Puck stood there, staring through the window, mouth hanging wide open, gaping like a fish. He was still in shock. Kurt Hummel, the boy that he had bullied so badly throughout high school for being gay and different, was who he had been talking to, flirting with, learning so much about, and, although Puck didn't want to admit it, the boy that he was falling in love with. He knew he had to go in, but he couldn't tell Kurt who he really was; as he had a feeling it would ruin their online friendship.
Puck pushed open the door, sighed, stepped inside, and walked over to Kurt, and placed one hand on his shoulder.

"Kurt Hummel?" Puck said.

Kurt quickly spun around, obviously expecting Noah.

"Oh My God! Puck? Is that really you? What you doing here?"

"Yep, it's me. I was just walking past with some mates, and I saw you, and I wanted to see if it really was you."

"Wow, it's amazing to see you. How have you been? How's Quinn? You still together?"

"It's great to see you too. We're both good, and no, a couple of years ago there were some complications between us, and we felt the need to split up."

"Oh, shame, you were such a great couple. What happened to Beth?"

"I've got her. Quinn kept her to start with, but when she met a new guy, she fell completely in love. She was so happy, happier than I've ever seen the only problem was he didn't like children."

"God, poor her. What happened?"

"She broke up with him, but I knew how much she missed him, and she was really depressed. It hurt me to see her like that, so I talked to her, and I offered to take Beth, and after quite a bit of talking, she agreed to give her to me. Quinn got back with Mark and they've just got engaged. I take Beth to see her every weekend, and Mark is beginning to actually like her."

"I feel so sorry for Quinn, having to choose between her two lives like that, but when you next see her, can you say congratulations from me?"

"Yeah, of course. So, what you doing here on your own?"

"I'm meeting someone. I guess he's just running a bit late."

Neither of them knew exactly how it happened, but half an hour later, they were sitting at the table together, laughing, and reminiscing about their school years. They talked about what happened to them both after they left school, and how they both ended up in New York. It turned out that Puck had been offered a place on the football team, so Quinn and Beth moved with him, so that he didn't have to be away from them for long periods of time. However, Puck had to be training for many hours each day, and very rarely saw his beautiful girls that he quit and hadn't looked back since.

It took one and a half hours for Kurt to finally realise that Noah hadn't turned up. Or what if he had turned up, peered in through the window, saw him with Puck, and walked off? Either way, Noah hadn't appeared, and this made Kurt sad. He was really looking forward to meeting him.

"Wow, guess I've been stood up."

"Aw, you okay?" Puck quickly put on the role of someone who has no idea. "If you tell me where this dude lives and what he looks like, I'll go punch them for you."

"Honestly, I have no idea where he lives, nor do I know what he looks like. I kinda met him online."

"Wow, Hummel's being adventurous – you do know he could be completely psychotic?"

"Yeah, but I know he isn't, even though I have no idea what he really is like, just from the way he talks to me on AIM, I can tell that he is a very caring, completely sane, human being."

On hearing this, Puck smiled. Hummel thought he was caring. If anyone had told Kurt back in High School that Puck would turn out to be a caring person, Kurt would have told them that there was more chance of Rachel getting a good fashion sense than that ever happening.

Finally, Puck and Kurt decided that it was time for them to depart. They stood up, paid the bill, hugged, and went on their way, Puck walking in one direction, Kurt going the other. He couldn't believe that he had been stood up. Even though he didn't actually know Noah, he could tell that he was nicer than that, he must have had a very good reason for not turning up, but then why didn't he text him to say that he wouldn't be able to get there? As a very sad and lonely Kurt walked to his car, he tried to think up many reasons why Noah had not turned up, and eventually he gave up. It wasn't worth it, Finn was the only boy who was worth the pain, and to be honest, that really didn't end up that well. You couldn't trust boys, they were never organised, and as Kurt had learned tonight, they didn't turn up when you had plans to meet them, and they didn't even bother to tell you.

The next day, Kurt didn't even bother to sign in to AIM. He just sat on his sofa, and he was so depressed that he didn't even sing. 2 days later, Kurt got a text from Noah. It said "Kurt, I'm really sorry about Tuesday, please can you just come online so I can explain? I feel really bad about it. X"

Kurt sighed, after a lot of arguing with himself over whether he should give Noah another chance, he finally decided to sign on, and let him talk. As soon as Kurt signed in, he received a message from Noah.

"Babe, I'm really sorry about Tuesday. I had to rush my daughter to hospital and in the panic I left my phone at home, and I couldn't remember your number. I really hope you're okay babe, i feel awful. did you think i stood you up?"

Kurt paused for a minute whilst trying to work out whether Noah really was telling the truth, or if he was just using his daughter as an excuse for not turning up. he then quickly hit himself for thinking that someone would actually do that.

"Is she okay? I honestly thought that you had stood me up, but it is a huge relief to know that you had a reason for not appearing. But don't worry about me, someone who I was at high school with turned up out of the blue, so just talked."

"Yeah she's okay thanks. She managed to get some wall paper up her nose and she couldn't get it out. Typical child really."

"That's good. I'm glad she's okay, so do you wanna try the whole meeting up thing again, because I know that I want to."

Kurt held his breath as he awaited the reply.

"Yeah, I would really like that. We could do it properly this time."

"Cool, 1pm tomorrow?"

"Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it, but could we meet somewhere else?"

"Yeah sure, how about Columbus Park. You know that?"

"Yeah that's fine. So tomorrow, at four, at Columbus Park. Where exactly will we meet each other though?"

"How about the entrance opposite Tasty Dumpling? That sound good to you?"

"Sounds perfect, well I have to go check on my daughter and then take her to my moms house, where, unfortunately I am staying for the next few days whilst my house gets re-decorated, and due to her failing lack of internet, I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Bye x"

"Bye Noah, see you tomorrow, and if you have to cancel, please let me know so I'm not standing there by myself. x"

"Sure thing. x"

To Kurt, the minutes felt like hours, and the hours felt like days, and he thought it was so long since he had last spoken to Noah, and it was so long until he finally met him, yet really, it was just a matter of a few hours. The night went by so slowly, and eventually, at 1-59 am, he drifted off to sleep. His dreams consisted of him at Columbus Park, standing next to a tall, topless, faceless stranger with a very nice body. 6 hours later Kurt awoke with a start. Today was the day, it was finally here, and hopefully this time it would actually happen.

After another painfully long day, Kurt finally jumped into his car a sped off, turning two corners, before getting stuck in traffic. He sat there for 10 minutes, only moving a few metres, and constantly cursing the traffic, and tapping his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. eventually, the traffic cleared, and Kurt drove off, driving as fast as he dared to, trying to get there on time. Okay, so he didn't really need to speed as he had left half an hour earlier than he really needed, but this is Kurt, and he did not want anything to prevent him from meeting Kurt.

It was 12-57, and Kurt was standing opposite the Tasty Dumpling, checking his phone every few seconds, and looking all around him, trying to find someone who could possibly be Noah. 5 minutes passed, and Kurt was getting worried. What if Noah wasn't going to appear again, and just a few seconds later, his phone rang. Kurt looked at the screen, realised it was Noah, and quickly answered it.

"Hey. Is this you phoning to tell me you're not gunna turn up again?"

"No, I have something to confess. And please just listen, don't interrupt."

"Okay, I'm getting scared."

"Don't worry. So yeah, about last time we were meant to meet. I was there. I didn't really have to take my daughter to hospital. I'm sorry I lied to you."

"What? Why did you not come and talk to me? Please tell me you didn't see me with my friend. I was just talking to him, there was nothing going on!"

"No, I didn't see you with him, I saw you sitting alone."

"Then why didn't you talk to me?"

"Just turn around, and you'll see."

Kurt hesitantly did as he was told, and turned around. Standing just a few metres away from him was Noah Puckerman.

"I did come and talk to you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you who I really was. I was afraid that our friendship would end if you knew who I was, I really am sorry."

Kurt lowered his phone, hung up, and placed it back in his pocket. Puck copied. Kurt slowly put one foot in front of the other, took a small step forward, then another, and finally broke into a run. Pucks face lit up with a smile, and starting running towards Kurt. When they had almost reached each other they slowed down. They were now within touching distance, and Kurt spread out his arms, moved closer to Puck, wrapped his arms around him, stood on tip toes, and pressed his lips onto Pucks, and slowly and sweetly kissed him. Pucks lips were soft, and they tasted of cherry lip gloss. His heart felt warm, and electric currents spread through his body as Puck returned his kiss with passion. Kurt slowly pulled away from Pucks lips, and his bright blue eyes looked up into Pucks dark chocolate coloured eyes, and he melted inside.

"I love you Puck, and I forgive you for not telling me the truth. The wait was totally worth it."

"I'm glad you think so, and the feelings mutual babe. I've loved you since the beginning, and finding out who you were made me love you even more." Puck stood back looked deep into Kurt's eyes once more, and said "I promise to love you forever more Kurt, and I want to be with you."

"That's good, because I want you too."

Kurt sighed, and Puck lowered his lips, and once more let his lips make contact with Kurt's.

Kurt was happy, and Puck was happy, and they had proved that true love really does start with hate.