Will just moved in with me and my family after his father kicked him out. I am so happy I am in love with A. William Wagner, he is the reincarnation of King Arthur , and I Elaine Harrison am the lady of the lake. Me and will are dating, and this weekend my parents are going out of town. EEEEEEEKKKK! Will and I have the whole house to are selves. He is staying in my brothers room. But maybe not this weekend. Will is the quarterback, class president, and my extremely yummy boyfriend. Wait did i say yummy? Where did that come from? Whatever i don't care. It is 12:00 in the afternoon and I am still in bed. I do this every Saturday, I sleep in and then when Will gets up he comes and wakes me up. Elle you up? No. Well it sounds like you are up, I , am coming in. Will comes throw the door in basketball shorts and no shirt on witch lets me see his abs. Can we go swimming Will? But I just got up Elle, but for you yes. He walks out of my room and i see his football jacket on and i fall asleep again. Elle wake up, I wake up and i see will next to me. He leaves so I can change, i put on my blue bikini and walk outside to the pool, i get my raft and lay on it in the pool. BRING BRING, I got off the raft and answered the phone, its my mom. Hello, Hi ellie change of plans we will be gone all week, ok mom. Me and will spent all day in the pool. When we got out i went up stairs and took a shower, will went in his bathroom and took his. I put on my pj's and will came in to say goodnight. Will? Yes? Will you sleep in here tonight? Sure. Will crawled into my bed and i fell asleep with my head on his chest, but before i fell asleep i said I Love You Will, I Love You Too Elle.