You Can't Handle The Truth!

Hey hey hey. Its DG, live and ready to role. You probably been wondering where I've been and if I was going to make a sequal. well to answer those questions, I've been on a small vacation away from you people! Now, now. Its not that I don't love you, its just that I need a little time to myself...yk, "Writer Time". Its really complicated, you'll understand when you're fanfiction writers. Anyway, am I making a sequal...maybe I am and maybe I'm not, you'll just have to read and see if this chapter is worthy of being a sequal to my second fanfic. But don't worry. It's going to be Awsome,Awsome,Awsome,Awswome fanfic.

"Huff, puff" was all Rika could manage to do as she hid behind a wall, allowing her chaser run past her. She didn't know why she was being chased, she just didn't want to get caught.

"Man, why am I a victim to this kind of stuff" she said to herself "this is the second time some random guy has been chasing me, is there some one out there who hates me". She was referring to the first time D.K. and his lackies came after her the night before christmas eve...and to the mystery person who she said had no life on christmas eve. Anyway the redhead had been running in the park when she notice that a hooded figure seemed to be fallowing her every route. She didn't feel comfortable with him around so she left the park, thats when the figure changed from jogging to full speed running. The girl quickly bolted down the streets and away from the figure. However it seemed to know her every move as she ran from him. Every time she made a hard right or left, the figure seemed to be prepare to keep up with her.

"Seriously, why me" said Rika as she started walking down the street "sheesh, some people are just...". Rika didn't have time to finish when the figure ran into Rika causing her to fall back on her butt.

"Dude what heck is..." Rika watched the figure rush forward and planted his lips against hers. Stunned for only a moment, the redhead pulled her legs in until her knees touched her stomach. Than she released the full force of her calves, throwing the hooded figure off of her and on his back. Jumping to her feet, Rika began to wonder what she would do with pursuer now that he was her captive.

"Who the hell do you think you are" said the redhead building up her rage "you can't just go around kissing me like you're my boyfriend".

"No Rika" said the figure as he took off his hood "I am your boyfriend". Rika was stunned as she looked down at her, boyfriend. Takato Matsuki, a twelve year old kid who did the one thing no one dared to do. He made Rika his girlfriend...on christmas eve, so romantic. Ah yes, a very lucky young man indeed. Well, atleast that's what you would think before his "girlfriend" body slamed him and began to strangel and choke him.

"Takato, why are you trying to give me a heart attack" said Rika as she picked herself up off of Takato.

"Well actually I was just bored, so I went looking for a little Nonaka magic" said Takato as he referred to Rika's unlimited sense of hurmor "looks like I hit the jackpot".

"So you find it funny when I go DEFCON 1 all over you" said the redhead as she watched the boy get off the ground.

"Well, I guess" said the boy with a smile.

"Oh, than step right over here handsome" said Rika as she started cracking her nuckles "I'll shake your bouncy booty".

"He-he, hey wait a second" said Takato as he nervously chuckled "don't you want to know why I came looking for you".

"I thought you said you were looking for a little Nonaka magic" said Rika as she took a step closer with a grin on her face.

"Well yeah, but um" Takato began to sweat as Rika came closer.

"Hey Takato, guess what" said Rika when she was right next to him.

"W-what" stutterd the boy. Like a hidden viper in the grass, Rika rushed her lips into Takato's. She allowed the kiss to hang around for a minute, than ceremonialy pulled it herself away.

"Jackpot" said the redhead as she smiled at the boy, and slowly he began to smile back. They turned and started walking down the side walk.

"So gogglehead, why did you come looking for little ole me" said Rika as Takato put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"Oh yeah" said Takato as he remembered why he was there in the first place "Kazu and Kenta wanted to play truth or dare, so seeing how we're together they wanted to experiment".

"He-he, a game of truth or dare is my specialty" said Rika as she gave Takato a crazy grin while rubbing the palms of her hands together "look away if you must gogglehead, but you still may feel the disturbing presence of the dark side of Nonaka magic".

"Ha-ha, ahem, I mean yes my, Mistress" said Takato earning both him and Rika a few chuckles. Just as Takato and Rika turned the courner, their friend Henry just came out of the store they just walked past. The blue haired tamer thought that he had seen a sight that was as rare as seeing bigfoot, Takato and Rika walking side by side with his arm around her. He was going to walk around the courner to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him, but decided that that was impossible...and that bigfoot wasn't real eitheir.

"Oh man, what a day" said Henry as he walked the other way "I think I should go to an eye doctor and get glasses like dad, I knew that when I tried reading in the dark that I was going to pay for it late...". Henry didnt get a chance to finish his as he tripped over something in his path way.

"Ow, what in the world would be laying out here in the streets" said the boy as he rubbed his head. Than he turned to look at what tripped him, which so happened to be someone's leg. Looking up from the leg, Henry saw a familiar school skirt. At that moment, Henry almosted guessed who it was before he saw her face.

"Hey, Jeri are you alright" said the boy as he jumped to his knees while trying to shake the girl awake "Jeri please wake up". After a few moments, the young brunette opened her eyes.

"Ah, good" said the boy as he signed in relief "for a second there, I was begining to worry about you".

"Oh hi Henry, nice seeing you again" said Jeri as she gave the boy a small smile "what am I doing on the ground though".

"I was walking by and I found you passed" said the boy, hiding the fact that he tripped over her "are you ok Jeri, what happened to you".

"Yeah I think so" said the girl as she scratched her "I was walking down the side walk when I saw Rika and Takato talking to each other, I thought it would be nice to go talk to them and say hi. But all of a sudden, Rika rushed at Takato and...and...". The young brunette began to stutter the magic words inside Henry's ear, which if he had one at the moment the blue haired tamer would have deffinately pulled something out of his hat.

"But than, that means..." said the boy as he looked down the side of the street he was walking from, down at the courner "that means that...". Yes, that means that Bigfoot is real(I am super Cereal!)!

Oh and that Henry didn't need to go to the eye doctor.

Hala hala. Hey what's up. I'm back and ready for action...or typing...finger action! lol. So I hope you guys like this chapter, and I'll be sure to make chapter 2 real soon.

Oh and this may be a bad time to say it but...Jeri, I told you so.