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Written for FGB for Vanessa_Ventura

This is My Wish

Chapter One – Meeting the White Ranger


Mom is going to make us late. I'll miss everything if she doesn't hurry up, not only me, but also Brittney and David, too. I will not remind her again, I will not yell at her. It will only hurt her feelings. I look at the rearview mirror and see that she knows I'm mad.

"I'm sorry, Riley," she says. "It's not my fault traffic is so bad."

Mrs. Newton puts her hand on my mom's shoulder. "It's fine, Bella. We held you up."

"It's no one's fault, Jessica," my mom says. She turns to Mrs. Newton and smiles. "I'm just glad that Brittney gets to come see Mr. Cullen."

Mrs. Newton smiles at my mom and I see her lip tremble. We all knew why Brittney is going to the hospital tomorrow – to start treatments, again.

I really hate hospitals, but I wouldn't have met my friends if it weren't for them. I look at Brittney and her big blue eyes are wide and glassy. She cries a lot, not that I blame her. It's not easy being sick all the time and see people look at you funny.

Me, I'm used to it. I have no hair. I lost it all in my first round of chemo and it hasn't grown back since. I'm in remission – I think that's what my mom calls it. My ears stick too far from my head and I look like a vampire since my skin is so white. My mom calls me her little angel though, which I hate. But I will never tell her that.

"Look, Riley," my mom says. She points at something outside and I can see searchlights coming from somewhere close by.

"Is that where we're going?" I ask excitedly. "Are we almost there?"

She nods and smiles at me before turning down another street. "We need to walk a little, since parking close to the theater is next to impossible," she says to Mrs. Newton.

Once we park and everyone is ready, we start to walk toward the place that I'll finally meet Edward Cullen, aka The White Ranger. He's so awesome and cool. He knows karate and he likes to help people, just like my dad. I start to practice my karate chop and try to do a spin kick, when my mom puts her hand on my shoulder.

"I don't think so, mister," she whispers. "I don't want you falling."

I scowl at her and shake my head. "I won't fall, look." I spin and kick my foot high in the air. Once both feet are on the ground, I turn to see her laughing. "What?"

"I think Brittney likes when you do karate," she says and smiles. I roll my eyes, because girls are gross and cry a lot. I sigh because I cry, too – only when my mom's not looking. I won't tell that to Brittney, she may tell some of our friends.

I look at Brittney, who's holding her mom and dad's hands, walking between them. Her dad is big, with blue eyes like hers and mom says he does a sports show on television. Mike, I think is his name. I just know him as Brittney's dad. He's nice, though; he's always with Brittney at the hospital or taking her places.

Sometimes, I wish dad was still with me.


They gave us a place to stand close to the red carpet with seats and everything. But we're standing because we want to see the movie stars. There's something blocking us from walking around. I see many people there – a lot them girls – some screaming and crying as these two men walk on the carpet.

They're the bad guys in the movie. Why would anyone like them? I'll never understand girls, they are so weird sometimes. I look up at my mom, who is rubbing my hands together. She's afraid I'm cold. I feel a little cold, but not enough to go home. Not yet. I need to see him.

Then finally, I see this big limo pull up. My mom squeezes my hand and smiles at me. Nodding, she tells me all I need to know. I'm finally going to see Edward Cullen in person. I'm not stupid. I know he's an actor and that he played a part in my favorite show the Power Rangers.

He played Kyle Jacobs and was the best Power Ranger ever. He was the legendary White Ranger, and his power came from within and not some dumb animal or robot.

Even though I knew Kyle Jacobs wasn't real, the man behind him was a good person. I see him from time to time at the hospital. He comes to sing, talk and play games with some of the kids in the children's ward. He's always with a tall woman with light reddish hair. I only remember a few times they came to see us.

I know he won't remember me; I was too sick when we last saw each other. He did sing a song, though, and I'll never forget him. Or her. I wish I could remember her name.

Another cool thing is that Edward's martial arts moves weren't made up. He used to teach at the same place I go to now. I know this because Mr. Chang keeps his picture and his trophies there for all of us to see – they're best friends. In other words, Edward Cullen not only played a hero, he really is one.

"I can't see, Momma," I say and stand on the tip of my toes to see. Brittney is on her daddy's shoulder and I want to tell him to help me up, too, but I don't. I look up to my mom and see her sad eyes again. She saw what I was looking at, and what got me upset.

I shake my head and squeeze her hand. "Is he really here?" She stands and gazes over the crowd and she starts to nod. I see her purse drop and pulling her hand, I point to it on the ground. I can't reach it. I hear her mutter something I can't repeat, since I'm not allowed to. She looks at me and I can see she's sorry for the word.

Kneeling, she picks up her purse and starts to put back some of the things that fell out. The screaming gets louder and somehow I lose my mom's hand. I turn to her and tell her I'll be right up front. I don't want to miss him. I can't. I have to see him once at least.

I think I hear him say something as I push my way to the front. I fall once because Becky's wheelchair caught my shin. I want to cry because it stings a little, but then I hear him say something to Brittney. I see a hand give a picture to Brittney and she's laughing.

I get on my feet, telling myself that I can do this. I will see him – meet him face to face this time.

"I need to talk to him," I say. "Please excuse me. I need to talk to him." I have to push because if I don't, I won't see him. I am being nice, though; my mom will have my butt if I'm not.

Right before I get to the ropes, I see him, just a part of him. He's in a suit, which reminds me of the suit grandpa wears when he takes grandma out. I'm not paying attention and I trip over my own feet and fall forward. Brittney's dad catches my arm and smiles at me.

I grin at him and look up in front of me. It's him and he's looking at me. Right at me, it's the first time I see how green his eyes are. He doesn't have his hair as short as he did on the show, so it's longer. My mom says it makes him look older and handsome. I think it looks messy.

"Well, hi there," he says, extending his hand. I'm still looking at him. He still looks the same, though; like the hero I know he is.

I smile real big and I take his hand to shake it. Grandpa always told me a good handshake makes a good impression. I can't believe I'm touching him! This is so awesome. Eric and Ryan are not going to believe me. I really hope Mom brought her camera.

I feel my red baseball hat get a little loose. I quickly pull it down at the back to keep it in place. I don't want everyone to see that I have no hair.

I looked up at him and I see that he's so tall. He's like two of me. Wow. "Hi, I'm Riley Biers the second," I say, still smiling. "I'm your biggest fan." My hand is still in his and he's still shaking it. All right! Grandpa's advice works! This is perfect.

Mr. Cullen uses one of his big hands and measures me. He places it on my head and I see that I'm just below his chest. "You're absolutely right. You're definitely my biggest fan."

I smile wider and wonder where my Mom is, looking over my shoulder I see her coming this way. "My momma let me take karate because of you. She liked the show, too. So she's a big fan also."

"Riley," I hear my mom say behind me. "You shouldn't run away from me like that."

"Sorry, Mom," I say with a big smile but roll my eyes. She worries too much. I hope I don't get in trouble. "Edward Cullen, this is my mom, Bella Swan." I smile as I look up at my mom. She's all red on her face, but she only does this when she's embarrassed. Why is she doing that now? I shake my head, remembering what Grandpa said once – 'you'll never understand women.'

I look back to see Mr. Cullen looking at my mom. He's really looking at her weird. Like he's not breathing, what the heck is wrong with him? I check my mom's face; she doesn't have anything on her teeth or coming out of her nose. Then I see that none of them are talking, just staring. I sigh, she's gonna embarrass me –again.

"Mom," I say firmly. "You're supposed to shake his hand, not stare." Several people around us laugh, including a woman with Mr. Cullen. I know her, I've seen her at the hospital a lot times. She is the pretty girl that always comes with Mr. Cullen. Mom's eyes get big and her face is red again. Did I say something?

They're still staring at each other. I smile because maybe they like each other. I see Brittney's mom and dad making googly eyes at each other all time. They're looking at each other that way. Maybe I can lend them a hand. I take Mr. Cullen's hand and put it in my mom's soft, warm one. I look up at them both, and they're smiling at me.

I hear people making strange noises and laughing. There are many flashes from cameras around us. Laughing, Mr. Cullen takes my mom's hand and brings it to his lips, placing a small kiss there.

Eww. Gross.

"Thanks for bringing my biggest fan out to see me," Mr. Cullen says to her.

"It was a pleasure," she says softly. "He'll be talking about this for the rest of his life." Then I look at her and her eyes do that thing again, get all sad. Grandma says when she sees my mom's eyes like that, her heart breaks every time. I know what she means now. My heart hurts a little every time, too.

Mr. Cullen looks funny, too, like my mom does when she helps me if I get sick. He looks back at me, smiling. It's the same smile I get when people know I'm sick, and wish they can help. People sometimes don't realize that just caring is enough.

The tall lady beside him taps his shoulder and smiles at him. She's so tall, that I can't hear what she tells him. Whatever she says to Mr. Cullen, his eyes get all big and stuff. Just like my mom, when she knows she can't do anything but hold my hand. But he's looking at the woman, so I know whatever it is, it's not only about me.

"Hello," I say to get her attention. "I'm Riley number two but I'm five years old."

She takes my hand and shakes it like I'm a grownup and not dying of cancer. She treats me like any other person. I like that. After she tells me to call her Tanya and Mr. Cullen Edward, she takes Mommy's hand. They talk while Edward takes a picture from a girl to sign, but he doesn't move away from us. This is so cool; he likes to talk to me.

Ms. Tanya looks at me, after she gave my mom a hug. I can see both of them have teary eyes, so I know they talked about me. "Did you enjoy Edward's new movie?"

I nod happily. "Yes, and thank you for letting me and my friends see it. Momma said you helped put it together for us."

"I sure did," Tanya says with a pretty smile. Wow, she's as pretty as all the girl movie stars. "How about one picture with him before we head inside?" she ask this to my mom and Edward. I don't think my face has ever hurt from smiling too much, but I'm positive it will later. I nod again and look up to my see my mom smiling at me.

"Is it all right if I pick him up?" Edward asks my mom. She's pulling out her camera from her jacket pocket. She nods, smiling at him with those gross googly eyes again. "Come on big guy," Edward says. I put my hand up to stop him.

"Let me show you what I can do," I say, before my mom can stop me. She hates when I do this. With what my grandpa says are my light feet, I climb up Edward. I use his knee, hip and waist, until he shifts me to one side, laughing. We turn toward my mom, who I know wants to tell me to behave. But she doesn't.

"Smile, Riley," she says holding her digital camera up.

"Ma! I'm already smiling!" I say, giggling. She really needs to wear her glasses all the time. I look over Edward's shoulder to see people waiting to see him. I hope he doesn't get in trouble. All these people are here to see him. "Hurry, Edward needs to go!"

After mom takes the picture, Edward takes the small poster of him I have in my hand. "To my biggest fan, Riley," he says, winking at me, "from your biggest fan, Edward." I shake my head and laugh.

"I don't do anything for you to be a fan," I say, still smiling.

"You make your mom smile every day, that's something," he says and smiles at my mom again. She blushes so red that I think she's going to explode. "There you go, smart guy." He gives me my poster back and pulls my ear like my mom does all the time. "See you around."

"You will!" I say loudly. "See you around!" Oh, I have to show him what I can do! I give him my best scowl and do a quick karate chop mid air and strike the same pose the White Ranger has done many times before.

Laughing again, he smiles at my mom. They start talking about something, but Brittney is calling me. I show her my poster as her daddy puts her down so we can talk. I see Edward leave with Tanya and I wave at them both. They whisper something to each other and the look Edward's face says he knows. His eyes are sad again, like the way my mom's get when she thinks I'm not paying attention.

He knows what I know, what my doctors know, and what I wish my mom would understand. I won't be making it to even my twelfth birthday; at least that's what something called "statistics" say.