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Blood and Concrete

Leaving a trail of clothes in their wake, the couple slowly made their way across the darkened bedroom. As the man fell backwards onto the bed with a soft grunt, he pulled his lover down with him. Hushed laughs then echoed around the room. Hungry eyes stared into its lover's eyes. Windows of their souls shone with a bright intensity as lust took over.

"Aurora," he whispered, placing a hand atop of her breast.

"Severus," she replied smirking.

"We shouldn't do this," he said against her lips, gently pushing her away from him.

"Why?" she purred, running her fingernails against his bare chest.

It was a fair question after all. Their children were spending the night elsewhere so there was no chance of embarrassing interruptions. It was also perfectly natural for married couples to engage in sex. Hell, he'd even admit that he enjoyed their lovemaking tremendously. So why shouldn't they have sex?

Sighing heavily, he finally responded. "Because every time we have sex, you end up pregnant, Aurora," he answered blankly.

He wasn't joking either. He had gotten her pregnant on the very first try. Taking care of their beautiful newborn girl clearly cut into their sex life so they temporarily abstained for a few months after their firstborn's birth. However, once they both believed they could juggle their parenthood with work, they soon returned their focus to their marriage as most couples did. Since their adoptive sons offered to take their little sister during this time, Aurora and Severus had numerous so-called date nights that usually ended with them waking up beside each other the next morning smiling. These 'date nights' led to their second daughter's birth, who was now about five months old. In hindsight, he perhaps should have recognized the signs that his wife would have wanted to return to their husband-wife duties again.

"I'm starting to feel as if I've married into the Weasley family, Aurora," he said quietly.

"Well, Molly is my second cousin, Severus."

"Lovely," he replied with a slight grimace. Moving himself back from her slowly, he pushed himself further up the bed as if she disgusted him, but he didn't really feel that way. It was just…the idea of her being related to the Weasleys. It was utterly horrifying.

"Severus, I'm just kidding," Aurora said with a scoff. "I mean, sure I'm probably related on the Prewett side or Weasley, but it's a distant relation, a very distant relation." Raking her teeth along her bottom lip a few seconds later, she stared at him. "You don't want to have any more kids, do you, Severus?" she asked quietly.

"It's not that," he quickly replied. "I never thought I'd have a large family, Aurora."

"You mean, you never thought you'd have a family after Lily died," she corrected gently.

"Yes," he admitted softly. It was true. After his childhood best friend, Lily Evans, whom he had loved completely, died, he truly never would have imagined loving any other woman. He then shook his head. That was a dangerous subject to continue. He had moved on with his life. While he would always love Lily, his first love, Aurora was his wife now. Lily had made her choice before her death, and it wasn't Severus. "Are you wishing to have another child, Aurora?" He stared at his wife and caught her hopeful look immediately before she masked her emotions again.

"Only if you are, Severus," she answered indifferently.

Withholding his scoff at her rare Slytherin attempt of talking him into it, Severus inclined his head. The idea of having another child wasn't necessarily unappealing. In fact, he'd freely admit that she was certainly more stunning when pregnant. However, he wasn't quite sure either of them still had the energy to keep up with three young children. Aurora and he weren't twenty anymore. Though, if Molly and Arthur Weasley could still have the energy to do things after caring for their seven children, then who was he to dispute that he and Aurora wouldn't?

Thinking about the Weasleys again made him shiver violently. He stopped, though, when he felt Aurora's fingers brush his scar a few moments later. Glancing at his wife, he watched her gently trace the three-inch scar to his left shoulder. Once again, sadness entered her eyes. She always became sad when she found the scar because they both knew she was the reason he had it. She had been a fifth-year at the time and had just discovered that he had taken the Dark Mark, making him a follower of the Dark Lord. While she had closed his wound before storming out, he reopened it so he'd always remember how his actions affected others. Lightly grabbing Aurora's hand, he stopped her. They didn't need to travel down this road anymore. They traveled down this road so many times, and it never was any easier for either of them. Some things in the past deserved to remain there.

"Aurora," he said softly before pushing her chin up to make her look at him. His lips brushed against hers as he gently kissed her in attempts to distract her. His plan worked, but perhaps a little too well. His pants soon flew across the air with his boxers included, leaving him completely naked as he lay on his back on their bed with Aurora straddling him.

Smirking devilishly, his wife leaned forward, placing her slender hands on his bare chest. She then looked straight into his eyes and said, "Give me your boy sperm."

Snape's initial reaction was to cough harshly. He had to have heard her wrong. There was no way she had just said that. He stared at her and stared at her some more. He was flabbergasted, which was very rare for him. After his coughing fit subsided, he attempted to find a way to think clearly.

"A—Aurora, what…what the hell do you mean?" he rasped. His mouth was horribly dry. When she pulled back a second later, he nearly sighed in relief and pushed himself up onto his forearms.

"I'm tired of having girls, Severus," she answered with a lopsided grin. She then playfully pushed him against the pillows and left a trail of kisses up his jaw line to his ear. Lowering her voice into a soft purr, she whispered, "Tonight you're giving me a boy one way or another, my Dark Prince."

Snape made a sound that sounded in between another coughing fit and a forced laugh. This was not going to go well for him. He could see it now. In fact, judging by the look in his wife's eyes, she was definitely going to show her ambitious side tonight. Actually, it was the second time this night that he had seen her show her Slytherin side. Clearly, she was going to stop at nothing to ensure that their third child was a boy. He thought about telling her that one couldn't will one's self to 'make a boy,' but he figured it'd be a bit safer for him if he didn't. Who knew what she'd do or say then? Hell, they had started this entire thing by her ordering him to give her 'his boy sperm.' That type of brashness was very rare to see from his wife. She obviously had been spending too much time with Septima and the girls again. Who was he to fight her, though? It wasn't as if he didn't enjoy the sex. He then released a low groan of sheer pleasure. Oh, yes, he truly didn't mind the sex one bit.


Waking up to his right arm underneath his wife's neck and his left hand resting gently against her flat abdomen, Severus found himself quickly grinning ear to ear. Granted, he was sore all over from the previous night's activities, but it was definitely worth it. He wasn't quite sure why they were having sex so much these past few months without even checking with Madam Pomfrey to see if Aurora was pregnant yet. If he were honest with himself, he'd admit it was because he was enjoying their time together a bit too much.

"Morning," he whispered in her ear before pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Hey there, handsome," she replied, blinking the sleepiness out of her eyes. She then snuggled even closer to him, causing him to grunt instantly. "Oh, I didn't hurt you, did I?" she asked concerned, quickly sitting up and starting at him with wide eyes.

"As if you could ever hurt me, Aura," he drawled before slowly getting out of bed. He grimaced again, feeling incredibly stiff and sore. Hopefully, his classes didn't require any quick movements today. Sighing, he walked towards the lavatory, remerging a few moments later. His dark eyes found his wife immediately. Feeling the familiar tug at his lips, he leaned against the wall and folded his arms.

Tangled up in the green sheet, Aurora calmly tried to extricate herself from their bed. Her hair was tousled horribly and sticking up in back. However, she was grinning widely. She could feel her husband's eyes on her, and it only made her blush more. The intensity and passion in his eyes was sending tingles down her spine. Merlin, she loved this man.

Aurora tugged on the sheet some more in order to free herself. However, she used a bit too much force and ended up falling off the edge of the bed onto the cold floor. The cold instantly chilled her to the bone. She laid there on the floor stunned at the fact that she had fallen off the bed with Severus watching. However, strong arms quickly lifted her up a few moments later and set her onto the bed.

"That was stupid," she mumbled, not daring to look at her husband.

"That was foolish, not stupid," he corrected. "Are you injured?"

"Only my pride," she answered glumly.

"Well, if that's all," he drawled before chuckling at her glare. He cast a quick Tempus to check how many more minutes he had before he had to wake their eldest daughter up. He scoffed when he saw that he had at least a half-hour. That was a first in a very long time that he had some free time. Glancing towards Aurora, he felt the familiar tug at his lips again as he thought about one of the ways they could use that time to their advantage. "By any chance, you're not sore, are you?"

"No, but then again I'm not old like you, Severus," she answered smirking. "I could use a good massage, though. Know anyone who gives amazing massages?"

"Perhaps," he replied with a soft snort. He then leaned in towards her. "I was thinking more along the lines of a nice bath with my wife, though."

"As if I want to take a bath with a giant grease ball like you," she quipped grinning. She immediately shrieked when he lunged towards her and tackled her onto the bed. She could see the rare playfulness in his mischievous eyes.

"What did you call me?" he growled sexily.

"I called you a grease ball," she replied with a soft laugh, moving her hand down his well-defined muscular chest towards his groin.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to entice men?" He then grabbed her slender hands and quickly pinned them above her head. "It's dangerous to do so, Aurora. Certain men might get certain ideas in their head."

"Yes, well, those certain men will find a wand trained in their back for thinking such things," she answered, licking her lips seductively. She then attempted to push herself up before whispering in his ear. "My husband doesn't appreciate it when he finds another man trying to share my bed. And trust me. You don't want to tick him off."

"Is that right? And why wouldn't I?"

"Well, for one, he's a bit possessive of his women." She then locked eyes with him.

"And the second reason?" he asked. He immediately regretted it when he felt her knee gently brush against his groin. This witch was going to kill him slowly one of these days.

"He knows that his stirring rod is the only one I want in my cauldron," she smirked evilly.

"Dammit, Aurora," he growled, releasing her instantly and moving back from her. It was absurd how easily she could arouse him. He then shook his head before running a hand through his shoulder-length dark hair. "I have class less than an hour from now," he grumbled.

"That hasn't stopped you before," she quipped.

"Yes, well, perhaps I'm a bit too sore this morning from last night for that. There is also the fact that you left scratch marks on my back."

"Oh, yes, because you didn't leave teeth marks at all on my inner thigh."

Within seconds, Severus felt himself blush horribly. He hadn't meant to bite her last night. He, well, their activities made him a little carried away. It wasn't as if it was the first time he had ever bit her in the thigh. It perhaps wouldn't be the last time either. For not being a vampire, he did bite her a lot during sex. He then shook his head. He needed a shower, preferably freezing.

"So, what do you say to that bath then?"

"I say I hope you drown," he grumbled. He watched her roll her eyes before he sighed. He was certain that she was as sore if not more. A nice warm bath would be just what they needed. Of course, he'd have to keep his hands to himself during it. He then scoffed. He could do it. He was a skilled Occlumens. Keeping his hands off Aurora would be easy. "Remain here. I'll go draw the bath." He caught her odd look, but when she didn't elaborate, he walked away towards the lavatory.

They didn't usually take showers or baths together. In fact, the only times they did was when they were in a rush. Well, except for that one time when she was deathly ill. He sighed heavily when he felt the familiar wrenching in his gut that always happened after he remembered that night. Shaking his head, he quickly pushed back the memories. Aurora was fine.

Speaking of his wife, she softly asked, "Is the water ready yet?" Standing directly behind him, she quickly wrapped her arms around his torso and hugged his back. "Do those hurt?" Her fingers traced where her nails cut into him.

"Likely as much as your thigh hurts," he replied, placing his hands on top of her.

"My thigh doesn't hurt, though," she mumbled into his back.

Deciding it was better not to argue with her, he waved a hand towards the running faucet, shutting the water off. He stuck his hand in the water and sighed. It was certainly going to be relaxing, especially with the lavender-scented bubble bath added. He then scoffed. Well, the students were clearly going to know they bathed together since they both would smell like lavender now. Oh, honestly, who cared what the little dunderheads thought anyway? They were two adults in a healthy, stable marriage. Slowly, he stepped carefully into the tub and sat down, holding a hand out to his wife to join him.

Once they settled into the warm water, Severus sighed contently. The water was definitely easing the soreness of his achy muscles. He nearly chuckled when Aurora laid her head back against his shoulder. He could feel her relax in his arms. The scent of lavender wafted up to them, soothing them. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back. Five minutes of soaking in a bathtub with Aurora wasn't going to make him late to his class. Unfortunately, the lavender, warm water, and having Aurora in his arms relaxed him a bit too much, causing him to fall asleep.


"Do you two have any idea what your children were thinking?" a stern voice spoke somewhere above them. "And look at you, soaking in a tub without a care in the world. Honestly, you two, you could at least have the decency to look ashamed of yourselves."

Glancing up, Snape groaned immediately when he realized it was a very angry Poppy Pomfrey glaring down at him with her hands on her hips. Why couldn't he have just drowned? He then sighed. It was because of that damn lavender that he fell asleep. Though, he had to admit that he felt very relaxed.

"I take it that the boys were the one to call for you?"

"Of course they were," she briskly replied. "They were convinced that You-Know-Who kidnapped you and were torturing you for information.

"Well, as you can see, Madam, we're quite well. In fact, I'm quite sure that neither one of us feel like we were tortured."

"Sleeping ten hours is not a healthy sign, Severus."

His eyes immediately darted towards the mediwitch. They had slept for ten hours! Well, at least that explained why the water was cool and why he felt well rested. Though, he was rather grateful that his special blend of bubble bath could stand longer than ten hours before disappearing. He then scoffed. He hadn't really known why he had experimented with bubble bath formulas. He wasn't necessarily a bubble bath type of man. Of course, he'd on occasion take one, but he didn't need one to relax as some people did, namely his wife.

Staring at them long and hard, the mediwitch took in their state before huffing. "I expect to find both of you in the Hospital Wing ten minutes from now." Madam Pomfrey then whirled around and briskly walked out. The door quietly closed behind her with a soft click of the door latching.

"Well, that could have gone better," Aurora sleepily quipped.

"Hush, you," he responded offhandedly, still staring at the door. It was strange how the wards hadn't alerted him to Pomfrey's presence. Even though, she had an override due to being the school nurse, he made sure to keep the warning for her. Allowing his wife to get out first and wrap a towel around her, he then followed suit. "We should perhaps heal your thigh before she examines you."

"And what about your back?" she replied, crossing her arms.

"I doubt she'll examine me." He then wrapped a towel firmly around his waist before motioning her to follow him out of the lavatory and into their bedroom. He pointed towards their bed and caught the sigh of annoyance immediately from her.

"I can heal myself, Severus," she drawled.

"I'm well aware of your talents. Now, sit." As soon as she had followed his directions, he gently pushed the towel aside to glance at her thigh. He winced instantly at the angry red teeth marks. He lightly pressed around the wound, taking note if she had any pain. He could see the guarded look in her eyes as she stared back at him. Sighing, he grabbed his wand from the nightstand and muttered a soft healing spell, watching the angry marks become a light pink outline.

"She'll still know, Severus. She always knows."

"Perhaps, but at least the evidence isn't so damning anymore," he replied.

They then quietly dressed in clean clothes, finger-brushed their hair, grabbed their wands, and slipped out of their bedroom, heading towards the floo. Upon entering the sitting room, however, they found their children sitting on the sofa, facing them.

"Severus, I think this might be an intervention of some kind," Aurora said with a soft smile.

"This isn't funny, Mum," grumbled their dark-haired, green-eyed adoptive son. "What were you doing in there?"

"Oh, honestly, little brother, what do you think they were doing in there?" scoffed the blond-haired young man. His gray eyes then narrowed on the two adults. "I do hope you enjoyed yourselves, though. You see, while you were in there playing, Harry and I were out here taking care of Angel and Roxi. You do remember them. Am I right? They're your flesh and blood children as opposed to your adoptive children you saddle—"

"That will be quite enough, Draco." Severus made sure to catch both of the young men's eyes. "I am certain that I speak for the both of us when I apologize for our gross negligence this morning. You are but children yourselves. Therefore, we should not expect you to take care of your sisters as you have done so these past few months."

"You're damn right," replied both young men.

"However, you should be aware as to why we've been so neglectful with our duties."

"Is this the part where you say it's because Mum's pregnant again?"

"We are not certain if she is, but—"

"Okay, I realize that Mum's pretty attractive and all, but can't you just you know control yourself? I mean, it's like you're breeding bunnies at this point." The young man then glanced down towards the floor when Severus's eyes caught his own.

"Unlike your sisters, this child if she is in fact pregnant was very much planned, Harry."

"Oh, so, wait, what?"

"It means that they wanted a third kid, little brother." Grey eyes then glanced into obsidian. "You're trying to break the curse, aren't you?"

"Draco, every man wants a son," Aurora softly answered for her husband. "Yes, while this baby if it is a boy will allow Severus to take the Prince name, the desire to have a son was more."

"A son of his own, you mean," glumly Harry replied.

"As you are well aware, Harry, I consider you and Draco to be my sons. However, what Aurora is attempting to state is that I was not able to be a part of either of your lives when you were growing up. I missed some of the traditions a father does with his sons when they're growing older. It is perhaps selfish of me to do so, but you are both teaching me what it means to be a father of two teenage boys."

"Oh," the young men stated.

"You will not be 'saddled' with our children, gentlemen. I regret that you feel that way."

"I, well, we don't really feel that way, Dad."

"I am certain that you and Draco spoke your mind honestly. I can understand how you would think that Aurora and I are passing our parental duties off onto you and your brother. In a way, we have been doing so since Angel's birth. However, that was wrong of us. For that, I sincerely apologize, gentlemen. It was not fair for either of us to expect you to care for your sisters as you have done so."

"Severus, we should go before our residential sadistic, overprotective hen attempts to drag us upstairs by our ears."

He nodded slowly before heading towards the floo. Aurora was right. Pomfrey was a bit sadistic at times with her examinations. His last physical could attest to that. He motioned for his wife to step in first after casting a temporary freeze charm on the flames. Once the emerald flames took her, he stepped in and sighed. Throwing down the floo powder, he shouted for the Hospital Wing and felt himself whisked away. Here goes nothing.


Several hours later, after informing the boys that Aurora was in fact pregnant with a boy, both he and Aurora left to an emergency Order meeting. It was rare for Dumbledore to call emergency meetings, but with the recent attacks, it wasn't as odd as it usually would be. The Dark Lord had definitely stepped up his attacks and made each one bloodier than the last. They could only imagine what poor Muggle town was the maniacal dark wizard's latest mark of destruction. The most recent attack was on a small village west of Surrey. There were no survivors, but there was plenty of carnage left behind. The blood would stain the land for a hundred years to come.

"I apologize for calling all of you away from your homes this evening," Dumbledore said without the familiar twinkle in his blue eyes. "I received information earlier that Voldemort is planning an attack on a Scottish Muggle city near the North Sea." The older wizard's blue eyes then narrowed on a map in front of him before glancing at the other Order members. His eyes suddenly became harder as he looked over his half-moon spectacles at them. "We shall, however, be lying in wait. Perhaps with a little luck, we shall be able to cease the attack and prevent Voldemort from murdering any others."

"What's the plan?"

"Kingsley, you will work with Mundungus covering these streets. Arthur and Tonks, I expect both of you to work together to patrol this side." His blue eyes then glanced towards another pair. "Sirius, you and Emmaline shall take the left flank. Fred, George, you two shall be together, protecting this side. I shall be with Alastor. Charlie, you will be with Aurora. Bill and Septima, you shall work together. Dedalus, Remus, you two will work together. Elphias, you shall work with Molly. Sturgius and Hestia, you two shall guard our back. Severus, I shall trust your judgment to go alone." Dumbledore then glanced at his fellow Order members, drawing himself up. "Work together as one, and we shall conquer. Remain divided, and we shall all fall." He then inclined his head towards them before catching Moody's glance. They would not fail, not this time.


Green mixed with red and blue jets of light streaked past the dueling witches and wizards. Loud explosions boomed as its echoes carried the sound away. Dust flew as another spell missed its target and struck the outer edge of a building. Fierce snarls and rabid-like growls sent cries upon the cold, unforgiving air. Shouted orders reached their designated targets, causing more explosions and more wizards in dark robes flying through the air. The stench of blood hung heavy in the air, but it wasn't the Order suffering for once. Instead, it was the Death Eaters who were losing the battle for once.

Sticking to the shadows, Severus blended in beautifully. He was able to surprise numerous Death Eaters without them screeching as much as a warning to the others. He was practically a ninja the way he silently stalked in the shadows towards his victims, pouncing on them at the very last second. Most of the unsuspecting and poor souls were unconscious lying on the ground behind him, but some of the idiots had attempted to fight back. They were the ones he didn't attempt to save.

Severus could tell that the Order had the upper hand for the first time in a long while. At least if one judged by the number of Death Eaters' unconscious bodies trailing behind him. He stalked towards his latest victim, who was attempting a sneak attack against Lupin. However, a loud scream to his right made him whirl around towards it.

"Dammit," he snarled, effortlessly casting several powerful hexes towards the idiot Death Eaters closest to him. There went his surprise attack. Nearly all of them now knew of his presence. Once he had subdued all of the now unconscious Death Eaters, he whirled around and glared at Charlie Weasley, ignoring the witch who had the decency to look ashamed. "Mr. Weasley, if you value your life, then you'll watch her dammit!"

"Yes, sir, of course, I apologize," the red-haired young man replied.

Glancing from Charlie, Severus apparated himself to the other side of the town. He needed to get away from all the distractions, namely his wife. He couldn't be distracted if they were to succeed. Pressing himself against a shadowed wall a few seconds later near the center of town, he waited.

Knowing Aurora as intimately as he did, Severus was well aware that his wife was not very thrilled with the pairing of her and Charlie. Like Severus, she was a bit of a free spirit when it came to dueling. It perhaps was just the nature of Slytherins to be so. However, he also knew that Aurora had a tendency to rush in like a fool sometimes. It was one of her several Un-Slytherin and undesirable traits. It was for that reason he was very grateful that Dumbledore had paired Aurora up with another.

While trust wasn't easy for him, he knew he could depend on Charlie to keep his wife safe. Since he had taught all seven Weasley children during his career, he could clearly recognize that the second oldest Weasley child was the most sensible one in the family. The young man would do his job.


A half-hour later, Severus came across a row of burning buildings. He ignored the terrified screams from the panic-stricken Muggles and pushed through the thick, heavy smoke. Finding it rather peculiar that the Death Eaters hadn't apparated away earlier, he had of course attempted to find out why. Interrogating several wizards that he knew were weaker mentally, he discovered that the Dark Lord was searching for a Muggle woman. He had learned the address from the last Death Eater.

He couldn't understand why the Dark Lord, though, would search for some lowly Muggle woman. If the reasoning were to kill her, then she'd already be dead. This seemed personal, however. In other words, it was a puzzle Severus needed to figure out.

Keeping his wand firmly in his hand in case of it being a trap, he slowly opened the front door and stepped inside the house. However, a dark silhouette with flapping robes rushed towards him, causing him to react on pure instinct. He thought nothing of the blue light that hit the silhouette a moment later when he heard the body slam against the floor with a thud.

Ascending gracefully up the staircase, he entered the second story of the house. He didn't hear any movement, but he was smarter than the average bear. Eyes darting back and forth, he stayed on his guard as he walked farther down the hallway. No one, absolutely no one was there. Sneering, he walked into the study to his right and headed towards the scattered papers on the desk.

Pushing a few of the pages aside before, he suddenly caught his name on one of the papers. He snatched the paper instantly and read the tiny scrawl littered without words crossed out. After reading the page of written text, he grabbed the entire stack of papers and tossed them carelessly into the fireplace. The Muggle woman had been writing about him and his family, only she had written lies about their lives. With flickering light against his face, his eyes glistened as the papers burned. He then whirled around once the preposterous lies were ash and briskly stormed out of the study and later out of the house. If that was the reason the Dark Lord wanted her, then he could keep her for all Severus cared.

An ethereal Patronus of a phoenix then floated in front of the dark clad man. "Return to the town square. It is over," the phoenix relayed in Dumbledore's voice.

"It is over for now, old man," Severus muttered to himself. He then shook his head somberly, drawing his outer cloak tighter around himself. "There will be surely a next time."

Being a coward as always, the Dark Lord had apparated away at the first sign of trouble. It was the common practice after all. Severus himself had seen that same action from his regretfully former master time after time. Granted, he was certain that the Order had truly gained the upper hand tonight, but the Dark Lord was like a dandelion in terms of recruiting followers. While his numbers were tapering, he would just recruit more young wizards to do his dirty work for him for the next encounter.

With a soft pop, Severus appeared in the town square. It clearly looked like ground zero for the battle. Not a single building still stood. Ruins and charred buildings were the only things that remained. The death toll would be great again, but it seemed at least this time the number of dead wizards would outweigh the dead Muggles.

Severus glanced at the rest of the gathered Order members. Everyone but Aurora and Charlie were in the town square. He whirled around and looked around. Clearly, he wasn't the only one who noticed the two who were missing. He could see Molly and a few of the others also glancing around.

A few of them sent their Patronuses out to find the two. In fact, Severus dashed off in attempts to follow one. Soon after, he noticed Lupin, Black, Arthur, and Kingsley had joined him in tailing the incredibly fast Patronus of a weasel. As they all rounded the corner of a large skyscraper, they soon saw a lone building smoldering and completely decimated in front of them. Soft groaning, however, tore their eyes from the ruins towards the sound.

Lying propped up against a building and clutching his bleeding head, Charlie Weasley released another painful groan before slumping onto his side. His robes hung in tatters on his body. Deep lacerations painted his freckled face. He then coughed harshly with a rather bad rattle in his lungs.

"Oh, Charlie," Arthur cried, rushing to his son's side immediately. He quickly pushed his son back into a sitting position while Kingsley ran several diagnostic spells on the badly injured Weasley.

"He—Hey, Dad," croaked the younger wizard. Saying just two words clearly were the equivalent of playing a rough game of Quidditch.

"What happened?"

"Got blindsided," Charlie answered before coughing harshly. Amber light from Kingsley's wand then passed down the young man, which seemed to allow him to breathe easier. "I didn't even notice him until he jumped me from behind. Professor Sinistra went into that building after him," he replied, jerking his head vaguely in the direction of it.

"Which building, Mr. Weasley?" asked Severus with a deep sinking feeling in his gut.

"I think…I think it's the one behind you, sir."

"You think?" he growled back at the young man, allowing his temper to take over briefly.

"Severus," warned Kingsley. He then stood up and whispered into his ear, "He was struck by some of the flying debris." When the man's dark eyes narrowed on him, he clarified. "Meaning that he can't see it, Snape," he spoke softly. "It's temporary, though."

Severus's eyes instantly darted towards the young man. He should have noticed that Charlie hadn't been focusing on their faces when he was answering. The young man of course wouldn't be able to tell him which one. He couldn't see.

Whirling around, Severus then glanced at the charred remains of the building that was behind him. It didn't take long before he noticed a movement in the ruins. With his heart fully on his sleeve, he rushed towards it, noticing that Lupin and Black had joined him. They quickly started throwing debris to the side to get to the person moving underneath all that rubble. It didn't take long at all. However, it wasn't his wife.

Instead, it was Fenir Greyback. The werewolf clearly didn't pose a threat to anyone, however. If it weren't for the chains around him to prevent him from attacking anyone, it would be the fact that he was effectively pinned underneath the rubble with rebar sticking out of his shoulder.

Grabbing the werewolf by the chin, Severus wrenched the man's head upwards. He was far from being his usual relaxed self, though. His dark eyes were full of anger as he glared at Fenir.

"Where is she?"

"Where is who?" The werewolf then chuckled darkly.

"Tell me where she is!"

"Oh, you aren't talking about that stupid blood traitor you married, are you?" He clucked his tongue at Severus before chuckling some more. "I would have thought you kept better tabs on your little pureblooded whore, Severus."

Gritting his teeth, Severus attempted to force his way into Greyback's mind. While it was rare to use Legilimency on any other species, it was not unheard of. It just took a quite a bit more concentration and focus to do so with the end result being the death of either one or both of them. He could feel the werewolf fighting against him. However, Severus managed to catch a glimpse of a bright white light enveloping the building in Fenir's mind. The bright light seemed to be a dispersal wave of uncontrolled magic and had appeared somewhere behind Greyback. It had sent the werewolf flying out a window, only to have part of the building slam on top of him. Withdrawing from Greyback's mind, he released his hold on the limp werewolf and whirled around. That hadn't given him anything. Well, it had given him the satisfaction of knowing that Greyback was now dead.

"There's blood in the air."

"If that is your pathetic attempt to have me repent for killing him, Lupin—"

"No. I mean I smell blood, Severus." Lupin then walked gently across the rubble towards a mound of concrete chunks. He quickly started to throw them to the side, which made Sirius and Severus then help him. A few minutes later, they had dug out a ripped section of black robes.

Severus grabbed the black material from Lupin and held it, just staring down at the ripped robes. His mind was utterly silent from shock. The familiar and horrifying dark crimson liquid soaked his hands, running down his arms and dripping onto the ground. It was as if someone had taken the robes and dunked it in a bucket of red dye.

Glancing back at the bloodstained slab of concrete, Severus swallowed back his emotions. There was no dead body lying there. It was just blood and concrete. Numbly, he felt someone rest a hand on his shoulder. He felt so—she couldn't be gone. This was a nightmare, just a horrible nightmare. He would wake up, and she would be there in his arms. She couldn't be gone.

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