As Kurt Hummel looked around his room, he sighed. He was never going to get a boyfriend. Five years ago, he had his first crush, Finn, and after he had experienced all the drama between his dad Burt, and Finn's mum Carole, and gotten jealous of Finn, his interest in boys had gone. They really weren't worth the upset. But now, Kurt was getting older, and he was starting to feel lonely. Yes, he had amazing friends, such as Mercedes, and he had the most amazing job and a grand apartment, but what use is a big apartment is you are the only one to enjoy it? He got up from the leather sofa that he was reclining comfortably on, and went and switched on his laptop. He smiled as the picture of his old Glee Club appeared. He tapped his fingers on his desk patiently as he waited for the internet to load, and he quickly typed ".com" into the address bar, and hit enter. The page loaded almost automatically, and Kurt clicked "Create an Account." After he had filled in all the necessary details – and made a few adjustments to his surname - it was time to find his perfect match. He was looking forward to finding someone who may be the love of his life.
Question after question appeared, on page after page. There were so many questions that Kurt finally lost count. They asked such pointless questions, such as "Which of the following trees would you prefer to rest under?" Did people really mind what the tree was, and seriously, how many people would actually be able to tell this tree from that? However, he put up with them, knowing that there might be a lifetime of happiness awaiting him if he endured it. Finally, the quiz came to an end, and he was ready to find someone who he might end up loving.

Two days had past, and Kurt was getting impatient, waiting for the right guy to appear, and he felt a real need to get out of his apartment. So he grabbed his phone, and sent a quick text to Mercedes, saying "Hey, you doing anything today? 'Cos I really need to get out and go shopping. I haven't bought new clothes in almost two weeks and it is really depressing me! If you're around text Tina and meet me at mine at 2. If not, well hope you're having fun doing whatever, text me when you're not busy." Sighing, Kurt chucked his phone to the side and gazed out of the window.

Then, as he was just about to give up, he found someone. He was called Noah. Kurt laughed as he remembered the guy in Glee Club called Noah "Puck" Puckerman, and wondered if he and Quinn had managed to survive for the sake of their daughter.
Kurt decided that it was now or never, and so he found Noah's MSN, added him, and waited for a response. He was getting rather nervous as he waited to see if he would accept or decline his invitation. A few minutes later, another contact appeared on his list, and Kurt's heart skipped a beat as a conversation window opened.

"Hi. I'm Noah. Is this Kurt?"

"Hi Noah. Yes, this is Kurt." He quickly typed. "I hope its okay that I added you."

A few seconds passed, and a reply appeared.

"Yes, it's fine. I was actually just about to add you. I guess you beat me to it. "

"Yeah, I guess I did. I've never done this before. Have you?"

"By this, I'm guessing you mean go onto a dating site, and talk to someone you've never met before? No, I haven't done it either. I was so bored of trying to find the right person that I gave up and decided to put my fate in the hands of the experts."

Kurt laughed, and replied.
"I know exactly how you feel. I have been waiting for ever to find the right guy, but it never happened. So, seeing as we are both new to this, and neither of us really know what to do, I'll start by introducing myself.
My name is Kurt (as you know). I am 23, very gay, and I love to sing. I have been in a few local musicals, and recently I have managed to get into the proper acting business, and last month I won a competition, and I played Peter in a performance of Bare on Broadway! It was really cool. I guess that's kinda all you need to know."

"Wow, you have one good job. So yeah, I'm Noah, and seeing as you didn't tell me your surname, I'm not going to tell you mine. I'm 24 and bi, but edging towards gay. I liked to sing when I was at school, but I haven't really sung much since I left. I'm a fireman, and I still live with my mum. It's kinda sad..."

"Lol I actually lived with my dad until very recently. I didn't want to move out as my mum died when I was 6, and he hasn't found the perfect person yet, so I was worried about him getting lonely."

"Aww that's so sweet, but poor you. I couldn't imagine having to grow up without my mum."

Kurt's phone beeped and he swore at it for interrupting his moment of happiness. He unlocked it, and found a text from Mercedes, telling him that she and Tina were waiting downstairs for him.

"I found it quite easy, but then again, I didn't really know anything different. As she died when I was so young, I don't really remember having her around, so being raised by just my dad seemed quite normal to me. Anyhoo, I'm really sorry but I have to go know, I'm going shopping with some friends. I should be back in a few hours if you're still gunna be here?"

"Yeah, I'm not going anywhere today, so I guess I'll talk to you later then. Have fun shopping. Bye :-P"

"Thanks. Bye"

And so, filled with content, Kurt logged off of MSN, shut down his computer, grabbed his coat and bag, and ran out of the door, slamming it behind him. He jumped into the lift, and pushed the button which would take him down to the ground floor. He quickly inspected his already perfect hair in his reflection in the shiny walls of the lift, and was satisfied. When the lift arrived out the ground floor, Kurt waited patiently for the doors to open, and he stepped out, and spotted Mercedes and Tina standing outside waiting for him.
After a lot of gossip, some big purchases of the latest designer outfits, and a very nutritious meal, Kurt was very pleased with his day, and was now eager to go back home and continue talking to Noah. In a normal situation, Kurt would have told Mercedes and Tina about his new "friend" as soon as he saw them, but this time there was something that was preventing Kurt from telling his best friends. He did not know what it was, but he was certain that it would be better if they didn't know.

As soon as Kurt returned home, he dropped his purchases, and skipped into his kitchen, where his laptop lay, lifted the lid, and switched it on. He was very glad of fast technology, as he did not think that he would cope if it took ages to switch on. He quickly entered his password, and then logged onto MSN. His face lit up with a smile as he was told that Noah was online.

A message popped up almost immediately.

"Hey. I said I would be here, didn't I?"

"Yep, you did, and you have been a very good guy and kept to your word. That is a good way to get people to trust you."

"Wow, so does this mean you trust me?"

After trying to find the right thing to say, Kurt quickly typed,

"Well, I wouldn't say trust, seeing as I have no idea who the fuck you are, and you could be some random, gay paedophile that likes to stalk 23 year old guys who look 16, but somehow, I doubt you are."

"Thanks, I guess? Anyway, so what kinda films you into?"

"Urm, well musical things, I like a few comedies, but I'm not into stuff like horror."

For the next couple of weeks, all Kurt did was spend his time on MSN, talking to Noah, feeling happier than he had ever felt before. Everything in his life was going well at the moment. He had been on Broadway, he had a great dad, amazing friends, and finally those feelings that he had for Finn for all those years in High School had completely gone, and now he felt that exact same way about Noah. It really was amazing how you could feel that way about someone who you had never met, and you have no idea what they are truly like.