Wally leaned against the lockers beside Hoagie, watching as he practically threw his Maths textbook in with a loud 'thud' and Wally suppressed a chuckle, letting his orange backpack slid from his shoulder and land on the floor at his feet as he crossed his arms over his chest, looking the essence of cool, raising an eyebrow at his geek friend.

"What? It's evil." Hoagie defended himself, pulling out his science textbook with a grin and practically hugged it to himself. "It doesn't make sense – now Science…That is the subject of the Gods."

Wally shook his head, his blonde bangs falling into his green eyes and a smile tugged at his lips.

Hoagie laughed and closed his locker as Wally bent at the waist and lifted his heavy blue backpack with minimal effort, rolling up the sleeves of his orange sweatshirt, revealing his forearms, sprinkled with light blonde hair and his hand glided through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead where it instantly fell back.

"Off to Science we go!" Hoagie sang and he eagerly made his way down the rows of lockers, heading for the 'back building' where Science was held. Wally followed his friend, hands in the front pockets of his jeans up to his knuckles and his eyes darted around the room as if looking for someone…

He found that someone. Pressed up against the locker, her long raven hair clashing with the pure-whiteness of the locker and the red jock jacket that was hiding her face from view as the jock leaned his forearm by her head, leaning his face in close as she glared up at him with her violet eyes.

Wally rolled his eyes and shouldered his way through the tide of students and headed for the Japanese girl, a growl spilling past his lips when the jock (who he had identified as Ace) placed his free hand on her waist.

He reached them easily and snuck his hand under Ace's arm to grab Kuki's hand and pull her into him, breaking Ace's hold on her. He looked into her eyes, which shone with relief, and looked up at Ace, a grin forming on his lips before he bent his neck down, pulled Kuki closer, and pressed his upturned lips to hers.

It was a kiss of possession and protectiveness - showing Ace that she was his and no-one else's, that she was his girlfriend and she was off-limits. Kuki pressed herself closer, raising on her tiptoes to get closer to him and he almost groaned when her hand glided through his hair, pulling his head closer.

Wally wasn't stupid, he thought as he gently twined his fingers in the belt loops of her black jeans and pulled her closer by her hips, he knew that Kuki was gorgeous – he had to sit there and listen to the lads rave about her, but now she was off limits and she was his.

He was so caught up in Kuki and her kiss, her scent, her taste, her presence that neither he, nor Kuki, noticed when Ace slammed his fist to the lockers in frustration and stalked away, anger brimming from him. No, he didn't notice. He did, however, notice when Kuki let her tongue sweep across his lips, asking for entrance and he happily granted it.

He couldn't get enough of her, and even though he hardly told her (in fact, he never told her) he always considered her his, even when he'd never met her, he'd chosen her to love. And he did, happily, tried to give her anything and everything that she wanted.

Because she was worth it, and she was his.

A/N: I hope you all like it! I've gotten really into KND lately and I'll probably write more one-shots. Kuki and Wally are so cute, even though I can't write Wally in character – he's so complex!

Thanks for reading!