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God, I was so close to being inside my house. I looked behind me, and saw that he was gone. I sprinted the last few steps home, and opened the door. I threw myself inside, and slammed the door in my wake; only to start to bolt upstairs, and then remember to deadbolt the door.

I ran up to my room, and slammed and locked this door, too. I turned and slid down the only barrier between me and the rest of the house. What can I say? I'm kind of paranoid, and trust me, it's saved my hide more times than I can count.

Then I stiffened. Was that really the tinkling of broken glass that I just heard, or was it just my lovely paranoia speaking? A crash sounded just then. Nope that definitely hadn't been the paranoia. Someone was inside my house.

I slowly stood up, and turned, careful not to put pressure on any of the squeaky boards. I took a karate stance, and faced my dreaded door.

I heard a squeak behind me, but it was too late. A cloth that smelled...thick, somehow, covered my face. I tried not to breath, and I slammed by body into the one behind me, but they didn't move a muscle. Instead, I got a quick, almost painless jab to the stomach that made me gasp, and breathe in through the cloth.

Then the world faded into blackness.

When I awoke, I was lying down on a rather comfortable chair, and a weird noise was coming from everywhere. It almost sounded like I was on an...airplane.

I jumped up, and was rewarded with a restraining hand to the chest.

"Get your fucking hands off of me!" I started to claw and kick, but it felt like I was attacking a rock.

I looked up to see a freaking giant staring down at me. Said giant also happened to be that weirdo gym teacher. "What do you think you are doing Ms. Hathaway?"

I looked at him in shock. "W-what the hell?" I stuttered. "What is this? Has the world gone fucking insane? Who the fuck are you, and why the fuck are you restraining me?"

"Calm down," he said with his still cool, yet extremely annoying, Russian accent.

"Like hell I will."

Then I heard a quick intake of breath. One that I knew only too well. I turned around in shock, to see that Lissa was standing there, looking like she wanted to run away. Or cry. Or, probably, do both.

"Lissa," I asked quietly, "what are you doing here?"

"I see you woke up, Rose. Listen, I—"

"Don't talk to me like that, Liss! What the hell is going on here?"

Then Christian came crashing through the door. "What is all that goddamned noise abou— ... Oh, hey Rose is awake. Ah, that explains so much."

I looked back at Lissa, astonished. "What. Is. Going. On. Here. And don't even think about bullshitting me here." I glared at her, and Christian slung a comforting arm around her shoulder. I turned to give him my icy-death-glare-of-doom. He just rolled his eyes.

I nearly pounced on him to gouge out his eyes, but that damn hand got in my way again. "Rose, calm down."

I turned back to him. "Who the hell gave you permission to call me that? 'Cause I certainly didn't. So, get your mother fucking hand off me, so that I can beat Ozera over there to a damn pulp."

He just gave me a condescending stare. Oh, boy, he was asking for it now. I pretended to oblige, and as soon as I felt his arm slacken enough, I punched him in the nose. I heard a sickening crunch, but his arm just retightened on me. His other went up to cradle his nose.

I stared at him in dismay and awe. I kinda want to be like that when I grow up. That was awesome. And extremely aggravating. "Act like a normal person, would you? You know 'Aw shit what did you do that for?' kinda thing. Some kind of reaction would have been appreciated."

He just narrowed his eyes. I returned the glare with one of my own. "Hey, do something useful, at least, and get those two out of my fucking sight."

"Rose, wait!" cried Lissa.

"I don't really want to hear it right now Lissa. Get out." And then, almost as an after thought, "please."

I heard a sniffle, and then the patter of feet walking away.

I heard a snort. "Way to go Rose, you just kicked out one of the only people that will unconditionally care about you."

"Get the hell out of this room Christian."

"Suit yourself, princess."

"Christian." Said Russian dude.

"Whatever," was all he said before he walked out of the room.

"Get some rest, Rose. You are going to need it."

I just crossed my arms defiantly. "Where are we anyway?"

"We are about to cross into Montana."

"So we are on a pl-... Wait. Mon-fucking-tana? That's just fucking peachy. You can't be serious!"

I heard a chuckle. Damn stoic bastard.

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