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Kitty's POV

It was windy the day he called me back. One phone call and I'm back in this hell hole. I should have said no. Why didn't I say no? None of this would have happened had I said no from the start but I had to say I would try it, duty to queen and country and all that. Its all my fault they're dead. Maybe they should have said no, if not for them, then for me. But I can't blame them.

What do I tell them? For 5 weeks I've been saying 'mummy and daddy are away' but... Cal's smart, he'll figure it out. And poor Charlie. He's only 5 months old. He'll grow up never knowing... I can't say it. It's too soon. Alan's been helping me with what to say but... I'm just... It's too soon to tell them.

Alan's been great. I don't know what I'd do without him. With Robin... gone and Lexi in Russia still (stupid boy not coming back), I've needed him so much. He's helped me be strong for them. Without him, the family would have fallen apart. Alec's never cared for us and Luke is too busy at Uni bless him, it must've been hard 'coz he didn't want to leave us. Jack doesn't care, at least if he does, he hides it with his need to 'revise' and 'study' and Michael, bless his socks, he tries so hard. He just has so much to do.

The clock on the mantle strikes. It's time. I have to go, my duty and all that. Michael claps a hand on my shoulder and hugs me. "Be careful." he whispers into my hair. "I don't want to lose you too." He lets go, picks up Sophie and burys his head in her small shoulder. I turn away. I don't want to watch him cry. He never cries, he's too like me. Sophie doesn't understand and claps her hands at me, asking me to hold her. I shake my head but Michael puts her in my arms. Her small arms lock around my neck and my eyes start to go blurry. I rub them angrily. I don't cry, I won't, not ever. I kiss the top of her head and give her back to Michael. Alan opens the door and puts a hand on my shoulder. "We need to go," he says. I nod and let a ghost of a smile pass on my lips. I wave and follow him out of the front door. The wave of pain was terrible, so powerful that I could have drowned in the misery. Who knew if I was ever gonna see them again? I certainly didn't. This could have been the end for me. I could lose them all. I never even realised that the worst was yet to come.