Missing Hearts

New York City in the year 2105, it buzzed with life even at night just like the city they were taken from in 2005. They were supplied with an excellent view from the penthouse belonging to Cody Jones, with training equipment being sorted and supplied for them.

For now Master Splinter was just having them meditate to help with the culture shock, Donatello knew Michaelangelo had no problem in settling down especially when fighting against Raphael for the virtual remote.

Now though the young turtle had worn himself out and crashed out in the rooms giving to them, but the genius turtle couldn't sleep. It had to be either very late or very early, he couldn't tell as he stared out at the view of the city. One that usually brought him some comfort but he felt his hands trail the tiny scar that was a very important scar to him, and caused a inner ache that he couldn't shake.

He sighed softly as a pair of warm arms wrapped around from behind him, "Hey, wondered where you were... what's the matter?" A familiar voice spoke softly, putting his own hands on top of Don's.

"Just getting use to being here I guess... miss home too much" Don muttered leaning back into the hold, feeling his partner's head come to rest on his shoulder.

"Missing the twins?" His partner asked softly, trailing the turtle's stomach feeling the scar too.

"Is it that obvious?" Don muttered softly, "They're our kids, I thought about looking for them but the thought of us skipping out on all those years or however the time stream is working around Cody's accident" He babbled looking down at the hands on his stomach.

He quickly got turned around and met Leonardo's eyes, "Donny this is why I love you, when you babble then you really do make sense" The leader turtle said softly moving his hand up to rest on Donatello's cheek. "I'm sure the twins are fine under April's care where we left them in 2005" He added softly.

Donatello closed his eyes, leaning his head against his partner's hand. "I love you too Leo, I'm sure they're fine... just can't get the courage to look them up while we're here" He muttered opening his eyes.

Leo leaned in and gave him a soft and gentle kiss, "Then don't, they're as stubborn as both of us... or worse than Raph, so they'll be fine babe" He muttered softly.

"Ready to get back to bed?" He asked bringing the scientist of their family into a loving embrace.

Don instantly hid his head against Leo's neck, moving his hands to the turtle's sides. He nodded against him, "I am, just will get to work in the morning with helping get that time window fixed... we will get back to our time, back to our children" He muttered.

"For now, we should get some sleep... I'll talk to Cody in the morning, see what can find out" Leo said breaking the hug, grabbing hold of Don's hand. "I won't ask too much, just some ninja tricks to get information out" He added to stop Don from speaking.

Donatello smiled and gave his partner a gentle kiss. "Thank you Leo, I think we'll get on fine here... just so much to learn and adapt to... just wish our boys were here to experience it too" He muttered.

Leo brought him into a gentle embrace as he led them back to their bedroom, "I know Donny, wish they were here too" He muttered feeling Don rest his head on his shoulder.