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Tsuna felt his eyebrows give a violent twitch as he observed his current situation.

It wasn't really that bad, there were only six full grown men aiming guns at him; it's not like this was a new experience for him.

And really, it had started to look like these six would be the last ones to escape from this rather magnificently failed assassination attempt. (He had seen what Mukuro and Chrome were doing) and judging by the screams Hibari wasn't being too merciful either. It was rather scary how the Disciplinary Committee president could make adult men quiver even when he had shrunk around half of his original size.

Gokudera had been throwing bombs left and right from his spot on the roof and even from Tsuna's rather far away position he could see his silver haired friend's victorious smirk.

Things were going well for them.

A little too well, if Tsuna knew his usual luck.

Though he supposed it was understandable that they were winning, as their enemy didn't know how to use dying will flames and his own famiglia had the Vongola Gear that lessened the disadvantage of being mysteriously turned into a child.

"But still," Tsuna thought as he dodged a bullet and started running in the opposite direction of his foes. "It's better be careful."

Despite some of his guardians' firm beliefs, Tsuna often said that they weren't immortal, and could get killed as easily as any ordinary person would, if bullets were to hit them.

(At this point people usually argued, that Tsuna was the last person to be lecturing them about getting hit with the bullet, as the brunet currently held the world record of getting shot. Tsuna's objections, that most of them had been dying will bullets, fell on deaf ears.)

Anyhow, back in his present situation he frantically tried to think up a solution to his current problem.
The fastest and most simple answer would be probably to just shoot them with his X-Burner.
Preparing to do just that, he halted in his escape and turned to face his enemy.
Just as he started raising his arms, he noticed two important facts that he really should have noticed earlier.

He didn't have his contact lenses.

Nor his headphones!

"Well there's my usual luck!" Tsuna thought gloomily as he quickly ducked again and took cover. If he remembered right, he had left his contact lenses on his desk, and headphones… his headphones he had left to Spanner for a upgrade.

The enemies were obviously getting very frustrated as they failed and failed at shooting a proper bullet hole on the little brunet. It was good thing that old Italian villages, such as this one, had been built so that houses were near each others and it wasn't easy to take proper aim as the target continued disappearing behind the stone walls.

But still, he couldn't keep escaping like this. He already felt his lungs burning and it was getting harder to run.

Who were these guys anyway; Tsuna hadn't done anything to them. Well except beat up few of them, but they had tried to kill the first generation's rain guardian so in Tsuna's opinion it had been rather justified beating.

Oh screw the contact lenses! This was just starting to be too much, first getting thrown back in time, shrinking, and now these people were after their necks.

Feeling his bravado rising he once again turned to face his opponents and raised his hands. He wasn't desperate enough to shoot them at full force but around 25 percent should be sufficient to guarantee victory... Probably.

Not wasting anymore time to think he took aim at the closest man, who had stopped and given a triumphant yell, obviously thinking that Tsuna had given up.
As flames started gathering on his hands, the man warily raised his gun but didn't shoot and seemed astonished that an unknown foreign kid like him could possess such a high calibre flames.

Enemies number #3 and #4 reacted differently and quickly raised their guns, staring at the flames on his forehead in fear.

"Whatever you are doing, brat, stop it now!"

Tsuna recognised the Italian words, and understood that the men wanted him to stop.

Too bad he was ready to fire.

With the sudden burst of flames, his arms started shaking and he felt as if he would get thrown in the air at any second. He squinted his eyes and could already see how the enemy didn't have time to do anything else than give surprised shrieks and fall onto ground as flames hit them.

Tsuna gave himself a quarter of an second to feel joy over his victory and spent the rest of that second trying hopelessly to keep his arms from giving out.

It didn't work.

Tsuna felt the pressure from his own flames throw him into an unknown direction.
The earth and sky flashed in his eyes so fast that he had no idea in which direction he was headed. Sharp pain in his back suggested that he had just collided with something and gone straight through this something. As the same pain repeated before he even had managed to yell out in pain, he dizzily came to a conclusion that he had just left a child shaped hole on one of the houses.
Realising that the next stop would be hard, cold ground, he braced himself for impact and prayed that he wouldn't break too many bones in the process.

Thus it came as a surprise for him when, instead of ground, he felt himself hit something warmer, softer, and indubitably more alive.

This something gave a loud yelp as he hit it and both of them fell unceremoniously to the ground.
Tsuna heard many male voices start speaking Italian in surprised tones but that wasn't very important. At the moment, he really wanted to know if he was still in one piece.
Keeping his eyes tightly closed, he tried carefully moving his fingers.
Everything seemed to be working fine, painful, but working. He did the same thing with his toes and tried breathing deep to see if his ribs were alright.

He felt lots of scratches and bruises but nothing seemed to be broken. A silent breath of relief managed to escape from his lips and almost immediately transformed into a startled gasp as he felt someone taking a hold of his shoulders and lifting him into a sitting position.

He quickly opened his eyes and immediately regretted it as the world was still spinning. Giving his head a small shake, he tried concentrating on his surroundings and started identifying shapes and colours. Quite near his location, he could see the small, white, Italian house with walls he had just spontaneously destroyed.

Also to his utmost horror he realised that there was still someone behind him.
It seemed that a person had been standing in front of Tsuna's flight path and had had no time to duck.

Warily Tsuna began turning his head, taking awkward notice of how he had fallen in the poor guy's lap. He wore expensive looking shoes and black pants.
It was a bit painful to turn his head to see the man's face properly. This mystery person was still supporting Tsuna from his shoulders, thus Tsuna had some difficulty in turning, he however noticed that the man was wearing a black pinstriped coat and a large looking, black… cape.

Warning bells started ringing in Tsuna's head as he froze and let his gaze stay on the man's left elbow, not daring to continue investigating.
This person's clothes looked familiar. Really, really, familiar.
In fact, he already had a pretty good idea of who the person was, and judging by the unfamiliar voices that were whispering something in the background, and a very strong feeling that there were many people staring at him. This person wasn't here alone.

Gulping loudly, he gathered up all his bravado, and hoping very hard that this person wasn't who he thought he was, lifted his head and stared right into the orange eyes of a Vongola Primo.

It was a great show of self restraint that Tsuna didn't curse aloud.

Any sensible thought that had been residing in his head flew away when they locked gazes. Tsuna had heard numerous times how he resembled Primo and when the first generations' spirits had come to help them in their fight against Byakuran, he had witnessed the resemblance first hand.

But it was just weird to see a long dead ancestor alive. An ancestor who was staring at him quite strangely. Confusion and shock were expected emotions when a stranger comes flying at you, but strangely, even though Vongola Primo's expression conveyed surprise, he also seemed… glad, not shocked. His eyes were smiling and he was tilting his head as if he wanted to say something.

Tsuna's thinking ability slowly started returning.
This was a bad thing, really bad, he was seriously messing with time here. Vongola Primo was the last person he should have met! Who knows what kind of effects this would have, but wait… they didn't know who he was! Maybe he could lie his way out of this!

Tsuna opened his mouth and hastily tried to come up with a suitable lie.

He couldn't think of anything.

A soft voice however interrupted his desperate thoughts and made his heart jump.


Tsuna had to blink a couple of times and wonder if he heard correctly. Since, if his ears had not betrayed him, he could have sworn Primo had just said hello to him. For some reason he hadn't expected that.

He started shrinking a little bit under not only the blonde's but several other stares.
He could clearly see first generation's storm, cloud and mist guardians looking at him over Primo's shoulder as if he was the strangest thing they had ever seen. Why were they looking at him like that, why was Daemon Spade-san grinning like a loon, why had G-san gone so pale and why in god's name was no one saying anything! This was getting awkward.

Only after a couple of seconds did Tsuna realise that they were waiting for him to say something. It was kind of stupid of him not to realise it sooner, after all when someone greets you it's customary to greet back.

Happy that he had made little sense of this situation, he took a quick calming breath. Okay. Alright. This was nothing. He was pretty fluent in Italian. Such a simple thing as greeting was nothing. No need to stress over the fact that people he was going to greet were very much dead in his time. AHAHAHA... No problem at all.

Now very much aware that his brain had completely deserted him, he raised his head and determinedly opened his mouth.



Wait. That didn't come out right.

The look on Primo's face had changed into bemused amusement and he too opened his mouth, perhaps to inquire what the hell Ciaossu meant.

Primo however never had the chance to ask anything as he was interrupted by a very high-pitched cry. Tsuna was familiar with this pattern and quickly readied himself for what seemed like silver haired missile bowl the poor brunet into the ground from the blond mafia leader's lap.

Tsuna could see over Gokudera's head how the former, or should he say current, red haired storm guardian paled just a little more.

Really he was acting quite strangely, was he sick or something? That had to be it, since he had staggered a little before taking support from a scowling Alaude's shoulder as Chrome and Mukuro trotted onto the scene.

Gokudera was already apologizing as much he could in one breath, for invading his holy and almighty boss' presence in this way.

Tsuna idly noted that things were getting out of hand quite fast.

The first generation mist guardian had done the most splendid dash move, and was now grinning like a loon at his pair of mist guardians. He really couldn't blame Chrome for letting out that scream and hiding behind Mukuro, and judging by the expression on the ex-Vendicare convict's face, Daemon Spade would soon get whacked with a trident if he didn't back off.

The grinning loon however showed no signs of backing off whatsoever, only lowered himself so that he was now at the same level as his wary victims and beamed at them. Tsuna had the strange feeling he would soon start chatter something like, "Oh how you two have grown!" That of course was impossible, but the almost parental like expression on his face was quite misleading.

"My, aren't these two just the cutest things you've ever seen."

Tsuna had to once again wonder if he had heard right but was soon proven to heard just that by a loud snort.

"They look exactly like you! There's nothing cute about them!"

"Now, G, don't try to start a fight."

"But there are three of them!"

"Yes we know, you've been mumbling that the whole time it took us to get here. Now please, shut up."

With those words Primo promptly turned to face Tsuna and Gokudera and gave them such a bright smile that Tsuna just had to take one step away.

Where were the questions? The accusations? Why, instead of being suspicious of them, they were acting like Christmas had come early, closely followed by Easter?

"Now, you don't need to worry, we know all about you."

Tsuna blinked surprised, not sure what to say. "You…You do?" This was certainly a new turn of events.

The blond man happily nodded. "Yes, we are aware that you are from the future." His expression turned a shade darker at this point "And it seems that it's all our fault. Or Talbot's fault to be precise, but as I am the boss all my subordinates' mistakes tend to be my mistakes."

Tsuna watched the blond's unhappy face with an overwhelming feeling of compassion. How many times had he been blamed for every little thing his friends and even his enemies did?
It was still a fresh memory of when Lambo and I-pin had come to his classroom only to cause major chaos and detention for him.

Nodding wisely at Primo's complaints he tried to find some comforting words but realised there were none. If something was certain in this world, it was that Vongola bosses would be forever and ever be in this kind of situations.

Tsuna was so caught up in his sympathetic thoughts that he almost missed the second part of the conversation.

"..And then he said that his time machine got broken and well… you kids appeared."

Primo scratched his neck like Tsuna often did when he was in a stressful situation.

"I still have to say that I'm happy that we have met like this."

Tsuna was again quite confused. Why on earth had he even known about them and why had he wanted to meet them. Had it something to do with the rings?

Tsuna gave a quick glance at his ring. There it was, on his finger looking as ordinary as rings belonging to mafia ever looked.

He raised his head just in time to hear something he would have rather never heard.

"It's not everyday you meet your future child so we are not really sure how to react."

He gave a quick glance at the mist guardians department and failed to see Tsuna's and Gokudera's shocked expressions.

"And there are those who react just stupidly." Almost involuntary Tsuna turned to observe Mukuro, who had stopped his attempts to keep Daemon Spade away with his trident.
This was obviously due the surprise and only temporary but Daemon Spade didn't seem to know that, as he quickly saw an opening in Mukuro's defences and lifted the poor unsuspecting illusionist from the ground into his arms and started playing something that could only be called 'upsy daisy'.

This seemed only to worsen Mukuro's condition of shell shocked-ness and gave Tsuna a sudden urge to laugh.

Quickly covering his mouth with hand, he almost bit his tongue in an effort not to laugh and turned his attention back to Primo who was almost sorrowfully shaking his head.

There seemed to be a serious misunderstanding here and it was up to him to solve it. He could see why they were mistaken, but it would be better for everyone to straighten things out.

"Umm listen-"

"How on earth are we going to make him let those two go!" A very frustrated sounding red headed storm guardian interrupted . "It's like he's a child that has gotten new toys, he's going to be so annoying for a while."

"Errr, I need to say something-"

"I know G, it's rather disturbing to see him acting like this. Never would have thought him to be the fatherly type."

"Oi, listen when I have something to-"

"And it's not like these kids will be here forever, we need to send them back to their own time."

"You are quite right G, I wonder how soon Talbot could fix that time machine of his-"

Slumping back into a sitting position Tsuna crossed his arms and angrily scowled in frustration.

"Say Gokudera, should I use my powers of invisibility to fight against crime or...?"

Tsuna was not surprised that in Gokudera's opinion he should be using his abilities to fight against crime. His friend had been fairly quiet for the whole ordeal. He was gripping the fabric of Tsuna's T-shirt for some reason and downright glaring at the first generation's storm guardian.

If Tsuna remembered correctly, Gokudera had some kind of one-sided rivalry with the red head and getting turned into child was no excuse to stop this rivalry.

Giving a short sigh, Tsuna let his eyes wander. There were some small cracks on the house next to the one Tsuna had accidentally destroyed. It looked kind of beautiful.
There were grass and stray flowers surrounding them, and if you ignored all the holes the battle had left on the ground, it was a perfect place for picnics and such.

The sun was shining warmly and G and Primo were still talking. Tsuna felt really tired, he felt like he could just lay down and get some sleep right there. Intending to do just that, he suddenly froze when a familiar tune reached his ears.

"Midori tanabiku namimori no-"

There had been many times when he had wondered why movie companies spent large amounts of money on horror movies soundtracks when Hibari had managed to accomplish the same effect simply by teaching their school anthem to a small yellow bird.
Then again it probably had more to do with the fact it was practically Hibari's entrance music, and where Hibari walked, nasty things happened.

"dainaku shounaku nami ja ii"

The Disciplinity Committee's president walked onto the scene just as Hibird stopped singing, looking just as bored and apathetic as always. His now overlarge black school uniform was drenched in blood but that was normal as well.

Quickly scanning the area as if searching for something (Tsuna would bet his X-Gloves that he was looking for more of those black clothed guys to pick fights with) and seeing none, he gave a small annoyed growl from the back of his throat before turning his observations on their current bizarre group.

He stared at Tsuna and Gokudera for a few minutes before giving that growling sound again and turned to stare at Primo and G. This time he just narrowed his eyes and didn't say anything, keeping his face blank even when G gave him a glare that was full of poison. After giving Alaude a quick disinterested glance he turned to face the mist users trio.

He obviously didn't know what to think. The fact that the pineapples had multiplied caused a scowl to appear on his face but seeing his hated nemesis in such an undignified position caused an almost invisible smirk to appear on his face.

Daemon Spade had been distracted by Hibari's sudden appearance and given Mukuro the needed opportunity to escape. With a quick kick and a yelp from Daemon, Mukuro's legs met the blessed earth and he didn't waste time as he grabbed Chrome and made sure they weren't anywhere near Daemon's arm's reach, before giving him a bi-coloured glare that promised pain and suffering.

Daemon now looked thoroughly disappointed that his new toy had escaped and turned to scowl at this smaller version of Alaude.

"Hmph, now we have another person, who looks like they've gotten a pole stuck in their a-"

Daemon Spade's eyes widened and he had to quickly duck as Hibari's left hand's tonfa connected with the place he had just been standing.

"And it bites as well, Alaude you must be so proud."

Hibari gave Daemon Spade a final glare before parading in the opposite direction. This man was just trying to annoy him, he had no real want to fight and thus was useless to Hibari.
Besides, the place had gotten far too crowded for his comfort.

Fully intending to go look for more of those convenient black dressed men, something that was never supposed to happen in his world, happened.

Someone had the gall to block his path.


Alaude was having a quite a dilemma.

Being the head of a secret intelligence agency meant that he was a man who rarely had to actually consider his actions.

Those who oppose him are wrong and he is always right, it's just that simple.
With a flash of his handcuffs, justice prevails and he gets to beat some weaklings to death.

But despite what some people thought of his personality, he was quite a responsible person.

For example he knew how to take care of his own men, no matter what that pineapple idiot said, about him not being able to separate 'care' and 'kill' from each other, for he most certainly could.

'And talking about responsibilities,' Alaude thought while watching this younger look a like's deepening scowl. It seems this one was his and usually it was by principle that he loathed these little, useless, weaklings that rest of the humankind called kids.

But this one didn't seem so bad. If anything got his aproval, it was most certainly violent acts against anything with zig zag parts in their hair and if he was truly Alaude's charge then he couldn't allow him to walk around aimlessly causing trouble.

Sadly, Alaude wasn't very sure how to proceed. His five basic functions were; mock, threaten, attack, occasionally blackmail and kill.

Now how to use those skills in this situation?

The black haired child seemed to be reaching the end of his patience and with a final "I'll bite you to death!" lunged at Alaude with surprising speed.

Hibari's tonfas only grazed Alaude's left side as the blond man quickly side-stepped out of the way.

Hibari turned around, ready to make another attack, but Alaude was ready this time.
In a bat of an eye, the click of handcuffs could be heard and Hibari found himself in an alarming situation.
Two identical metal circles had trapped his hands and a pale, larger hand had yanked his tonfas away.

Alaude grinned in his usual mocking way.

Hibari turned his dark eyes to glare at the newest annoyance and growled in a low, threatening voice.

"You are going to die in a very painful-"

Unfortunately he didn't have time to finish his threat, as Alaude almost lazily threw the enraged school prefect onto his left shoulder.


The silence was deafening.

Tsuna didn't dare to breath in fear of cracking up.

For the sake of his continued existence he covered his mouth with his shaking hands but couldn't turn away.

The look on Hibari's face was just priceless!

Tsuna couldn't remember ever seeing their school prefect with such a shocked expression on his face. His eyes were fully open and his mouth was slightly ajar.

Never had such an obvious look of shocked disbelief graced Hibari Kyoya's face.

Despite his best efforts a small giggle escaped his lips.

Hibari instantly regained his old expression of indifference, as if nothing unexpected had happened and getting thrown onto the first generation's cloud guardian's shoulder had been his plan all along.

It didn't have the hoped effect and Tsuna was now seriously in pain with the lack of air.

But at least he was trying, and to be fair so was Chrome. Sudden attack of cough seemed to be her main cover but it wasn't convincing in the least.

Gokudera and Mukuro on the other hand, seemed to be going for a less subtle approach in the form of outright laughter.

Oh, Hibari was going to kill them…


Not so far from them, the first rain guardian was looking at a baby clothed in cow prints and feeling like he had just missed something.


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