a major villain. I wanted to show that underlings like Bebop and Rocksteady could be well developed characters too. I know a lot of people liked Bebop and Rocksteady, with an equal amount hating them. I can see their points, but I just wanted to show another side of them. I hope you enjoyed my story. Reviews are welcome. Thank you for reading!