Bella woke up the next morning to the sound of her mother's high pitched squeals.

"The big day is finally here!" Renee squealed jumping onto the bed and pulling Bella into a suffocating hug

"What time is it?" Bella groaned


"6:30? Why are you waking me up at 6:30?"

"Because you need to get ready." Renee replied

"Ummm… the wedding isn't until 3 o'clock; I'm pretty sure I don't need 6hours to get ready."

"A little advice from someone who's been married twice, it's better to have extra time. It could take longer to do your hair and makeup then you anticipate and you're bound to cry at least once so we might have to redo the eye make-up, then there's getting into the dress without messing up your hair."

"I guess that does make sense. Do I at least get breakfast first?"

"Of course, and that wonderful soon-to-be husband of yours brought you some breakfast from the diner."

"Sam's here?" Bella asked, starting to get up

"Nope; he just stopped by to pick up a few things, leave your breakfast and a little gift."

"Gift? What kind of gift?"

"I was instructed not to give it to you until we got to the ceremony hall. Now get downstairs and eat your breakfast so we can get you ready."

Bella sighed but followed her mother's instructions and made her way downstairs.

As soon as she'd taken the last bite of pancake, Renee was right there shoving her out of her seat and towards the stairs.

"No need to be so pushy Mom." Bella grumbled

For the next few hours, Bella was poked, plucked and prodded; there was a mishap with her mother and some fake eyelashes, wherein Bella sneezed while Renee was trying to glue the eyelash on and glue ended up in Bella's eye.

"I told you the eyelashes were a bad idea." Bella yelled as she attempted to flush the glue out of her eye

"It would have been fine if you hadn't sneezed." Renee replied

"Well I told you I had to sneeze and that you should wait."

"I thought I could get it on before you sneezed."

"How about we just forget about the eyelashes? I've never worn them before and I'm pretty sure my eyelashes are going to be the last thing Sam is paying attention to." Bella suggested, finally succeeding in relieving the burning in her eye

"You do have a point, I mean I once wore fake eyelashes every day for almost a month and Phil didn't even notice until one night we're having dinner at a restaurant and he looks up from his plate and says "Babe, I think you should see a doctor." and I had no idea what he's talking about so I asked him and he said "Your eyelashes… they're peeling off." So I reach up and sure enough the thing is barely hanging on so I just peel it right off and then the other one too because it would look awful funny to walk around this really pretty and full set of lashes and then on the other side I've got these miserable excuse for lashes…. Oh Bella you should have seen his face, he looked so horrified." Renee laughed

"Wait… he actually thought you'd peeled your eyelashes off?" Bella asked as she came out of the bathroom

"And thanks to you and old age I nearly peed myself laughing."


"Babies do more than give you bigger boobs, extra pounds and stretch marks; they also screw up your ability to hold your pee." Renee explained as she started applying mascara to Bella's natural lashes

"You're just chalk full of strange advice." Bella laughed

"Well who else is going to tell you these things? As your mother it's my job to impart wisdom and say things that will embarrass you but actually help you later." Renee explained

"I know we've had our differences over the years but I really do love you Mom and I'm so happy you're here." Bella smiled

"Oh, sweetie I love you too, but let's save the tears for the wedding; it's the only time the men won't laugh at us for being emotional."

Before Bella knew it, she was ready to slip into her dress and head to the tribal hall.

"If you have to pee I'd suggest you do it now because it will be really difficult once your dress is on." Renee advised

Bella followed her mother's advice and then allowed her mother to help her into the dress; soon after Angela and Kim showed up and they all helped Bella into the car and made their way to the tribal hall.

When they reached the tribal hall, Charlie was already outside waiting and his got a little misty when Bella stepped out of the car.

"You look beautiful Bells." He smiled as he approached her and offered his arm

"Thanks Daddy; you look pretty handsome yourself." She grinned

"Before you go in, here is your gift from Sam." Renee said handing her a small box

Bella opened it to find a necklace with a swan and wolf charm attached.

Renee helped her to put it on and then she and the girls went in ahead of Bella and her Dad, who were waiting on their signal to enter.

Once the familiar tune started up, Charlie looked down at his daughter and asked,

"You ready?"


As they walked, Bella tried to look at how the decorations had turned out but once she spotted Sam waiting for her at the end of the aisle, her eyes remained glued to him.

They reached the end of the aisle and Charlie placed Bella's hand into and Sam's and with as stern a look as he could muster with watery eyes he said,

"Take care of my girl."

The ceremony itself was short and simple, and neither Bella nor Sam paid any attention to Bella's mother who, as predicted, was a blubbering mess.

Once they were pronounced husband and wife, Sam pulled Bella in for a kiss that had Charlie clearing his throat rather loudly.

Sam and Bella led their guest outside where they had decided to hold the reception, being sure to put up large party tents just in case it rained.

Not too long after everyone had gotten a plate and found a seat, Renee stood up with glass in hand and began her toast; it was embarrassing and ended with a request for grandbabies. Charlie's speech followed, and his was short and simple but he did manage to hint that he wouldn't mind a little fishing buddy.

After a few hours, Bella's parents, Phil and her old roommates from college cleared out leaving only the pack, elders and a few others from the tribe. And just as Bella was getting ready to suggest that she and Sam make a quick exit, Sam and the rest of the pack disappeared for a few minutes before coming back in their customary cut-offs and nothing else. They formed a line in clear view of everyone still present and Bella eyed them suspiciously wondering what they were up to but she didn't have to wonder long because Sam motioned for her to join and him and then whispered in here.

"Just watch."

And as she stood there wondering what on earth they were up to, the pack phased. Bella stared at them for a minute before breaking out into laughter.

"You guys are in so much trouble." She giggled as the elders began to make their way to where the giant wolves stood

"Sam Uley!" Old Quil yelled, waving his walking stick about like he was going to beat someone with it

"I think that's our cue to get out of here." Bella said

Sam lowered himself to the grown so that Bella could climb onto his back, and as soon as she gave a tug on his fur, he was running for the forest with the rest of the pack following.

When they reached the edge of the forest, they turned back to the people staring after them and let loose a collective howl which was then followed by the sound of Bella's laughter.

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