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Prisoner of the Daleks

As I stepped out of the TARDIS doors just behind the Doctor, I was momentarily confused at the sight of wreckage that I was fairly sure had been part of the equipment at the Hurala fuel silo when it was intact, but then I saw the smashed and twisted casing of what could only be Dalek X lying a short distance away from us, and I realised what the Doctor was doing here.

In a dark way, I was actually rather impressed at the amount of damage that Dalek X had sustained; considering that Bowman had only been armed with what sounded to me like a futuristic nail gun rather than anything particularly elaborate, the idea that he'd done this to Dalek X despite the Dalek force field was almost disturbingly impressive. The Dalek casing had been virtually smashed to pieces from the damage it had sustained when the faculty exploded, while only a few pieces of metal were large enough to positively identify the metal as having originally formed a Dalek casing in the first place. Lying in the heart of the pile was the pitiful-looking form of the purple Dalek mutant, its massive yellow eye looking weakly up at the TARDIS door as the Doctor and I stared back at it.

"YOU... LOCATED... MY... TRANSMISSION..." Dalek X said at last.

"Yeah, that was easy," the Doctor answered as he sat down, close enough for the Dalek to hear him while not close enough for the thing to touch him. "But there's no one else listening. You're finished. Arkheon is no more. The prisoners have been freed and the Daleks there all wiped out. Thanks to Space Major Bowman, of course. Earth Command is on the offensive. Your lines are in disarray. You're beaten."

After a moment passed with no response from Dalek X, the Doctor shrugged. "Just thought you'd like to know."

"THE SUPREME DALEK..." Dalek X began.

"Oh, he's given you up for dead," the Doctor answered. "Besides, I doubt he'd be in a forgiving mood if you did happen to turn up after all this. You're better off down here to be honest."


"Oh , we sealed it," I answered (Admittedly, the Doctor had done all the work, but I'd been there when he'd done it; that had to count for something, right?); the Doctor had assured me that the rift was only still active to the extent required for us to get home, and after that it would become totally useless as the TARDIS 'locked the door' behind us.

"One of the advantages of being a Time Lord with a TARDIS," the Doctor clarified. "It's nice to be able to tie these loose ends up sometimes. The temporal fissure is gone. I put a stitch in time."

"VERY... THOROUGH," Dalek X said, its tone impossible to determine through the traditional Dalek speech pattern. "YOUR VICTORY IS... TOTAL."

"Almost," the Doctor said, frowning as he looked at the creature in front of us. "There's still you, of course. Still here, still alive. You certainly know how to hang on, I'll give you that."


"Yeah, I thought there was a smell," the Doctor said, wrinkling his nose as he spoke. "Never mind. It won't do you much good, trapped down here. There's a communications seal around Hurala, part of the radiation quarantine. Five thousand years at least before anyone will hear your cries for help. But neither you nor your batteries will last that long, I'm afraid."


I couldn't believe it; the thing in front of us had been reduced to a state that resembled a mutilated grounded jellyfish if I had to compare it to anything from Earth, and it still refused to give up?

"You just don't get it, do you?" the Doctor said, looking pityingly at the lump of flesh and metal before us. "Daleks are always defeated. Always. Because you never learn. You never accept the simple truth- that every other life form in the universe is better than you."


"There's not a life form in the universe that would volunteer to become a Dalek," the Doctor countered. "Doesn't that tell you anything? Well, doesn't it?"

"Seriously," I added, looking pointedly at the thing in front of me, "you can't even feel anything like that, from what the Doctor's told me; why would anyone want to spend eternity trapped in that stupid thing?"

I wasn't entirely surprised when my inquiry was met with nothing but silence, even if it was slightly disappointing; even when I actually stood up to the monsters, they didn't even acknowledge my existence...

After a moment's silence, the Doctor stood up and turned back to the TARDIS, leaving me to follow behind him.


"Yeah, well, good luck with that," the Doctor said, pausing in the doorway as he turned to glare at Dalek X. "Cos I'll be waiting."

With that, he turned around and closed the door behind him, walking up to the TARDIS console and activating the necessary switches to send the ship back into wherever it went when we were travelling (I still wasn't clear on what the 'Time Vortex' he'd mentioned was...).

"So... that's it?" I asked, looking inquiringly at him. "We're finished here?"

"Yep; just got to seal up the last of the crack left by the Arkheon Threshold, and we can get back to our universe," the Doctor replied, nodding at me with a slightly grim expression in his eyes that I didn't like. "And then..."

"Then?" I asked, looking at him in confusion.

"Then... I'll get you home?" he asked.

I felt like the bottom had dropped out of my world again at that news; I'd done my best in a terrifying situation, and even that still wasn't enough.

I should have known better than to get my hopes up; I couldn't maintain Edward's interest when he'd just had Earth to distract him, and the Doctor had the whole universe...

"I mean," the Doctor continued, clearly unaware of my own reaction, "you didn't exactly start travelling with me to get stuck in a mine; if you-"

"Hold on; you think I want to leave?" I interrupted, unsure if I wanted to laugh or yell at this revelation. "That's the furthest thing from my mind!"

"Really?" the Doctor said, looking at me in surprise. "But... well, look, I apologise in advance if this is a tricky topic- I'm bad with people sometimes; say whatever pops into my head without thinking about how they'll react to it, you know- but after what... what happened to you before-"

"Edward leaving me is not the same as what happened here," I said, my almost traditional pain at that thought pushed aside as I looked at the Doctor; right now, if I wanted to continue travelling with my incredible new friend, past pain had to be put aside in favour of the more immediate issue. "He just... walked out of my life without providing any reason why apart from the fact that he'd grown tired of me; what hurt then was the fact that I didn't know why he'd... strung me along for so long..."

I paused for a moment, fighting back the ache in my chest that felt like someone was trying to tear my heart out once again, before I turned my focus back to the Doctor. "The point is, what I had to deal with while I was being held prisoner by the Daleks was bad, but at least I knew why I was there..."

"But you were in danger-!" the Doctor began.

"I was practically running into danger back home too; at least here I know you'll help me stay alive," I replied (I briefly wondered if that comment was being unfair to Jacob, but I pushed that thought aside; Jacob might have wanted to help me, but he also made it relatively clear more than once that he wanted me to move on, whereas the Doctor just wanted to help me for me without any thought of getting something out of it himself). "I get that it's not always going to be safe, Doctor, but I accepted the offer because I wanted to see new places; I'm not going to give up just because they're a bit dangerous at times."

I might not be much of a 'thrill-seeker', but if the idea of dating a vampire hadn't intimidated me, it was unlikely that anything else would.

"Besides..." I continued, pausing for a moment as I looked at the ship around me, smiling at the warm feeling it gave me- I'd only been here for a few days, and already the TARDIS felt like home in a way that most places took a while to accomplish- before I continued, "while I was down there, I had a chance to take a look at myself, and..."

I swallowed, hating what I'd almost done before I had my latest epiphany, before I continued speaking. "And I didn't like what I saw."

"What?" the Doctor said, looking at me in surprise (Even with what I was about to say, a part of me was touched that he was offended on my behalf, even if I was the one who'd insulted me). "Bella, there's no need to be hard on yourself; we've all made a few mistakes-"

"But I didn't even realise it was a mistake until I was down there, Doctor," I said, shaking my head firmly as I looked back at him (I'd spent too much of my time with Edward letting him 'take charge'; if I was going to stay with the Doctor, I was going to make sure that he knew what I wanted and would accept it). "I'd been... well, to put it bluntly, I'd been a selfish, inconsiderate idiot... and... I wouldn't have realised what I was doing if it hadn't been for the chance I got to travel with you."

"Ah, you'd have got there in the end; you're a resilient lot, you humans-" the Doctor began, looking around the console room with an awkward smile as though he wasn't sure if he should be proud or embarrassed at my admission.

"But you helped me get there now," I said firmly, walking over to the Time Lord and giving him an impulsive hug (I briefly thought about stopping when I felt him tense up underneath my arms, but then he relaxed and I pushed it aside; he maybe just didn't do this kind of thing that much).

"The point is," I said as I pulled away from the hug and smiled at the Doctor, "what we just went through might have been dangerous, but we helped people while we were doing it, and..."

My smile broadened slightly, even if I felt slightly awkward admitting this. "I liked it."

I might not have ever really thought about helping others like this back when I was in Forks or when I'd been living with Renee- leaving her to stay with Charlie had just been the easiest way to give her and Charlie something they'd both like; I hadn't actually needed to do anything myself-, but after so long being the victim at best and the person who caused the problem at worst- James would never have been an issue for the Cullens if I hadn't been there-, it was nice to feel like I'd actually helped someone.

"I mean," I said, shrugging slightly awkwardly, "I get that helping Kulli and Cuttin' Edge wasn't that much in the grand scheme of things-"

"Little things can add up to a lot over time, Bella," the Doctor interrupted me, smiling warmly at me as he placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Sometimes we don't always get to make a big impact on things- I once spent the better part of thirty years walking through interstitial space just to open a door-, but I don't exactly help people for the recognition; I help them because..."

He paused for a moment, waving a hand vaguely as he tried to think of the best term for what he was trying to say, before he finally shrugged. "Because I have the ability to help them."

"Yeah..." I said, nodding thoughtfully as I turned to look at the central console as it began moving, a slight smile on my face as I took in the increasingly familiar sound of the ship that was my new home as it took us back to our timeline. "That's... that's a good reason."

It was kind of similar to Carlisle's reasons for helping people, when I thought about it; he'd had centuries to gather experience and knowledge about how to help others with his medical training, and he took every opportunity he could get to use that knowledge.

Travelling with the Doctor...

Well, I might not be able to do anything really useful yet, but the idea that I'd stood on other worlds, met aliens, and even seen a planet's core was too incredible for me to stop now, even without the potential opportunities available for me to help the Doctor help more people.

I'd been given a chance to learn and discover more about myself while also learning more about the universe itself; what kind of person turned down an opportunity like that?

"So... you're staying, then?" the Doctor asked.

"As long as you want me to," I replied, hoping I hadn't let any of my desperation slip into my voice; I didn't want to appear too needy...

"Yep," the Doctor confirmed, smiling at me as he casually flicked a couple of switches on the TARDIS console. "Just let me get us back through that rift, and then I've got the perfect stop in mind..."

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