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Chapter Five: In Which Charmain Deals with a Broken Heart

When Charmain awoke the next morning, it took her a few minutes to realize why she felt so horrible. As she rolled over onto her back to stare at the ceiling, the images came flooding back. Peter had outright rejected her, but she knew she shouldn't feel like this. She had rejected Peter first. As she thought back to the morning before, Charmain remembered how she felt when she told Peter that she didn't love him. She had felt a little tingle of fear. Fear of what? That she didn't know. Maybe it was fear of being hurt. She was being hurt now, since Peter had rejected her. But, what seemed to hurt even more is that Peter was going to start looking for a wife. She rolled over onto her side and didn't want to get out of bed. Steffy and Waif were by the door, whining.

'They must be hungry,' she thought.

Charmain got out of bed, slowly. Without bothering to get dressed, she pulled her dressing gown over her night gown and slipped on her slippers. As soon as Charmain opened the door, Waif and Steffy took off down the hall, and Charmain followed slowly. She stopped in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen, which was expected. After all she did cry herself to sleep. She turned the tap on and filled her hands with cold water. She splashed the cold water on her face, and the swelling in her eyes went down slightly, but they were still red.

She left the bathroom and opened the door to the kitchen. The dogs bounded out into the kitchen and whined at the back door. She opened the door and the dogs went running. Charmain stood on the back step and watched the dogs. It was such a nice day after the storm they had the night before. She looked up at the sky and saw nothing but a clear blue sky, with a few clouds here and there. As she stood by the back door, waiting for the dogs to come back, she heard the magical door open, and she knew Peter had arrived. She turned around and saw Peter standing by the door, stock still.

"Good morning, Charmain," he said. "I came to get my things."

Charmain nodded, but didn't say anything. She didn't trust herself to say anything. She was afraid if she said anything, she would start to cry again. The dogs bounded into the kitchen and walked over to Peter, their tails wagging. Peter bent down to pet them, then he straightened up and looked right at Charmain.

"You're not going to talk to me?" he asked.

Charmain thought she saw something like sadness flit across his face. Charmain shook her head and she looked away from Peter. He nodded his head and went through the magical doorway to the room he was staying in to get his stuff. He came back a few minutes later, with his bag, and Charmain was still standing where he left her. She hadn't moved at all. Her jaw was set and she was desperately holding back tears.

"Well, I'll see you around, Charmain," Peter said.

He opened the magical door and he was gone. The door shut and Charmain was left alone. She felt the familiar burning of tears behind her eyes. She ignored the feeling and ordered two plates of dog food for the dogs. She knew she needed to eat something, too. But, even though Charmain didn't feel hungry, she ordered a bowl of cereal.

She played with it more than she ate it, but she did eat it all. Charmain sat at the table for a few minutes, deciding on what to do. Maybe, she would catch up on her reading. After all, it was Peter's fault that she didn't much reading done the last couple of days. But, as she thought that, she felt a rush of guilt. She couldn't blame it all on poor Peter. Charmain ultimately found herself walking down the hall to her room, with Waif and Steffy behind her. She didn't want to do anything, but curl up in a little ball under the covers.

When she reached her room, she slipped off her slippers and her dressing gown and climbed into bed. Charmain felt two thumps on that bed that came from the two dogs. The two white balls of fluff seemed to know something was wrong with Charmain. They both curled up next to her and lay there beside her. She smiled in spite of the pain she felt, and she buried her face in the pillow. She couldn't stop crying this time.

She cried into her pillow and after a few hours, she got up to feed the dogs. Once again, her eyes hurt and they were red. Charmain walked to the bathroom and washed her face. Charmain walked into the kitchen, fed the dogs and she had another bowl of cereal. She let the dogs out and as she watched them bound around outside and sniff around, her eyes were drawn to the city.

As Charmain stared at the city, she found herself thinking about Peter. If he was going to be that way, then that was fine with her. She didn't need him anyways. She didn't care what he did with his life anymore. It wasn't any of her concern. If he was going to look for a wife, then she was going to look for a husband. But, as she thought that, she felt her heart break just a little more. She ignored the feeling she felt and stalked back into the house, the dogs following her.

"I don't need you anymore, Peter," she said out loud. "I'm not going to bother myself with you any longer."

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