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Chapter One: In Which a Lazy Day Turns into a Busy Day

Charmain awoke feeling very warm. As she moved her hand over the bed, she felt two small warm bodies. One was the body of Waif and the other was the body of her puppy, Steffy. After Waif gave birth, she had transferred the Elfgift over to Steffy. Charmain and her Great Uncle William kept the one puppy that had the Elfgift and Waif and gave the others to good homes. Peter had taken one, and the King took one and even Charmain's mother and her Aunt Sempronia took one. Charmain sat up and stretched. Waif and Steffy got up and wagged their tails.

"Are you two hungry?" she asked.

They both yapped and hopped off the bed. Charmain chuckled and grabbed her dressing gown. She walked down the hall and opened the door to the kitchen. She shut the door and hit the side of the fireplace.

"Two dishes of dog food, please!"

Instantly, two dishes appeared on the floor and Waif and Steffy gobbled up the food happily. Charmain smiled slightly at the two dogs before she ordered her breakfast. As she ate eggs and bacon, she looked out the window to the backyard. There was steam and smoke coming from the wash shed.

'Oh right,' she thought. 'It's Wednesday. It's laundry day.'

As she finished her breakfast, a little blue kobold appeared in the kitchen.

"Miss Charming," the little blue person said. "Today is laundry day. If you would be so kind as to bring your clothes outside, I will wash them for you."

Charmain nodded to show she heard and the kobold disappeared. Charmain got up and leaving the tray on the table (another kobold would clean it later), turned left and opened the door. As she walked down the hall, she glanced into her Great Uncle's study, only to find it empty. That was odd. When she reached her room, she pulled on a light blue skirt and white button up shirt. She pulled on her stockings and buttoned her shoes. She grabbed the basket she used for her dirty clothes and took it outside to the wash shed, Waif and Steffy following her happily.

After Charmain left the basket with the kobold, she wandered inside and checked the living room for her Great Uncle. He wasn't in there, feeling a little worried, she checked his room. After determining that he wasn't in the house, she went into the study and found a letter on his desk.

My Dear Charmain,

I'm sorry, but I had to leave for Ingary early this morning so suddenly that I didn't have time to tell you. I needed to consult with Wizard Howl Pendragon on a matter. I have left you a few simple spells to work on while I am gone. I shan't be gone for more than two weeks. I will be back as soon as possible. I didn't have time to let Peter and the King know. Please be kind enough to let Peter know that his lessons with me will be postponed until I get back. There are copies of the spells for him as well. Please pass them on to him.

Yours Respectfully,

William Norland

Charmain couldn't help but smile. Finally! She could catch up on her reading. Since she moved in five years ago, she didn't have much time to read. She practically skipped down the hall to her room and grabbed the nearest book. She walked back to the living room, after grabbing the bag of food her mom had brought over just the day before. She settled herself on the couch and opened the book. She spent a few hours reading before she heard the unmistakable sounds of Peter arriving in the kitchen, via the magical hallway.

"Charmain! Wizard Norland! I am here for my daily lesson!" he yelled.

Charmain ignored him and continued to read. She had just reached the best part in the romance novel she was reading. As she read, she felt the heat rise in her cheeks and wondered if it was really like that.

The door from the kitchen burst open and there stood Peter in a new satin suit.

"There you are! But, where is Wizard Norland?" he asked.

Charmain looked up from her book, her face still a little pink.

"He went to Ingary to talk to Wizard Pendragon about something. He left us some simple spells to practice."

"I see. Hey, why is your face all red? Are you okay?" Peter asked, concern written all over his face.

"Wha? Yeah, I am just fine, why wouldn't I be?" Charmain asked.

Peter grabbed the book out of Charmain's hands and after taking one look at the front, comprehension dawned on his face.

"Since when did you start reading romance novels?" he asked, his cheeks turning a little pink.

"Um, this is my first one," Charmain whispered, a little ashamed. "I was wondering what it was like."

An uncomfortable silence formed between them.

"How about we go practice those spells?" Peter said, trying to change the subject.

"You can go on," Charmain said, grabbing the book from Peter. "I am going to keep reading."

"Fine, suit yourself."

Peter finally left Charmain to her book. She sighed happily and continued to read. She read for a good hour before she started to feel uncomfortable. She had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen. She tried to ignore the feeling but couldn't.

Charmain stood, intending to go check on Peter to make sure he was still alive. As she put her book down, and explosion rocked the house. Charmain sprinted to the kitchen door and threw it open and after it closed behind her, she turned left and opened the door to bedrooms. There was smoke coming from the study.

"PETER!" she yelled.

She didn't hear anything, so she ran to the study without thinking. As she looked in, she couldn't see anything because of the smoke.

"Peter!" Charmain yelled again.

She heard coughing coming from the depths of the smoke and she heard him moving around. After a few minutes, he found his way out into the hall, where he took mouthfuls of the fresh air.

"Peter? Are you okay?" she asked.

He nodded, unable to talk. She raced down the hall to window and threw it open. She turned to face the smoke.

"You stupid smoke! You better go out this window or you'll be sorry!"

The smoke listened to her and drifted lazily out of the window. When it was all clear, Charmain took a good look at Peter. He was covered in soot from head to toe. He had a few cuts all over his body. Charmain walked slowly toward the study and looked in. The whole room seemed to be demolished. The bookcases where blown apart, the desk was non-existent, and the chairs were blown to pieces. The only thing that seemed to survive where the books.

"I must have done something wrong. I don't know what though."

Charmain sighed, and turned to leave the study.

"I am going to go get some buckets and rags and we are going to clean this room up. I'm sure we can find a repair spell or something," Charmain said.

She was hoping to spend a lazy day reading, but Peter turned it into a busy day, cleaning.

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