After the battle Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura were demanding that they give them a ride back to Konoha. The New Whirlpool team and new members just looked at them and laughed, "good one Hakate." Said Naruto, "let's go Autonins." They loaded up in their cars and got ready to go.

"I can't believe that they are going to leave us!" Said Sakura.

"I hope they come to Konoha," said Kakashi. "I'll get my revenge then!" Naruto got off and stalked over to Kakashi.

"Get it now you god damned cyclops!" He said as he took off his guns and weapons and handed them to Blaze. "Come on GET IT NOW!"

"Please, you are just a gennin." Kakashi said Naruto just looked at him.

"Oh I get it," said Naruto. "Your just like everyone else, you talk big game but when someone calls you out, you a scared little bitch. Just like that punk Uchiha." Kakashi was pissed, "the only things you care about are; beating off to your Ichi Icha: Yaoi version and how far Sasuke's pencil dick can go up your ass!" Kakashi started to fight Naruto but he was either blocked or dodged. Then Naruto tagged Kakashi in the face. Then Naruto hit an uppercut to Kakashi's chest which knocked him back in a tree. "What now Cyke? What the fuck now?" Kakashi lifted up his head band showing his shiragan and Naruto sent chakra to his eyes and they had a mirror gleam to them which canceled out the shiragan's effects.

"What the?"

"What's the matter? Can't use your precious shiragan?" Then Naruto rushed him, "that's too BAD!" Then hit him with a multi-hit combo. "After he gets up tell if he wants some, come and get him some because when I show up, I won't be having an anchor on my ass!" With that he got into Narutimus and took off.

Meanwhile New Whirlpool had gained three new ninjas, Kushina was welcoming them into the village. The boy was seeing the sights and was taking pictures of people and places in the village, when all of the sudden a convoy of cars rolled through the village gates. He looked up and saw them as he heard an Apache Helicopter flying over head. Then a girl on a Ducati 1198 motorcycle raced past him, then a huge robo-ox and robo-cat with two tails followed her in along with a GMC Sierra 3500, a 2010 Camero, a GMC Sierra Denali and a Peterbuilt 379 semi which was connected to a trailer which was black with orange flames was bringing up the rear.

They rolled past him and he was impressed at what he saw. "Whoa," he said in total shock. Just then his pendant started to react to them. "Huh?"

"Naruto, I'm feeling something strange." Said Narutiums, as Naruto and the others got out.

"What do you mean?"

"I felt it too Narutimus-kun." Said Hinata-One.

"I felt it too boss." Said Steel-Kirabi, Naruto was thinking about what he said. Then he contacted Kushina-Prime.

Yes Naru-sochi? She said.

"Have you been feeling strange lately?"

Yes I have, there is a piece of the 'cube' here.

"Cube?" He was told that there was a device that would turn mechanical things in to robots. "alright, let's go talk to mom." So they do.

A few days later, a group of people had came up to New Whirlpool and checked into a hotel. The guards were right on it. They called Kushina and let her know that someone that shouldn't be there is there. "Alright thank you." She said as she put down her walkie talkie. Naruto and his team were in her office.

"We'll get him mom." He said, but she stopped him.

"I want Nero to pay him a visit." They were confused.

"Who?" Said Hagane, just then a young man had walked in. He had short white hair with purple streaks, purple cat like eyes, slightly tanned skin and was built like Naruto. He was dressed in a black, short sleeved body suit, boots, gauntlets, a head band and a necklace that his adopted mother found him with. It was a piece of metal with some strange designs on it on a leather necklace.

'That must be the 'shard'.' Thought Naruto.

"You have called me Uzukage-sama?" He said.

"Nero, meet my son Naruto and his team my nephew, Hagane and Hinata Hyugga."

"Nice to meet you." He said, they nodded Naruto sighed.

"Alright mom," he said. "Who is it that's not supposed to be here that is here?"

"Orochimaru," she said. They looked at her.

"THAT bastard?" They said.

"Why is he here?" Asked Hagane.

"We don't know."

Nero had went to where the Otokage was staying at.

Orochimaru had a meeting about taking out the people who had raided his labs and didn't know that they were about to get clobbered. "I don't know who attack sound but we are going to find out and take them out!" He said, that was when he heard a knock on the door one of his guards opened the door and was knocked on his ass.

"GET THAT SON OF A BITCH!" Said a female. Nero was kicking ass and taking names. After the last guard fell, he walked over to Orochimaru. Then grabbed him and lifted him up.

"You have something I want," he said he held out his hand. "Hand it over and I'll let you live until Konoha, there you'll die!" Orochimaru handed over a piece of metal and it connected to the one he had.

"Enjoy it while it last!" Said Orochimaru, "you won't have it for long." Nero laughed.

"We will snake boy. Oh by the way, you better get out of here."


"Because Red Swirl's on their way." With that he left and ninjas in red masks and holding different weapons, weapons that will destroy him without a care.

Meanwhile Team Naruto were training for the Chunin exams. Just then they had seen Orochimaru escaping, "looks like Snake Boy's bouncing." He said.

"We'll get him at the exams." Said Hinata.