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AN: The fourth story in my Doctor/Bella series, marking not only my first multi-chapter story, but also the first one using a pre-existing plot in the series (Albeit from a novel rather than a TV episode). Some dialogue will be taken and adapted from the original "Prisoner of the Daleks", and I will try and provide a summary of what happens in the scenes not included here when I can, but in general the story will only be focusing on those scenes where I think Bella's thoughts on the events taking place would be particularly interesting to see

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Prisoner of the Daleks

As far as random trips went, so far my first 'mystery tour' in the TARDIS was proving to be a significant let-down; we'd arrived on an apparently deserted planet, wandered into what the Doctor had told me was an old refuelling station, and were now trapped in the computer data core while checking out some 'anomalies' in the base's systems, without nothing but an old skeleton for company- something that I was trying not to think about- and no way out unless someone opened it at the other end.

Still, as dull as it was in there, there was no denying that it had given me an interesting chance to talk with the Doctor about his past without worrying about any other distractions. Hunger was a problem, of course, but the Doctor had managed to find a few biscuits and water in his pockets that had stopped me from starving to death- he claimed that he was able to go without food for longer than I was, even if I wondered how long he could last in that state-, and had been trying to teach me a couple of meditative techniques to help me cope with the worst of it.

Between meditation, the two of us had taken the opportunity to get to know each other better without worrying about distractions like piloting the TARDIS or exploring. I'd tried to tell him some things about my own past without giving away what the Cullens or the Quilettes were- it wasn't that I didn't doubt that the Doctor could keep their secrets, but neither of them were my secret to tell-, but in the end his stories were easily more fascinating than mine would have been even if I'd told the Doctor everything.

The idea that the Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman were real- albeit both tools of an alien invasion- was definitely fascinating, but the thought that the man before me had met such diverse historical figures as Winston Churchill, Richard I and Arthur Conan Doyle was literally incredible...

"So... you're serious?" I said as I looked at the Doctor in surprise as I processed what he'd just told me. "You actually found British explorers on the Moon in 1878?"

"Yep," the Doctor said, from where he was sitting casually against the door, repeatedly tapping a spoon against the door in a manner that I recognised as an 'SOS' signal; it had struck me as a slightly pointless thing to do, but the Doctor had explained that the interconnected nature of the base- every piece of hardware eventually linking up to everything else, even if some of the data subroutines for transmitting digital information had been tampered with for some reason- meant that it was relatively likely to attract attention if someone came to the building, and using the sonic screwdriver ran the risk of depleting its power before someone came who could help. "Bit of a delicate situation, of course- wasn't certain at first if I should let it play out and develop into an alternate timeline or not; it might have been helped along by alien intervention but the expedition had still put the majority of the ships together using what they knew-, but in the end the social implications of space travel for that time meant that it was easier to just get them to stop it and leave history intact."

"Uh... social implications?" I repeated curiously.

"Well, as an example, the pilot of one of the ships had a bit of a mental breakdown because he had been given a taste of freedom and control at the helm of the ship- in all fairness he was very good at it; everyone said he was the best the expedition had-, and it went to his head," the Doctor said, shaking his head slightly regretfully as he reflected back on the subject of his story, even as he continued to tap the spoon against the door. "The importance of social status at that time meant that he'd never manage to get that far in society even with a talent like that- his father was only a coal miner, apparently; he mentioned his father dying in the mines but I didn't have the time to find out more about him-, and he ended up staging a mutiny that got most of the crew killed even before the ship was taken over-"

Further conversion was cut off when the door in front of us suddenly opened, revealing a small group of around five people, dressed in clothing that looked like it had been worn for a while, many of them carrying various-sized weapons, looking at the two of us in evident confusion.

"Hello!" the Doctor said, smiling at them as though nothing unusual had happened at all.

"Who the hell are you?" a large man who was probably the leader of the group before us asked, his voice a deep boom that reminded me briefly of the Cullens' baseball game.

"I'm the Doctor, and this is my friend Bella," the Doctor replied, nonchalantly standing up, turning around to lift me to my feet before he looked back at the crew, only for the leader to suddenly have a gun trained on a point directly between the Doctor's eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Looking over at the Doctor's nonchalant attitude towards a gun being pointed at him, I pushed aside my almost automatic thought that this was my usual 'jinx' status kicking in; it looked like the Doctor was fairly used to this sort of thing happening to him.

AN 3: With the Doctor and Bella having encountered their allies for this particular adventure, the next chapter looks at Bella's first meeting with the most evil race in the universe...

AN 4: Just to let you know, the incident with Victorian spacemen mentioned here took place in the novel "Imperial Moon", with the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Kamelion; easily one of the best Past Doctor Adventures novels written, in my opinion