-Reimu and Maerisa had wedding to get married becauser they realized they loved each other. They invited Pactouli, Aya, Ibuki, Nitori, Suwako, Sanae, Reiji, Alice, Medicine, Cirno, Chen, Rin, Yukari, Meiling, Sakuya, Unzan, Nazarin, Hoshiguma, Parasee, Terry Bogard, Flandre, Remilia, Solid Snape, Kanako, Moku, Kaguya, Eirin, Tewi, Reisin, Wriggle Nightbug, Star Sapphire, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Dayousei, Oriin, Keine, Gordon Freeman, and Steve, who isn't sexist so he's cool. The Shrine marriage dude, who was named NUZ, said "Let us join in ohly matrimony, and marriuage these two togwther because of love." They both said "I do," and kissed. They all had a really big and memerable party.

-"WHat will we do about Alice?" Marisa asked Pactouli and Reimu, because she was Pactouli and Marisa baby, but Reeimu the married! "I will tell her that truth, so she doesn't get heartbreaked later." Pactouli said, and they all agreed, and everybody laughed and had a good time.


.S: Anyon has a spaer beer please? I runned out!