Missing Hearts

Night of Sh'Okanabo

Having dodged Michelangelo's begging to watch more horror movies, Raphael quickly ran off to the Dojo with Master Splinter for some training while the couple disappeared off to their room, closing and locking the door behind them.

"You know I still smell popcorn! That was so stale" The purple wearing turtle muttered, his beak half buried against his mate as they watched a movie.

Unlike in the theatre they had visited, this was just some random romance movie that was on one of the many holo-vid channels that they could stream. No horror movies for them tonight.

"I have showered love, just guess it stuck to me more because of having to fetch more... though Mikey is the one with the exposure, stealing mine" His mate replied, nuzzling the top of his head softly.

Don sighed and nodded, "I know... how we got separated" He replied softly and looked up the leader turtle. "How are your ribs?"

Leo smiled softly, "They're fine, you checked them once we settled back here" He replied softly, "And no, you're not hurting me" He added, giving his over a gentle hug.

Don sunk down into his partner's arms. "Hmm so I feel, but will still be careful" He muttered, moving up a little with a soft smile.

"Well I hope so" Leo muttered, his voice turning deep with a much hidden passion.

Don smiled softly and reached up to kiss his mate, showing the love for one of the turtle's of his life. Deep down missing the other two safe in 2005 with their friend, hoping to be reunited with them soon.

Raph stretched his arms high above his head, feeling his shoulders stretch with the movement. He had let Master Splinter go off to work on the roof top garden while he go off and showered, he growled hearing Mikey's loud voice saying about the horror movies and could just see Cody sat next to him paying attention to the youngest turtle.

He ignored it and walked off to the bedrooms, wanting a shower. He walked by Serling seeing a strange tint to the robot.

"What's got ya wires crossed?" The red wearing turtle asked, looking up at the robot.

"I thought that would change the towels in your rooms and didn't realise that your brothers had locked the room..." Serling said trying to think how to say what he saw.

Raph's frown turned into a grin, "Well Serling, ya one of us now" He replied, whacking the robot on the chest plate and walked off to his own room.

"Oh my circuits, must seek Master Cody to purge this from my system at once... before I crash" Serling muttered, walking off to find his young charge.

Raph laughed, it seemed that everyone had enough "horror" for one night.