Bird's Eye View

The world has forgotten. It has forgotten and lost the sound of it's voice, replaced by a low, monstrous growl, that sends a ripple over the ash stained earth. The air no longer possesses the sounds of the rustle of leaves and the murmur of a stream. The wind now carries the screams and groans of the people, hungry, broken, and torn. But there is but one sound that still resonates softly within the walls of this horrible abyss the world has fallen into. Music. It's ancient sound has been lost to many but we still remember. We can retell the stories of the countless journeys of notes crossing the scale. We haven't forgotten what the world once sounded like and we'll continue to sing, until the world remembers how to sing with us.

My first story! Woot! Not my best work but at least I tried! The original plan of the story was to tell the war that started the Hunger Games from the point of view of the Mockingjay's. What do you guys think? Please R&R! = )