I do not own Brutal Legend and its characters, nor do I own any of the bands or song names I may reference. This fic is just for fun.

When Eddie opened his eyes, the darkness he found himself in was so absolute, so suffocating that he thought he might be sinking through the Sea of Black Tears all over again. Even though he found his feet and stood up, the sense of dread that clutched like a vice around his heart was something he had only experienced while in those dark waters.

Luckily this was Eddie Riggs. Instead of cowering in fear like a pansy, he drew his axe and stood ready to hack off the head of anything that might attack. After several minutes of silence something dripped into his eyes, stinging them. "Ow! Damn it!" He wiped at it with his free hand and ended up with a thick liquid on his fingers. He sniffed at it and found the familiar scent of blood.

Gingerly, he felt his forehead until he found a large, tender bump with a half healed cut at the center.

He wasn't worried about the injury. It would be gone in a few hours anyways. What he did want to know, was how the Hell he hit his head in the first place. What was he doing? And where was he?

He was starting to feel less panicked now that nothing seemed to be interested in eating him. In that quiet moment he was able to realize that some light would really help the situation, so he padded blindly at his vest until he came up with his lighter, and with a click, was wielding the tiny flame against the shadows.

He was in some sort of underground tunnel. A great stalagmite rose from the floor not far to his right, and to his left was a maw of darkness. The walls had some sort of silvery substance that glinted in the light.

Curious he approached to have a closer look.

Something shiny... veins of metal maybe?

They were twisted into eerily familiar symbols that followed the course of the tunnel. If they were what he suspected, than he should be on the path down to the Motor Forge, except that they should be glowing with arcane power, lighting the path.

And yes, he now remembered what had happened. With a new sense of urgency he rushed over to the stalagmite, into which a smoking Duce was crashed. He pushed it back a couple of feet, and after tinkering for a while, had it running again.

He hopped in and turned the high beams on, then continued down the tunnel, this time at a slow and careful pace. The further he went without any evidence of the usual volcanic heat and power, the more worried he got. After the series of ground tremors from the day before, he had only come down here to check that the Guardian of Metal didn't get hit in the head by a falling rock or something, but obviously things were much more serious than that.