Albert wiped the tears from his face as he left the cemetery. He only had a few blocks to calm himself down before he reached the diner and he didn't want Cathyor her son to see himself like this. The German man rubbed the last tear and entered the diner. He looked around and noticed that neither of the blond haired woman or teenager was in there. Where are they? Albert approached the hostess. "Miss, did a blond woman and her son come in here?" he asked. She looked up at him.

"Sorry sir. No one like that has come in here." She said. Albert started to get worried. The sliver haired man ran outside to the street. He desperately looked for the blond duo but he couldn't see them anywhere. "Cathy! Jimmy!" He yelled.

"Albert!" a terrified voice cried out. Suddenly a black van sped down the road, with the back doors slightly open. The doors were wide enough to show Cathy's frightened face. A man in black was holding her back, preventing her from escaping.

"Cathy!" Albert screamed as he chased the van, running as fast as he could. The blond woman reached out to the cyborg. Albert extended his arm and tried to grasp her hand. But right before he could grab it, another man in black pulled out his laser gun and fired. Albert was hit in the right shoulder and stumbled to the ground. Screams filled the street, some screaming for help and others screaming in fear. But one stood out from the rest.

"ALBERT!" He could hear Cathy scream as the van disappeared into the city. And all Albert could do was watch.


GB walked back and forth as he waited for the doctor to walk through the doors. It had been an hour since he arrived at the hospital and he still knew nothing of his friend's condition. The only information he had was what his coworker had said over the phone earlier that day. He had been practicing his lines for his upcoming movie when his phone rang. The coworker had been taking a break from practice and walked into a nearby alleyway. When he entered the alleyway, he found Rosa covered in her own blood and a giant wound on the side of her head. After hearing this, GB almost transformed in order to get to the hospital faster.

After many minutes of pacing back and forth, the middle aged man finally sat down and took a deep breath. He was worried and the feeling of uselessness was only making his anxiety worse. He had experienced this feeling before and he feared that the ending will turn out like the last time he felt this way. With someone he held dear slipping away and he can't do a thing about it.

But his thoughts were interrupted by the surgery door opening up. A doctor in white clothing walked up to the bald cyborg. "Are you a relative or friend of Rosa?"

"I'm a friend…"

"She had multiple injuries. The worst of those were a broken leg and a concussion. She is expected to make a full recovery, but she needs to stay here for a few days so we can monitor her closely." The doctor said leading GB into the room. Rosa was covered with bandages and was fast asleep on the medical bed. The only sounds in the room were that of the various machines that surrounded the orange haired woman. GB walked to her side and sighed. "Sir…I was wondering if this woman has any relatives. We have to contact them and inform them of what has happened." GB looked up at the doctor.

"I contacted her father shortly after I got here. He's in Glasgow right now and is trying to find a way back to London as we speak." He said in a low voice. The doctor nodded and made his way out the door. Before he left, he turned around.

"Sir, this was in her hand when she got here." He said passing something to the bald man. GB took it and examined the piece of paper. It looked like an ordinary piece of paper, but when he turned it over, it had Black Ghost's mark in the middle. Soon rage and fear filled his body. He sat up and began to walk out the door. "Sir, do you know what it is?" He turned around.

"It's a calling card." And with that, he left the room.


"Dammit!" Jet said as he dodged another laser beam. He quickly turned around and fired back, successfully knocking the weapon out of the guard's hands. He felt Luis grab his sleeve and the duo went to catch up with G-21. She was hanging outside the door to the hanger "These guys are so damn persistent!" He said as he joined the brown haired cyborg. She looked quickly into the hanger, only to pull it back to avoid a barrage of bullets.

"Damn them! They're right in front of the freaking plane!" G-21 growled as she got her weapons ready. She grabbed her rifle and her eye turned into scope mode.

"Need me to take them out?" Jet asked.

"No. Just get ready to move after I make this shot." She answered. G-21 quickly aimed and fired. The bullet flew through the air and bounced off a wall and hit a barrel of fuel. The explosion blew the remaining guards off their feet, but it didn't harm the black jet. She charged out while Jet and Luis followed close behind. They rushed to the nearby plane and quickly made their way inside. The team entered the cockpit where the pilots didn't seem to notice their entry and was more worried of what was going on outside the plane.

"What's going on out there?" One said to the other.

"I don't know but everything is blowing up!" the other said. Jet smirked and put his hands on their shoulders. They both turned around, the color quickly drained from their faces.

"Soooo are we going to have to move you by force or…." The two pilots didn't even let him finish his sentence and ran for the door. Jet quickly took the pilot's seat as G-21 took the copilot's seat. "Engines are online."

"Navigation is online. All systems are on and functional. All ready for takeoff." G-21 said. Jet smiled when he heard those words and he pulled the throttle. The engines roared as the plane begun to accelerate towards the run way. Within seconds, the cyborgs were in the sky. The further and further away they got from the base, Jet could feel great joy fill his body. A large smile grew on his face.

"Home free." He said gleefully.


Gilmore jumped as the front door slammed closed. He had been watching the race with Ivan back at the house until the explosion. After that, he tried desperately to get in contact with his family to find out what happened. The cyborgs charged into the family room. "Joe, thank god that you're still alive! What happened to you?" The old scientist asked as he approached the cyborg.

"Gilmore…could…could it be possible…that Black Ghost could still be…" Gilmore's eyes grew wide.

"No! It's not possible…" Gilmore said in disbelief. Joe fished the card he found at the racetrack out of his pocket.

"THEN WHAT IS THIS?" Joe yelled, showing the mark on the card. Gilmore shook his head.

"…it's not.." Gilmore began to say before Pyunma's phone interrupted him.

"Hujambo? (Hello?)" The aquatic cyborg said in Swahili.

"Someone attacked me today." He could tell it was Albert's voice do to his German accent but something in his voice was different. It was low and very dark.

" You were attacked, too? Are you ok?" He asked. This quickly got the attention of everyone in the room. They moved over to Pyunma.

"Who are you talking to, Pyunma?" Joe asked.

"It's Albert." Pyunma turned the speakerphone on so everyone could hear.

"Albert. It's Joe, Chang, Françoise, Gilmore and Ivan. What happened to you?" The leader asked.

"…I'm fine…," he said with shame, "But Jimmy and Cathy were kidnapped…"

"Oh my god…" The blonde cyborg said in disbelief.

"Wait…what do you mean 'too'? You were attacked! What happened?" Albert asked with great concern. Pyunma signed.

"Joe's car was rigged with an explosive, one of GB's co-workers was beaten with an inch of her life, and we just got word from G Jr. that mysterious man threatened him." Pyunma explained to the German cyborg.

"…What should we do?" Chang asked the group. Everyone grew quite. No one knew how to answer the Chinese man's question. Not even the leader could answer it. Joe walked to the window and stared at the ocean. A million questions were buzzing around in his head and he couldn't think clearly.

"Joe?" Françoise asked. He turned to his friends. Each one of them had confused face and each one looked to Joe for an answer.

Joe took a deep breath and finally accepted the truth,

"Bring everyone to Japan. Black Ghost is back."

"Sir! 002, G-21, and G-19 have just escaped from the facility." A guard informed Skull. The masked man growled in frustration at the news. He was the one who was holding all the cards and somehow that idiot red head was able to escape before he could use him.

"And where were you when this occurred?" He asked in a low, sinister voice.

The guard shivered. "…I..I was…in the hanger…" he stuttered

"The same one that they escaped from?"

".Y…es…" The masked man sat up from his seat and walked over to the trembling man. When he reached the man, he placed his masked face right in front of the man's face.

"And while they were escaping, in never occurred to you that maybe shutting the hanger door could have prevented them from STEALING a $1,000,000 plane and ESCAPING?" He yelled.

"I AM SO SORRY! IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!" the guard apologized.

"…You're right. It won't happen again." He said walking back to his seat. The guard sighed in relief. "…Because you won't be around to make that mistake again." Suddenly Skull pulled out his ray gun and shot the man. The guard didn't even have to scream before the ray hit him. He fell to the ground and lay motionless on the cold floor. Skull sighed and returned to his throne.

"Lord Skull, don't be discouraged." A voice said. Skull raised his head to see that his head scientist had walked into the room. Dr. Walker looked down at the corpse. With his signature smile, he said, "I'll get the Janitor to clean this up."

"What do you want?"Skull asked unhappily. Walker walked closer and bowed to the masked man.

"I saw this coming, sir. I noticed G-21 snooping around where she shouldn't have been and made plans to deal with this kind of problem." This caught the attention of the leader.

"What do you have planned?"

Walker chuckled. "Well it's quite simple. We had finished sending out our calling cards and now the 00 cyborgs are coming back together. 002 is on his way to meet back with his 'friends'," The black haired man smile grew, "Each run away cyborg would be together in one spot and we could capture them so easily."

"How do we capture them? Send an army after them?" Skull said.

"Oh no, why waste the recourses. What they don't know is that my secret weapon is already on its way to their location." The scientist said in a sinister tone.


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