Ok here I go on another short story that has been rolling around in my head since I saw Bryan Adams in concert. I decided to do a story based along the same lines as the song Open Road by Bryan Adams. So here goes...

Open Road

Dean slammed the motel room door and threw his bag into the trunk. He smiled as he stepped up to the door of his car.

The beautiful black Impala sparkled in the moonlight and he lightly touched the door before closing it behind him.

He'd loved this car since the first day he'd driven it alone and called it his own. Feeling the cool steering wheel and how soft it was beneath his hands and the leather interior of the seats press into his back as he settled in for the drive to anywhere he turned on the engine.

The car was his home as well as his pride and joy. Settling in he stretched then turned on the headlights.

The purring sound filled his ears from its large engine as he revved it and pulled away. Feeling the wheel beneath his hands he felt powerful and alive. He didn't fear anything at this point he was prepared for life because he was full of heart and soul and he was built to last. Pressing the pedal down he stared at the white lines as they led him from town.

He had lived all of his life on the road and he knew nothing different to it. It had beauty but it also held unimaginable fears. Dean had been all over the country and he had seen everything that this live could hold and contain. He had seen all those that a normal person could call conceivable or those that were totally unbelievable.

He had seen sunsets and sunrises in different states and how each one was different he'd felt the warmth and the cool air from the desert wash over him.

Turning up the radio he felt the bass from his speakers vibrate the dashboard as it belted out the classic rock song Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Dean turned the dial as high as it would go singing along and tapping to the beat he smiled. The night was warm so he'd rolled the window down he felt the wind blowing through his short hair and pressing his shirt to his body.

Dean didn't know exactly where he was going but it sure made him feel good about being alone as long as he had this moment to enjoy he didn't mind. Life rolled on and on and he was just a player in it as long as there was a road to drive on and a case at the end of it Dean was happy.