Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction for Kirby and only my second fanfiction that I intend to finish. It's based more on the anime, not the dubbed one. No southern accented Dedede or Spanish Meta Knight. I haven't actually seen all of the episodes, so if I've completely messed something up, please forgive me and I'll try to fix it. I'm getting my information from the games, other fanfic and the episodes I have seen. Probably not in the best position I realise to write fanfic, but I got the idea and wanted to give it a shot.
Kirby can talk here, but not fluently. Reveiws are welcome. Flames are not and will either be ignored or laughed at. Thank you for taking the time to read. It's appreciated.

Fumu - Tiff
Bun - Tuff
Escargon - Escargoon

Darkness of the Light


Meta Knight gazed out over the valleys of Dreamland from his position on the walls of the castle. It had been a year since Nightmare had been defeated and the world knew peace, but Meta Knight was starting to feel uneasy, though he couldn't understand where the feelings were coming from. The land was in peace and there was no sign of the darkness returning, but something bothered him. One hand fell to the hilt of Galaxia before he realised he was falling to instinct. The sky was a clear shining blue and the grass was green. Everything appeared as it should for peace in Dreamland.

"Meta Knight?" The young voice startled the knight out of his thoughts. His glanced sideways and his amber eyes grew a bit softer at the sight of Kirby.

"What is it, Kirby?" Meta Knight asked allowing his gaze to slide back to the surrounding lands.

Silence then, "Meta Knight. I'm scared."

Meta Knight's eyes flickered with surprise and he turned to face the young pink puffball. Kirby's blue eyes were slightly wider than usual and the knight could see the fear in his apprentice's eyes.

"What is troubling you?" Perhaps his fears were not as unfounded as he thought.

"I don't know. Something scary."

Meta Knight debated with himself over whether to comfort the young one or to tell him the truth. Kirby was getting older and suppressing a sigh, Meta Knight decided on honesty.

"You feel it as well. Something wrong in the world."

"P-poyo," Kirby replied reverting to his baby way of speaking in fear. "N-nightmare?"

"I do not believe so. There are no signs. No nightmares and no darkness. The world has appeared perfect."

"Why is there something scary?" Kirby looked at his mentor with wide eyes.

Why indeed? Meta Knight found that he had no answers.

"POYO!" Kirby suddenly whirled around to face the land in the distance and he pointed one pudgy arm into the sky.

Meta Knight followed Kirby's gaze and a saw a spark of bright light in the sky in the far distance. It seemed to be growing larger and before either had time to think the light shot down in a giant blinding beam of golden light. The world trembled and went white.

"Meta? Meta Knight?" The world slowly came into focus revealing Kirby's pink form. Meta Knight blinked once and realised that he was lying on the ground. He slowly regained his feet feeling oddly weak. "Okay?" Kirby asked worriedly.

"I am alright." Meta Knight cast his gaze in the direction of the light and saw a pillar of smoke rising out of the land. Below there was commotion in the village as the villagers tried to figure out what had happened.

"See?" Kirby asked also looking in the direction of the smoke. His voice was serious and scared.

Meta Knight's eyes darkened as he studied the pillar of smoke. "We will investigate," he said quietly. He spread his cape allowing it to change into his large bat like wings. He held out his gloved hands to Kirby who took them now with a determined gleam in his eyes. One flap and the pair were in the air soaring towards the scene of the blast.

Thoughts rushed through Meta Knight's mind as Kirby hung from his arms. It couldn't be Nightmare. But what was it? What danger had befallen Dreamland now and what had that light been? Even from this distance it still had an effect including knocking him out and leaving him feeling weakened, though his strength was returning.

The day passed before Meta Knight swept down to a promising rest place. An unfamiliar ache had spread through his wings; he had not yet recovered all of his strength. He could feel his arms starting to give out and even the light Kirby was starting to become a heavy burden. They managed to come close to the ground before his arms gave out and Kirby tumbled with a squeak of surprise from his grasp. He had approached the ground too quickly and unable to pull up in time, the air from his wings caused him to lose control and he hit the ground rolling. He slowed to a halt and lay panting through his mask. Soft hurried footsteps alerted him of Kirby running toward him and he struggled to his feet.

"Poyo!" Kirby stopped just short of slamming into Meta Knight. "You okay? Wha' happened?"

Meta Knight's eyes dimmed as he swayed on his feet. His wings hung limply behind him. He managed with effort to pull them back up behind him, allowing his cloak to come back into place.

"I'm alright," he murmured. "Just tired…" His voice slurred with the effort to speak and he felt the strength leave his legs. He fell once more to the ground, Kirby's alarmed cry ringing in his ears.

"Meta Knight! Meta Kni…" Kirby's voice faded as his eyes dimmed and unconsciousness claimed him.

He stood in an empty field. The grass was a pure green and the sky above was an equal blue. Everything seemed to shine with a purity that Meta Knight had never witnessed before. Yet, despite the purity of it there was an emptiness. The world was too silent, too perfect if such a thing was possible. He stepped forward his feet sinking into the lush grass.

"Dark one." A rich feminine voice washed over him. He cast his gaze around and saw a tall being garbed in shining white approaching him. She seemed shrouded in a near blinding light preventing him from making out any details.

"You do not belong here. You are a darkness to this world, a blemish that must be removed."

Meta Knight felt an unfamiliar fear well up in him. The power he felt from this being was like nothing he had felt before. And her words pierced him more than any but he could know.

"The world must be cleansed." The glow seemed to condense into a blinding flare and an arcing light was shooting toward him.

Meta Knight's eyes flashed as he awoke with a start. His body was tense expecting a blow to land at any time.

"Poyo?" He breathed out as the world came into focus and Kirby's familiar voice sounded in his ears.

"You went to sleep last night," Kirby said, his worry clear in his voice.

Meta Knight rose to his feet hesitantly at first then more firmly as he felt normal once again. "I am alright now Kirby." He said once more, but this time it appeared to be the truth. At least physically he was normal. The dream however shook him. Where had it come from? It had felt so real.

"Really?" Kirby asked suspiciously.

"Really." He turned and gazed upward. They needed to continue.

"Hungry…" Kirby said a bit nervously. "Hungry!" He said more strongly once he saw Meta Knight's eyes briefly flicker to pink with amusement.

Meta Knight looked around and quickly found an apple tree. He returned with a small pile that Kirby eyed with delight. Before the young one leapt on them, however, he picked one up and offered it to Meta Knight. "Apple?"

Meta Knight smiled behind his mask, but found that he wasn't hungry. "You have them. You need your strength." He gave a low chuckle as Kirby fell on them as though it had been days since he'd eaten. Kirby's appetite really was insatiable.

The apples swiftly vanished and soon Meta Knight and Kirby were once more in the air. It didn't take them long to find the target of the beam. Meta Knight gasped as the scene of destruction met his eyes. The ground was blackened and there were smouldering piles of rubble. Judging by what little could still be recognised it appeared that the place was once a village.