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Meet my British cousin!

Dear Hermione,

I really don't know how to break the news to you... You are my closest friend even though we haven't seen or talk to each other in over three years. How are things with your life by the way? Did your friend get over his problems?

I'm procrastinating...

Well there isn't really any other way to tell you but...I'm getting married!

Yeah I know big shock. I mean the last time we spoke we BOTH swore we wouldn't get married until after we had graduated from college and had a job to support our families. Well I must say that it was quite a shock to me as well. How in the name of the god did he convince me? Probably because he's a Greek God.

Oh that's right you don't know.

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

As you know mum got married to Phil and I decided to come to Forks to live with Charlie; you know how he is, just like aunt Helen. He says hi by the way and sends a lot of kisses to his baby sister and little niece. He kind of forgets that you are a year older than me.

I didn't want a boyfriend... But as it seems fate didn't agree with me... I met Edward Cullen, the most beautiful creature I've ever met. He is smart, kind, funny, gorgeous and unfortunately crazy about sport cars. I mean seriously all the boys are born with a serious fetish about sport -and most importantly FAST- cars? His family died when he was younger and he now lives with his adoptive parents and four foster siblings. You are going to love them Mya, I swear. Even Rosalie who isn't the kindest of the lot. She is like the most beautiful girl to ever walk on this planet. Sometimes I get so jealous of her! Her boyfriend, Emmett (I know it's weird for them to date but they are not really related) is huge. I feel like a dwarf next to him. He's also ludicrously funny and caring.

Jasper is... Very private. And not very talkative. He's also very mature although he adores to place bets about everything with Emmett and he's really into beating his brothers.

Alice is my best girl friend. She is shorter than me, overly cheerful and enthusiastic and much to my discomfort she adores shopping. You can imagine how it pains me to follow her. She's absolutely crazy about giving me a makeover every day and when I refuse she unleashes the puppy dog eyes. She's too adorable for my health.

Esme is the mother of the family... She's... Motherly. You'll love her I promise.

Carlisle is a doctor. A great doctor. He's like my second father and he is really wise. He always knows what is best and really listens to you when you have a problem.

I hope you'll meet them soon!

The only problem is...Jacob...My best friend...

I don't know if you remember Billy Black? Charlie's best friend down at the Reservation? Well Jacob is his son... And until recently my very best friend... He helped me when I was almost depressed and brought me back... He is in love with me Mya... I love him too but not like I love Edward. Without him I can't breathe. He said that if I choose Edward we can't be friends but I really had no choice... And now he's gone... I really need your advise Hermione...

Dad, although he's taking the whole wedding in stride (he was actually counting on mum to be the tough one but she was so understanding I thought for a minute I was dreaming), was always on Jacob's side... I know he doesn't blame me because I had explained to Jake that I could never view him as more than a friend and he just wouldn't understand!

Enough of me now. I enclose the invitation and I sincerely hope to see you soon. I'm sure dad will be thrilled to see you and aunt Helen and Uncle Richard. It's been far too long since we had a family gathering. He and I both misses you all.

Please come! It would mean the world to me if you are by my side. I have already asked Alice to be my bridesmaid but if you come you will be my Maid of Honour. Just like we told when we were children.

All my love,


Hermione stared at the letter with a mixture of bewilderment and affection. It was more than three years since she lastly correspondent with her younger cousin; last time she sent a letter was the summer after Sirius' death when she said to Bells that she might not be able to answer her letters because her friend needed her... It was true Harry really needed all the help he could get and she knew that being Harry Potter's best friend and a Muggle born to top it off, her family would be in grave danger. Her parents were protected by the Order but it was unwise to communicate with her cousin in the USA so if someone was watching her they wouldn't know she had family elsewhere.

And now her cousin, one year younger than her, was getting married!

Hell just froze over! She thought amused.

Bella has been always very much against marriage at such a young age; she pretty much dubbed anyone who was foolish enough to get married right after school, stupid and immature. Oh fate really was a bitch!

"What's gotten into you?" A high pitched voice came from the doorway to the room she was staying at the Burrow. She turned and saw none other than her best girlfriend, Ginny Weasley and soon to be Potter. At least as soon as Harry managed to propose without turning ten shades of red. It was not like they didn't know what he wanted to ask; for Merlin's sake even the bride to be knew he was going to propose!

"What did you say?" Hermione smiled at the younger girl.

"I asked why you are smirking like a hyena." Ginny slyly asked, earning her a scowl from the lioness currently on her bed.

"Funny Ginevra." Hermione smirked sadistically. Ginny hated her given name with a passion.

"Shut up." She growled but Hermione just laughed.

"Sorry Gin." She relented. "I just got a letter from my younger cousin in the USA. She's getting married apparently."

"And you were finding that funny because..." Ginny trailed off with a raised eyebrow causing another giggle to escape her.

"The last time we spoke she was very much against an early marriage. I believe her opinion was and I quote: 'I would rather get hit by a bus than get married before I hit twenty five!'. Her nineteenth birthday is six days before my twentieth. She just graduated high school."

"Well... People change... You should know that better than anyone..." Ginny murmured and flushed when Hermione's light brown eyes flashed. She knew that their recent past was a forbidden subject.

Amongst all the interviews taken from the Golden Trio and the stories regarding their travels the press still hadn't managed to obtain the full story of what exactly had transpired in the Malfoy Manor after Bellatrix LeStrange had pulled Hermione away from her other two friends. The only detail the world knew was that the Muggle Born had been tortured with the Cruciatus Curse because she refused to provide the deranged woman with information about their quest. Hermione was offered hundreds of galleons for just a five minute interview about that incident but she wished to forget and that was that. Even as the Golden Trio whenever they released statements together, the moment some journalist made the mistake of mentioning that time Harry and Ron would glare at the offending party and proceed to depart with Hermione between them.

"I don't wish to speak about that..." She bit out trying not to hurt the girl. The memories of the war were a sore spot for her. Unlike Ginny who had regular visits to a Mind Healer to deal with the aftermath of the war, Hermione had refused to allow a complete stranger free entry into her mind. Instead she pushed all her memories in the deepest recesses of her mind and never thought about them if she could avoid it. In the first months after the Final Battle she avoided going out in the dark, still paranoid about everything. The littlest things caused her fits and more than once Harry or Ron had found her curled in a corner of her room staring with wide unblinking eyes at nothing in particular.

Harry still thought she needed to visit a Mind Healer to help her deal with her past, he knew her choice to just forget and move on would ultimately come and bite her in the arse, but Hermione was stubborn. She hadn't a fit since the Easter Holidays and was convinced she was making progress. No need to bare her mind and soul to someone who knew nothing about what she had been through.

"Mione... You know Bellatrix escaped..." Ginny said bluntly; the woman managed to escape the authorities and killed two of the Aurors escorting her back to her cell in Azkaban; in the process obtaining a wand. She had left a rather... Fetching message directed at her.

I will come for you mudblood...

Apparently Bellatrix had read the article about how Hermione had kept being instrumental in thwarting all Voldemort's plans to return and make sure Harry stayed alive long enough to deliver the killing blow. And the small insignificant fact that if not for Hermione Harry would have never eluded them for so long whilst the Trio was in their quest to destroy her masters most prized possessions.

"I'm well aware of that... You mention this why? My parents are safe in Australia, they won't come back until next summer, when everything is dealt with their alias' businesses. I'm sure Bellatrix will be captured by then..."

"What about you? You are her number one target! She said it, she'll come for you."


Ginny's mouth twitched.

"So why aren't you a bit more... I don't know... Careful? If you go to your cousin she'll lose you; nobody knows you have family there. It's perfect! Besides," she added hastily before Hermione could protest. "You know you want to be there for your cousin Mione. Imagine how she must be feeling all alone! Trust me fathers aren't good with girly stuff. She needs you."

"She has Alice. She's her best friend..."

"I'm sure she is... But she's not you... Just... Think about it... We all are worried Mione; you are like family to all of us, we love you and we would be more relieved if you were safe during the hunt for the crazy bitch. Think about it please..."

"I will..." Hermione murmured skeptically and Ginny smiled and left her to her muses.


"What were you doing?" Alice's voice chirped just as she walked through the front door to the Cullen house. The whole family was there, spread in the wide room staring at her. Edward snickered as he swiftly went to the kitchen to bring her a glass of water.

"Um... When?" Bella asked as she sat on the sofa, between Esme and her super-energetic friend.

"Yesterday." Alice whined. "I called you but Charlie said you were busy and had instructed him not to disrupt you to anyone except your mum."

"Oh." Bella smiled. "I was writing a letter to my cousin. I informed her of the... Wedding..."

They all laughed at her discomfort regarding her wedding to Edward.

"Still having trouble with the m-word?" The bronze haired vampire teased. Bella glared at him but before she could say something back, her cell phone rung; she took it out and stared at the caller ID.

"None has this number..." She said. The vampires exchanged looks of discomfort.

"It can't be... The Volturi right?" Edward asked his psychic sister. The little pixie shook her head in the negative.

"I saw nothing." She said with certainty.

"Lemme see..." Emmett shouted enthusiastically, grabbing the phone and flipping it open and in the speaker mode. "Hello?"

"Em... I'm sorry is this the phone of Bella Swan?" A female with a clearly British accent answered back and Bella's eyes widen as she lurched for the phone startling her soon to be in laws.

"HERMIONE!" Bella squeaked to the phone. She stood up and started pacing. She knew that everyone could hear so she left her phone on the speaker.

"Hello there Bells; I'm guessing that was your fiance?" Hermione -apparently- snickered.

"Shut up." Bella playfully snapped ignoring the rest. "You are my cousin; you are not supposed to be mean to me."

"On the contrary my dear Isabella. It's my job as your older cousin to point out your mistakes and therefore make your life a living Hell."

"Where exactly did you learn that?" Bella asked glaring at Emmett who was laughing loudly. "Listen what you've done! Now he's never going to let me forget it."

"It's your fault for using the speaker. At least someone over there has a sense of humour you ice cube. Hope though he's not your fiance. Poor bloke he's in for a life full or in your case full-less of humour."

"That's not even a word!" Bella snapped.

"Well I just made it then." Hermione chirpily said and the Cullens exchanged amused glances as they stared at the phone. "And dear cuz pray tell me how in the name of God did Edmund convinced you to marry him?"

"Whose Edmund?" Bella asked confused.

"Eh?" Bella's cousin sounded confused. "Wait a sec... Let's see... Hm... There! Oh... Oops! Sorry my mistake, I meant Edward."

"You forgot Edward's name?" Bella asked incredulous.

"I'm not the one marrying him; I'm allowed to forget him. Imagine if you forget his name. Oh my! You should do that. Say another name during the ceremony. It will be fun!"

"What! I'm not going to say another name just for you to have fun." Bella snapped. Alice was now silently laughing along with Rosalie. Emmett and Jasper were trying to hide their smiles, Esme and Carlisle looked at their younger son, who was staring at the phone in disbelief, and then started laughing quietly.

"Fine. Spoilsport." Hermione said sighing dramatically. "So... Are you still a klutz?"

"HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER!" Bella shouted turning beet red while Jasper and Emmett started howling with laughter.

"Who is screaming? Do you have a bear or something there?"

"They are Edwards brothers." Bella said glaring at all of them.

"Oh Bella you are so rude. You should have told me I have my future in laws to entertain. I have some really good stories about you and that time I came to visit during summer holidays and we went to that park and-

"When are you coming?" Bella flushed red.

"Next week, I'll make the reservations for a hotel in Port Angeles and-

"A hotel?" Esme interrupted softly coming behind Bella. "You must be joking my dear..."

"Who is that?"

"I'm Esme, Edwards mother sweety."

"Oh! Hello, how are you Mrs Cullen?"

"I'll have none of that now dear." Esme admonished taking the phone from Bella and went to sit next to her husband again. "Please call me Esme and allow me to call you Hermione..."

"Of course Esme. Wow you are really nice." Hermione said and her voice was quite softer. "I'm glad. It means that my cousin will be happy..."

Bella stared at the phone fondly. "I knew you cared you crazy English woman."

"Of course I care you idiot. You are my cousin. But now shut up, I'm talking with your future mother in law. You can pester me later."

"I don't know why I try, I truly don't know..." Bella sulkily said.

"Because you are a fool?" Hermione provided. "And if I'm not mistaken you are glaring especially hard on the phone right now."

"She is!" Alice informed the girl she seriously started liking.

"Ha! You are so predictable, even after all these years it's not even funny." They could hear some voices coming from the background but they couldn't hear what they were saying. "Esme I'm really needed, is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh yes of course dear!" Esme lightly jumped. "You don't have to stay in a Hotel. We have plenty of room here."

The Cullens, except Alice and Edward who knew what their mother was going to ask, looked at her strangely.

"Don't worry Esme I won't stay for long." Hermione said cheerfully. "My parents are purchasing a house there to be closer to Uncle Charlie. I will stay in the hotel for just a weekend before I move into my parent's house. Uncle Charlie is making the necessary arrangements as we speak. In fact I might not even need to stay at a hotel at all. So see, no trouble."

"Are you really moving here?" Bella asked excited. Hermione sighed heavily.

"No Bells; consider this as a vacation house. I still want to live in England but mum wants to be able to see her brother whenever she pleases. I'll be staying for the wedding and then I'll return home. What, a month is not enough for you?"

"Yeah but you know, we haven't talked for three years. I missed you..."

"Hermione!" Someone's shout came from Hermione's side of the line.

"Oh shoot, I really need to hang up." Hermione's voice was muffled. "I'll call you later Bells OK?"

"Call me too." Alice shrieked and Bella flinched.

"Who was that?"

"I'm Alice nice to hear from you Hermione." Alice chirped.

"Well Alice nice to hear from you too. If you want to talk to me I'm sure Bella can give you my number. Now I really have to go. Bye! See you soon, Bells."

Bella hit the end button and sighed heavily.

"I love her!" Alice exclaimed jumping up and down.

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