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Gwen's Pact

Ben had noticed the same thing about his cousin everyday. It was odd that he hadn't seen it before. Maybe he just wasn't looking hard enough; he saw it now. His jade eyes became questioning one day as he drove her to the gym on the other side of Bellwood for her karate classes.

"Gwen?" he asked, his eyes glued to the road after glancing her way for a few mere seconds.

She dragged her emerald orbs from staring out the jet-black car's dark tinted windows. "Hmm?" she asked, the redhead watching her cousin, eager to know what his sudden curiosity was about. Gwen had been able to sense it in his voice. That was how well she knew him.

"You've been wearing that necklace for days now," he noted. His eyes staggered from the road for another moment to glance at Gwen. "Why? It's been like that for nearly a week."

The redhead fingered the choker that was hugging her neck. She couldn't see it, but just touching it was a warm comfort that made the pieces of her shattered heart go fuzzy with thoughts of her love who had vanished into the darkness of the Forge of Creation nearly seven days ago. It was a combination of the colors of the paint job on her boyfriend's beloved car. The strings that made it were a signature jade green and an ebony black, the two colors intertwining in almost a braid like way. It was a friendship necklace that she had made for Kevin a few days before he had gone rogue, something for their upcoming special day. She knew her boyfriend hadn't been keeping track, but she was and the locket he had given her was plenty. Just the piece of metal that remained hidden under her shirt meant more to her than the boy could ever imagine.

"I made a pact with myself," said the girl, a twinge of confidence ringing in her voice. Her fingers still toyed with the string, that fuzzy feeling rippling through her like the tides as they hit the sandy beach. "I promised myself I'd wear it everyday until we changed Kevin back." Soft tears touched the corners of her eyes, but none would fall; she wouldn't let them.

"Why?" asked her cousin, blinking softly. He knew she had a locket already. Why wear anything more?

"Because," she said, voice cracking under the strain of trying to speak with a still-broken heart, "the minute we change him back, I want to give it to him." Her lips curled upward at the thought, knowing the reward would be a kiss. "It's my gift to him. Today's our anniversary."

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