"What have you done?" Ruby cried.

"I exorcised her. She can't break the last seal and if she is the last seal, I haven't broken it," Sam said, triumphantly.

"You've ruined everything!" Ruby screamed. This is what she had worked for the last two years? For it to all blow up in her face. She had let Sam have sex with her for crying out loud, and this was the payment she got.

"And, Ruby, you were right. With the juice of five demons, I can take on anything."

"What are you are talking about?"

She soon found out when Sam turned to her and put his hand out and tried to kill her with the skills she had taught him. He fell down to the ground.

"That little stunt you pulled used up all your energy. You won't be able to do anything else without a refill and you sure aren't getting one from me," Ruby declared.

She was tempted to kill Sam, but she thought maybe they could free Lillith again, in which case they would still need Sam. She hoisted him up and dragged him outside. He was too weak to resist.

Zachariah popped up again. "Did he do it?"

"No. He double-crossed us and exorcised her."

Zachariah's eyes widened. When Michael found out what he had done, he was dead. He was counting on Lucifer's protection. "Do you know how to raise her again?"

"The Colt. We'll open the devil's gate again," Ruby said.

"The Colt? Didn't Lillith destroy that?" Sam asked.

"Nope. Crowley has it."

"Who's Crowley?" Sam asked.

"A very powerful crossroads demon. He won't just hand it over. We'll have to buy it."

"Are you sure about this?" Zachariah asked. All the angels were saying it was gone.


"OK, what can we offer?"


"I've got a lock on Ruby," Castiel announced. Without wasting any time, he touched Dean and they found themselves in front of Sam, Ruby, and Zachariah.

"Since we're done trying to trick Sam, I don't need to be nice to you anymore, Dean," Ruby said and grabbed her knife to stab him.

Castiel intercepted her and touched her forehead and obliterated her.

"Why don't they have to trick you anymore, Sam?" Castiel asked, fearing the worst.

"I didn't kill Lillith, if that's what you're asking. I exorcised her."

"No, but he drank the blood of five demons. There's no recovering from that and you know it," Zachariah gloated. He was so sick of these Winchesters.

"Sammy," Dean said, disappointed.

Sam looked at the ground. He knew Dean wouldn't understand, but he hadn't been able to resist. "I'm sorry."

Dean remembered that Sam hadn't killed Lillith, though. "It's OK, Sammy."

"Dean, he's been changed permanently. He's a monster now," Castiel said. "He can't be permitted to live. He could break that last seal any time."

Zachariah took advantage of their distraction and whisked Sam away.

"Sam!" Dean yelled.

"We'll have to kill him when we find him. I'll do it, if it will be easier for you."

Dean cut him a look. "Nobody's killing my brother. He didn't kill Lillith and he clearly had the chance to do so if he exorcised her."

"But they got her out once, they can do it again. How long do you think Sam will be able to resist?"

Dean sighed. "Let's just find him. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."


"Are you Crowley?" Zachariah asked when they found the demon.

"Yes. What would an angel want with the King of the Crossroads?" Crowley asked.

"We want the Colt," Zachariah answered.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Crowley asked. Zachariah was gripping Sam's arm. He wasn't going to take any chances on Sam getting away.

"What do you want for the Colt?" Zachariah asked, ignoring the question.

"I want him," Crowley said, indicating Sam. "I know exactly who he is, so after he breaks the last seal, he'll be valuable to Lucifer. You promise to deliver him to me, immediately after he kills Lillith and before Lucifer rises, you can have the Colt."

Zachariah shrugged. The smelly human meant nothing to him. He couldn't care less what happened to him after he did his job. "Done."

Crowley handed him the gun. He also snapped his fingers and twelve demons ran up. "I assume Sam needs more fuel. He should be able to get enough from what these guys will let him drink."

Zachariah smiled gratefully that relieved one problem.

Sam tried to resist, but he was an addict. The pull was too great. He drank.


"Are you sure they'll show up here?" Dean asked Castiel as they stood in front of the devil's gate in Wyoming.

"Yes. This is the easiest and quickest way to get Lillith back up here," Castiel answered.

Proving him right, Zachariah and Sam appeared before them.

Castiel had been waiting, poised with his angel killing sword ready to strike. Zachariah was faster, though, and grabbed the sword away. He let go of Sam so that he could kill Castiel. Sam jumped between them and took the hit.

"NO!" Dean yelled and fell beside his brother.

Castiel grabbed the sword out of Sam, and plunged it into Zachariah.

"I am sorry, Dean," Castiel said. He meant it. He cared about Dean and didn't like to see him hurting. And although Sam had made some bad choices, he had done the right thing in the end. He had saved the world from the Apocalypse by exorcising Lillith and then again by saving Castiel so that he could stop Zachariah from opening the gates. And finally, by sacrificing himself so that nobody could kill Lillith.

Dean heard the flapping of wings behind him and looked up. The last thing he wanted to deal with was another angel.

"Michael," Castiel said.

"Zachariah told me that you were the one trying to start the Apocalypse. I now see that he was lying."

"Can you fix him?" Dean asked, indicating Sam. That was all he cared about.

"We're supposed to stay out of these things as a general rule, but seeing what he just did, I think I can make an exception."

Michael bent down and touched Sam. Sam took in a big breath and sat up. "He's better than he was before. No demon blood."

"Thank you," Dean said.

Michael took the Colt from Zachariah's body. He melted it in his hands. "That should keep Lillith down there for a good long while," Michael said and disappeared.

"Dean, I'm sorry," Sam said.

"For what?" Dean asked. Sam had just saved the world.

"For choosing Ruby over you. For drinking demon blood. For everything."

"It's OK. You did the right thing in the end. That's all that matters," Dean said.

"No. It's not," Sam said. "You were right when you said I was weak. It didn't take very much for Ruby to hook me at all. I missed you so much and felt so guilty about you being in Hell that I let her manipulate me. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. Then, when you came back, I stopped for a while, but I went back to it, because we were drifting apart and you wouldn't open up."

"Are you blaming me?" Dean asked, suddenly mad again.

"No. I'm not explaining myself very well. After all the crap I used to give you about being too attached to family, that ended up being my problem. I was afraid of losing you in a different way, so I had to be the one to pull away, so I wouldn't feel rejected. I always felt rejected by Dad and didn't want to feel that way from you. So, I guess I was testing you. Seeing how far I could push you before you pushed me away."

"I never knew you felt that way."

"I never did until after you sold your soul for me. I couldn't understand why you would do that and why you wouldn't resent me for it."

"I'll never resent you for that, Sam. I said it back then and I'll say it again. I couldn't live with you dead. But, you're right. I put too much on you by making that deal. Let's make a deal. No more deals."

"Deal," Sam said and smiled.

The End