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My Past, My Present, My Future.

Chapter One – I'll Be Home For Christmas

It had been three months. Three months since the book launch and since Kate and Castle had finally got together. By some miracle they had managed to keep wind of their relationship from the press who had finally stopped camping outside of Castle's apartment four days after the launch. Castle still got questioned during every appearance about the true nature of their relationship or the truth behind the dedication but Castle always answered with the same response, which was also the truth so he wasn't even lying, he always said something along the lines of, "Detective Beckett is one of the most talented and beautiful people I have ever met, her friendship means everything to me," or "How lucky am I to have a partner with the NYPD who is such an inspiration and gave me such a fantastic idea for a character? She really is a great muse and such an awesome friend." He laughed off any attempts to link him with the alleged information in the papers by questioning the validity of any of the claims made. This mostly worked, there were a few occasions where it didn't at these times he joked that Detective Beckett would have to lose a bet for her to consider dating him.

Kate barely spent any evenings at her place any more. Although she didn't like to admit it because of her independent attitude she loved knowing that she would be going home every evening to Castle and little Castle. Martha had moved into her own little apartment a month ago after the success of her latest play and it was just a block away so she and Alexis spent a lot of time together still. Kate had told her Father that she was seeing Castle but that it was still early days and that they weren't telling many people other than close friends and family. Castle had asked several times to meet her Father but Kate kept coming up with excuses. It wasn't that she wanted to keep the two men apart, on the contrary she did want them to meet but she wanted to be secure in her relationship before this happened. She still had fleeting doubts that Castle would live up to his old playboy reputation and leave, as much as Castle tried to convince her otherwise, however with the Christmas fast approaching, she had been forced to plan their meeting as she and Castle would be cooking Christmas dinner at his loft. They had invited Martha and Jim along as well as Ryan and Jenny and Lanie and Esposito whose relationship had gone from strength to strength.

It was now Christmas Eve and Kate and Castle were sat at her desk whilst she finished writing up the paperwork on their most recent case. Castle smiled to himself as he thought about what he had planned for Christmas and his earlier conversation with Captain Montgomery.

"What's with the grin Castle?" Kate asked, barely looking up as she continued writing.

He quickly wiped the smile from his face and turned to look at her. "I have no idea what you're talking about Detective."

"Of course you don't." Kate said disbelievingly. She signed the sheet of paper she had just finished with, put the sheet in the file and placed it in the box. "There!" she exclaimed, "All done."

"Excellent" Castle said happily, standing up, "Does that mean we can leave now Beckett?" he went on to ask.

"You know Castle, you could have left earlier on today, I wouldn't have stopped you," she told him as she stood and grabbed her jacket, "You could have made a start on all that prep work for dinner tomorrow." She smirked. They both started walking to the elevator through the practically deserted homicide floor space. The majority of Detective's were off on vacation or if they were unlucky enough to be on call, were at home spending as much time with their families as possible, waiting for the inevitable call in.

"And make you miss out on my sparkling personality?" he said, looking shocked. "I wouldn't do that to you."

Kate rolled her eyes and they stepped into the elevator in silence. Since Esposito had reminded them about the CCTV camera in the elevator, they had been behaving themselves mostly but Castle was feeling in such a happy mood today that he gently took Kate's hand in his and squeezed it. She turned to look at him and he smiled before letting go of her hand and she smiled back. They were just getting off the elevator when Kate's cell phone rang. Castle groaned at this, technically Kate was on call until three o'clock that day and it was only two thirty now. Kate looked apologetically at him before answering. At the person's voice on the other side of the phone, she grinned at Castle.

"Hey Lanie, yeah we were just leaving." Kate said as she started walking to the parking lot again with Castle in tow.

"You're leaving early?" Lanie asked, amusement in her tone, "Did the Captain make you or something?" she teased.

"No, I just have a lot to do at home that's all." Kate said whilst she wondered just when she had started thinking about Castle's loft as home but shrugged this off.

"Uh huh," came the sardonic response, "Well I was just calling to ask if you needed some help tonight, I know cooking Christmas dinner for nine people has got a lot of work involved."

"Yeah that'd be great," Kate smiled, "Why don't you bring Esposito and asked Ryan and Jenny too and we'll make a gathering out of it."

"You're on!" Lanie replied, "About sevenish ok?" she asked.

"Yeah that's fine, we'll see you then." Kate confirmed and they both said their goodbyes.

"So we're having company tonight?" Castle asked. Kate quickly turned to face him as they reached her car.

"You don't mind do you?" she asked, "I completely forgot to check if you and Lex have special things planned for Christmas."

"Not really, Christmas Eve is just usually Christmas movie night but we can do that with the guys too." He grinned widely at her and noticed that she still looked anxious, "Hey Kate, you don't have to check with me, you can invite anyone you want over to the loft, but I love that you think of Alexis in these things."

"Thanks, Rick." She grinned at him and he smiled back.

"You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now." He said quietly.

Kate nodded and got into the car, watching as Castle followed suit. "Well we best get home then." She said calmly as she started the engine.

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