Of Muppets and Men

It started simply enough, a joint operation between NCIS and the FBI …as usual Gibbs and Fornell spearheaded the whole thing. They planned to who would be in the sidelines, who would be in the audience and who would be onstage. They didn't plan however on their own bosses.

When Vance told Gibbs what was going on, Gibbs just gave his usual glare and then shrugged it off. He didn't care really where he was as long as he could keep an eye on his team and he had to admit that it was a terrific vantage point. Fornell wasn't quite as sure about the team's reactions but then Sacks told him that the view was one that not everyone could use and it was a restricted area to begin with.

Tony cranks his head trying to see where his teammates are. "Eyes forward DiNozzo."

Tony sits back and then swears when Sacks lightly kicks his seat. "Knock it off Ron, remember, you're the one who wanted to be here."

Out of all the teams, Tim and Ziva were having the most fun. Ziva helped with the stage settings while Tim coached dialog to their willing participants. Tim glances up into theatre box towards the two Lead Agents at one point and snickers softly to himself.

"What is it McGee?"

"Sorry boss, frog …frog in my throat."

The smile plays around Tim's features for the rest of the night and Ziva can't help but wonder just why her friend and teammate is in such a good mood. After the play is over, and Emily Fornell finishes her stint as a tomboyish Miss Piggy the two teams gather in the front of the theatre.

The night itself was in fact a way for the two teams to attempt working together in a setting other than high stress. The fact that Vance had kept Tony and Sacks in the audience was nothing more than an attempt to get the two men to start behaving like grownups instead of children.

Gibbs corners Tim near the men's room and softly asks him why he's been grinning all night.

"You looked like a damned Cheshire cat. What was going on?"

Tim can't help laughing and motions for his boss to follow him onstage. Containing his laughter with difficulty, even with a smack from Gibbs, he points to the box where Gibbs and Fornell had been sitting/standing for most of the evening.

Gibbs looks at the stage, looks at the box and then looks at Tim. "You're kidding me, right? You did not just put me and Fornell in the place of …"

"Statler and Waldorf…the two old men who made snide comments most nights that the Muppet Show aired. I'm sorry boss but when I looked up there and saw Fornell commenting in his mike to Sacks about something…and then he turned to you, just like they did in the show…" Tim's off into another round of giggling.

"Agent Gibbs, do we need to get a sedative for McGee?"

A swift whap to the back of Tim's head sobers the young man up just long enough for Vance to say, "Apparently not. Good show tonight McGee…you too Waldorf."

Vance strides off with a smile on his face. Gibbs glares at Tim who struggles valiantly for another thirty seconds before losing the battle first to a grin then to the laughter at the indignation on Gibbs face. Tim sobers up long enough to ask, "Would you rather that he called you Statler?"