I've ALWAYS wanted to write Tamora Pierce fanfiction. Well, here you go. =D


Bottled Lightning: Prologue

By Rachel Poulson


The area surrounding Lightsbridge was beautiful, a picturesque town with rolling hills. Unfortunately, its tranquility was lost on the redheaded girl panting up the spiral stairway of one of the many towers.

Honestly, she thought, these stairs are ridiculous.

And she might have used her magic had she not entered Lightsbridge as an academic mage. If she so much as stirred the dusty air, one of the many mages who resided in the magical university might sense a weather witch's presence. Short of breath, she reached the top of the stairs, lugging her suitcase behind her.

At last she reached her room, where she would spend the next two years becoming an accredited academic mage. It was rather small, but her teacher Niko had warned her not to expect the luxuries she'd become accustomed to in Tharios and during their travels south.

A content expression settled on her face, and she pushed her glasses back to the bridge of her nose, where they'd slipped in the day's heat.

This was a place where she could become a credit to her family, to her teachers. This was a place where she could easily become one of the crowd. This was a place where magic thrummed in the atmosphere from the concentration of mages, both ambient and academic.

The young woman smiled slightly.

Then Trisana Chandler set her luggage on the bed and began to unpack her books.