Love Song And Letters

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Jim and Tum sat quietly in there secret room. When the werehouse had closed down a couple years ago the two and their leaader D.K. found it and turned it into there lightle hidout. The idea was not a bad one and turned out great for the trio over the years. Here they calm and able to think perfectly. But after the display they saw between Takato and D.K. the two were mind blown.

"They've been inside that room for over thighty minutes" said Tum "I hope they're both okay".

"Dude, are you kiding me. Did you even see the way that kid down there moved and went after D.K." said Jim as his teeth began to chatter and his whole body to shiver as though he were out in the cold.

"Well I known it was crazy, I mean D.K. looked real scared" replied Tum.

"Chuck Norris would be scared if he were down there" said Jim "that kid was crazy like abomination off of the Incredible Hulk".

"I wonder why he looked so angry, what did we ever do to him" said Tum calmly but still puzzled.

"I don't know man, but whatever it is I am not going down ther..."

"Hey wait, do you here that" interrupted Tum as cuped his ear with hand "sounds like singing".

"It could be an opera with some old lady singing suprono for all I care".

"I'm going to go check it out".

"Well I'm not".

"Ok, you stay here Jim".

"Have you lost your mind!"

"It left a note that said it's on lunch break" Tum replied as he climbed down the stairs.

Jim on the other hand slapped his face before he began to follow while muttering "the things I do for attention". Once at the bottom, he could actually hear a slight humming coming from the room Takato and D.K. went into during their brawl earlier.

"Hey your right there is something that sounds like...wait Tum!" Jim nearly shouted as Tum began to open the door. However he was to late and so the source of the sound revealed.

"Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli" Takato voice filled throughout the room "Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli".

"What the hell is going here" said Jim completely mind blown.

"Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop. Oh Lollipop" the tamer finished before D.K. lifted his head from the watered filled tub and said "ba dom dom dom".

"Call my baby lollipop, tell you why. Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie" Takato sang " and when she does her shaky rockin dance, man I ain't got a chance".

"Ok I've seen enough" said Jim as he walked up to Takato "kid what are you doing here".

"Oh hey...whats up...fellow man" Takato chuckled after he completed his sentence "me and K.D. were performing infront of all these people, we were like 'we don't know how to sing' but they were like 'but you guys looks so awesome' and than we were like 'ok, but after we're done you have to clap and give us an applaus' and than they were 'ok' so we like started singing..."

"Kid, what people are you talking about?" said Jim as he gestured around the empty room. Takato looked around, and after a few moments his eyes widen.

"O.M.G.! K.D., I think we were so good that we blew them away!" said Takato as D.K. gasped.

"Your totally right man, give me some dib man" said D.K. as he held his fist out and he and Takato began going at it.

"I feel left out now" said Tum wishing that he to going at it.

"Are you guys drunk or something" said Jim frustrated "actually now that I think about that". Jim noticed that both boys were wet and that the large tub was nearly filled with water. Looking up, he gasped as he saw the broken container.

"What did you guys do!" he screamed. Takato looked up at the broken container and then down into tub. All of a sudden, realization struck his face.

"Oh yeah, I remember" said Takato "I was mad about something, there was alot of violence and all of a sudden me and K.D. got hit by all this water".

"That's not water! Thats our monthly supply of vodka!" screamed Jim.

"And almost any other kind of achohol we find, so it's more like grog" added Tum.

"You idiot, don't go around telling kids what we're doing".

"But Jim, you're the one that said it was vodka in the first place".

"Well, I-uh..." Jim tried to find the words before Takato ruffly grabbed him by his shirt collar and brought him down with great strength so that they were eye to eye.

"Hey you, drinking achohol at your age is illegal" growled Takato as his voice seemed to turn beast like.

"U-uh, yeah I-I know b-but..." Jim stutterd.

"If you know, than you should know that people get hurt when they do illegal things!" Takato seemed to burn into a dangerous aura "in fact they get punished badly". Jim was shaking with fear, this was no normal kid. That alone he was sure. What he wasn't sure, though, is what he was capable of.

"What are you going to do with me" he managed not to stutter his question. At that moment he could have been almost certain that Takato's eyes had become slit like a reptile, looking deep into the soul of it's prey.

"I'm gonna...ask you not to tell this to my mom or dad" said Takato as his eyes appeared to become normal again.

"W-what?" squeaked Jim.

"Well to be honest, I think took a a few swallows of your grob..."

"Grog" corrected Tum.

"Grog, and well you know how moms are" said Takato with a little embarrassment on his face. Jim looked at him in silence for a few moments.

"Hey kid, whats your name?".

"Oh me, Takato Matsuki" Takato answered looking back at him "and you?".

"Names Jim Zu" said Jim as he held his hand out for it to be shaked, thus Takato let go of his collar and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Jim Zu" said Takato with a smile on his face.

"Likewise" said Jim returning the smile "now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to black out. But I hope to meet you again sometime...". And like the skinny boy predicted he slumped down on to his knees. Takato looked at him for a moment before turning to Tum with a questioning look.

"Oh, he blacks out alot sometimes" said Tum "now he just knows when it's going to happen before it does". Takato responded with an "Oh".

"By the way, I'm Tum Jun" said the other boy "kind've funny huh". Takato smiled at the sound of the other boy's name.

"And I am the Demon King" D.K. said all of a sudden. Takato took a moment to think about the name because it seemed to nag at him for a while.

"Wait a minute, you're the guys that tried to hurt Rika" said Takato as his anger rosed on realizing this "those who try to hurt my girlfriend must be stopped".

"Please wait, I can explain" said Tum before Takato could make anymore advances "your girlfriend, Rika, she's a redhead with a little more orange than red, she has violet eyes to right?". Takato stopped himself for a moment.

"Yeah, so".

"It was an accident".

"Start talking, now!" said Takato as he slammed his fist into his palm, creating an echo in the room.

"Well you see, we kind of like to save up alot on our achohol for a month than drink it all down".

"Yeah and".

"And sometimes we walk around the town scaring people, but we never mean to hurt anyone" said Tum raising his hands in defense "last time we took out prank a little to far and we're sorry". After staring him down for a little while, Takato began to soften.

"Ok, I guess if you are sorry" said the boy, wether it was true judgement or the grog.

"Great then, hope to meet you again" said Tum as he moved to help up D.K. "you can find your way home right".

"Home huh, yeah I guess" said Takato as he got up "seeya, uh Tum". And with that, the tamer staggerd out of the room. Now how a twelve year old can walk around after getting wasted is a mystery. However Takato seemed to managed out of the warehouse.

"Uhh, I'm so tired" Takato groaned outside the door "maybe I should sit down for a bit". Without any control over his body, the boy plunged down onto the earth. He sat there for a few minutes, but instead of getting up his body wouldn't listen to him.

"Can't stay awake, can't move" the moaned as his eyes began to close "I guess I can rest a little longer". Before his eyes fully closed, Takato saw a flash of yellow appear before him.

And than he was asleep.

Takato's opened his eyes to find himself floating in the air. For a second he was simply confused, than he started to panic.

"AHH GOD!" screamed the boy, however soon he began to realise he wasn't falling. Looking down Takato saw that he was levitating over his very own house.

"Hey this actually familia...wait a second I'm dreaming" said the boy as it hit him "like that time I dreamt about Rika". At the thought of her, Takato turned towards where Rika's house would be. What he saw blew his mind away.

Out hovering over the house his girlfriend lived at was an aura of flames whiched nearly covered the whole house, the flames were violet instead of red but still burned brightly in the night.

"Like Rika's eyes, her beautiful eyes" Takato said to himself as the color lead him to remember the girl "Rika". As if mentioning her name, the flame flickered. It was then Takato noticed something different about one part of the flame. Concentrating his eyes above the house, Takato saw...

"Rika!" said the boy as he noticed her, though it wasn't Rika exactly. It was as if a small part of the flame was carved into her shape and size. In this form she wore no pony tail and her hair flowed long around her. And her eyes were pure white and had no pupils. It was like the soul of Rika to be more exact.

"Rika is that you" said Takato "Rika whats going on". The soul looked at Takato, and began to raise her arm as she though as if she reaching for him. Her face showed a need, a need to touch him and be near him. But suddenly she pulled her arm back and turned east. Leaving Takato stunned.

"Rika it's me, Takato, your boyfriend" said the boy not understanding "don't you remember me". The girl did not answer, and Takato felt rejected and heart broken. He was about to shed a tear when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Raising his head, Takato turned to the direction Rika was facing. At first he saw nothing, than he noticed a dark, red color over the horizen. The color was moving, that Takato could see. As it got closer, he noticed it was flaring. Given sometime he noticed the colors were actually flames like Rika's soul had.

"Is that someone else like Rika" said Takato outloud. The flames headed for Rika's house and engulfed it, though the house didn't burn down. The new dark red ones also seemed to tower over the purple ones. One part of the flame, a small part, rose above the others. Soon it floated next to Rika. Than it began to materialize, growing a little smaller. When it was done, the soul form of a man was standing before Rika. It held out it's arms and pulled Rika into a hug, which the girl didn't resiste.

"Is that her dad, Tom?" asked Takato "he doesn't seem like a bad guy, I wonder what Rika's mom and grandma were so worried about". Takato looked at Rika who was sleeping, the white eyes didn't show.

"Hey Rika, are you okay" asked Takato. All of a sudden she snapped her eyes open and pulled her head from the man as though she had come out of a trance. She raised her arms towards Takato as though if to get towards him.

The man on the other hand simply turned towards Takato. His eyes were like Rika's, pure white and no pupils. But Takato could feel malice and rage forming inside of them, this man was close to putting a new meaning to "looks can kill". Takato didn't even shiver in his spot, he just stayed there like a deer looking into head lights. It was as though as if the man looked deep into him and brought out all the fear he could find and threw it on him to make Takato so heavy he couldn't move. If he didn't find any or atleast enough, he created more.

"You" the man spoke suprising Takato who didn't know the souls could speak. However something strange happened. As soon as the man spoke, Takato could see a dark red aura come out of his mouth and grow. It kept growing even when it engulf the house and spread over more houses.

"Am I seeing the sound echo" thought Takato when he notice that the echo was still growing, soon it would reach him. The boy watched as the came closer. Than finally it touched him. Takato felt a sub zero tempature start at his feet as it worked it's way up his body. He couldn't imagen what would happen if it cover his whole body, but he would soon find out. The rest of the aura soon got close to his head, then finally it touched his ears.

"YOU!" Takato gripped his head to remain sain as the man's words repeated from the aura. Takato felt all the fear in him snap, but not in a good way. This man scared him. And whenever should he ever say he has never been scared like this before, Takato knew he would repeat himself.

Takato felt the urge to get a away and took a step back. All of a sudden he went into a falling motion and felt like he was falling off a cliff. He looked down and saw what appeared to be his body, safe in bed. In his mind, Takato new he had to get back inside it. To feel alive and not dead, he would be safe.

For now.

"AHHH!" Takato jumped out of his bed and landed on the floor. His breathing was rapid and chaotic, his eye's kept shifting from one spot to another.

"Takatomon" came a voice from the lower bunker "are you alright Takato". Looking over, Takato saw Guilmon in the lower bunk of his bed. Thats when he began to notice that he was in his own room.

"How did I get here?" said Takato before he started to feel a pain in his head "jeez, my head feels like it's being pounded on the inside with a hammer".

"Renamon brought you here last night, she also said that the head ache would go away" Guilmon answered "do you remember last night Takato".

"All I can remember from yesterday for some strange reason is a smell, warehouse, rubber band, and water...I think it was water" the boy said rubbing his head.

"A warehouse?" asked Guilmon.

"Yeah, there was this smell that lead all the way up there "said Takato remembering the day before "then I met these guys with this sweat band, no wait, Rika's sweat band and then I got mad all of a sudden".

"Did they hurt someone?" questioned the red digimon.

"Huh? What do you mean" asked Takato.

"The only time I ever see or think of you mad is if someone gets hurt".

"Now that I think of it" Takato said as his mind went on and he remembered the night before "D.K.! Those guys came after Rika a month ago. No wonder I got mad".

"Are you still mad" asked Guilmon curious as ever.

"Well a little".

"Are you going after them" the digimon asked again.

"Well no, you see I kind of forgave them last night" said Takato.

"Wow your really nice Takato".

""Thanks" said Takato with a smile "first and last time I start drinking again". Takato felt embarressed that he had forgiven his enemies so quickly. Last night he didn't feel a shred of mercy and than all of a sudden it snuck back in. He now understood the way his father felt whenever he drank to much.


"Huh, what is it Guilmon" the boy snapped out of his thoughts.

"I said that Renamon wanted to meet you at the coffee shop down the street".

"Oh, ok" said Takato he got up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later the boy was clean, dressed, and downstairs. He was surprised at first not to see any costumers. Than he saw a note behind counter.

"Dear Takato. I'm taking your mother out today, we'll be back at ten p.m." it read.

"Okay, now to the coffee shop" Takato put the note back down and walked out the door. Than he proceeded down the street until he got to the place Guilmon mentioned. Walking in Takato looked around for the yellow digimon.

"Hey Takato over here" called a voice.

"Is that Renamon, doesn't sound like her. Sounds like" turning to the left, Takato saw a table next to a window. Sitting at the table were some familiar faces.

"Tum, right" Takato said as he noticed the other two boys sitting next to him "Jim and D.K. right". The two nodded their heads together.

"Please, come sit with us" Tum motioned to a empty chair. Curious, confused, and a still feeling the effects of the hang over, Takato walked to the chair without saying anything and sat.

"So, hows your head" Tum asked the boy. Both D.K. and Takato growned in unison, and answered "you have to ask". A flash of yellow appeared next to Takato, and he knew before looking that Renamon appeared.

"Glad you could join us Takato" the yellow digimon said as she sat in another chair "There are questions and answers needed to be asked and said from both sides, shall we begin".

"Straight to the point" Takato thought before saying "Ladies first".

"What were you doing at the warehouse, drunk, at night?". Takato took the time to explain about how he gained a more powerful sense of smell when he was walking through the park. Than he went on about the fight, though he couldn't remember most of it, and reminded Renamon what happened a month ago with the trio sitting with them.

"Hmm, strange but I'll accept it. Now ask your question".

"Okay, what are these guys doing here. I mean, I know to answer questions and all, but didn't you 'punish' them a month ago" Takato made sure she heard him when he said punished.

"I did, but I didn't exactly do anything horrible like what your thinking".

"How do you know what I'm thinking. Rika's your partner, I know you had to do something" Takato said trying to get an answer.

"Well they were already drunk, so I just increased their ill fortune".


"I'll explain later" D.K. said "Anyway to explain why we are here, after we got sober in the morning after 'that' incident, we and Renamon actually became friends over the next month".

"Really?" Takato said looking back and forth between the trio and the digimon.

"Yes, anyway next question. What are you going to do Takato" said the digimon.

"Huh?" the boy said confused.

"You and Rika have stopped seeing each other for awhile after what her mom told you".

"Well, I thought she, Rika, didn't want me around for now" the boy said.

The yellow digimon shook her head "I've read this from many of Rukia's 'books', Takato this is the time when Rika needs you most".

"Sorry I didn't know, she really seemed that she didn't want me anywhere near her".

"Thats gotta be tough" Jim whispered to Tum.

"Oh, not in a bad or mean way" Takato quickly said "But really serious".

"Well Takato let me give you some advice about women when they get a little emotional" D.K. said looking at the tamer "Whatever they say, they mean the opposite".

"So if they say something like 'Please don't ra..." Takato was interrupted by Renamon who put a hand on his shoulder and shook her head.

"Sorry" the boy said.

"No problem, that really was my fault" D.K. said in a guilty voice "Can't blame anybody but me".

Takato smirked to himself before replying "You could blame it on the achohol". Than he started to laugh as he remembered the song, D.K. and the other members of his trio remembered to and started to laugh with him. They continued to laugh until tears started to form in Takato's eyes from all of the laughing.

"Hey, you know what. I think you just gave me an idea how to help your girlfriend" D.K. said as they settled down. Takato turned to the older boy before D.K. began explaining the idea that came to him.

Five minutes later

"Actually, that sounds like a good plan" Renamon spoke when the older teen was done "I do believe that this will be the best way for Takato to start healing his relationship with Rika".

"Are you sure, it sounds a little offense" Takato said.

"Are you kidding little dude, the girls cannot refuse to answer from such an idea" D.K. replied.

"Well, I have no doubt I'll get an answer but..." Takato started before he was interrupted by a familliar voice.

"CHUMLY LOOK OUT" KAZU(oops caps lock, my bad) Kazu shouted as he pulled the tamer out of chair.

"Don't worry Takato, we won't let them hurt you" Kenta added as he stepped infront of the Takato.

"Do we know you" Jim said "You two look familliar". Kazu and Kenta were about to answer with a few mouth fulls of words that will not be recorded in this fanfic. But Takato did not let them start.

"Look you guys its alright, you don't have to worry about these three. I'll tell you later, but for now hear me out" Takato filled them in on what happened the last few days and on D.K.'s idea "so do you think you could help".

"Uh, well sure" Kazu said thinking it over.

"But when do we have to do it?" Kenta asked.

"Well I'm not sure" Takato said as he relised the achilles heel in the plan. Lucky, Renamon was able to help.

"Rika was invited to a pinic from her class" the yellow digimon told them "In about an hour, she and the rest of her class will be in the park".

"A hour? We gotta get ready now!" Kazu said as he ran out of the shop. Kenta followed after saying good bye.

"Are you sure they can do it" D.K. said.

"Trust me, this is one of their specialties" Takato replied.

"For some reason, those two make me think of a rope" Jim said before the trio got up and ready to leave.

"We'll see you later Takato" the three older teens said as they left. With them gone, it was only Takato and Renamon.

"Well Takato, I'll watch Kazu and Kenta do their job" said the yellow digimon "You wait here or at home. I'll find you later and tell you what to expect". And as he expected, the yellow digimon was gone in a flash. Takato just sat, only thinking of ways the plan would end. Would it end like the one Kazu and Kenta made to lure Rika to his house, but with an alternate end. Or would it not work at all.

An hour later at the park

"Oh my god, this is so boring" Naomi said loud enough for the whole class to hear, even though they had broken off into groups.

"Its a wonderful day today, wouldn't you agree" the teacher, who happened to be at the same area, said with a smile on her face.

"Uh no, its not. Theres nothing here to do, nothing" the younger girl replied.

"Gives time to calm down and think" said Rika, as she was the third member of the picnic.

"Well let me tell you something red head" the blonde looked to her rival "The things I think about on my free time are trampling you and boys, and sadly I can think of niether".

"I'm surprised" Rika said as she put a chicken sandwitch in her mouth and started munching.

"Your emo attitude is rubbing off on me, its like cootties or something" Naomi said to the red head "And there's not a guy anywhere near here to distract me from it".

"Well of coarse not, I wanted us girls to have a fun time away from any guys" said their teacher before her tone turned dark and evil "Blasted men never seem to know there place is under the might of us women, they can't even think to comprehend our full potential and glory".

Both of the younger girls turned towards their teacher with faces like that of a deer caught in the head lights.

"Wouldn't you agree" the older said returning to normal, completely throwing off her students.

"Uh, right. Hey Rika..." Naomi turned to the red head "Don't you have some boyfriend or something".

"Hmm? Why do you want to know?" Rika said turning to the blonde again.

"So you guys broke up".

"What? I never said that".

"Ah, it's complicated".


"Haha, you can't hide your love life from me. I remember seeing you two on a roof that christmas night...".

"I remember him saying something about your wig" Rika smirked as the blonde grabbed her hair as if Takato were going to keep his word.

"It's not a wig, its my natural hair! And yes I remember that to" Naomi said as she calmed down "I doubt he leave you, or you him, so it has to be complicated".

"Why are we talking about this again" Rika said as she took another bite of her sandwich.

"Because I'm bored, so it is complicated right?" Naomi asked again.

"Hmmm, I guess you could say that".

"Men and their simple minded selves can be so trouble some, a girl with such beauty as yourself shouldn't have to go through this" their teacher returned to her dark side again, than she reached out and placed her palm on Rika's cheek and began to carrass it smoothly. "Yes, such beauty".

"Hey, is that a guy with a t-shirt that say in capital letters 'WOMEN SHOULD STAY IN THE KITCHEN'" a voice called from a distance.

"WHAT? WHERE?" the teacher jumped to her fleet liked a ninja before charging through the park.

After a breeze blew past the two girls before they spoke again.

"Wow, to think that our parents say to be careful around stranger" Naomi said to the red head "I'm not sure I want to believe them right about now, or well you believe your own".

"Yeah" Rika said agreeing "But I don't think its a strangers".

"What do you mean?".

"That voice sounded familiar...kind've like..." Rika was about to say a name before the rest of her invited class mates got up from their pinic areas and walked over to a tree in the park.

"What're they doing" said Naomi as she got up "You coming". Without speaking, Rika rose to her feet and followed the blonde over to the tree. As they got closer they could hear the other girls screaming, cheering, 'woo'ing, and hollering in excitement. Than they heard music, and someone singing some romance song.

"Who is that?" Naomi asked because the other girls were blocking the blonde's view.

"Don't know, I can't really hear whoever it is" said Rika.

"Hey you, whats going on?" Naomi asked one of the girls.

"Oh Naomi, it's this really cute boy who just came to the park with a radio and a mike" the other girl replied.

"Cute huh, whats he look like?" Naomi eyes sparkled with new interest.

"Oh he's so cute, he's a brunette with cool spikey hair".

Before the girl or Naomi could say anything, Rika was pushing her way to the front. She had a good idea of who it was, and she was not liking the idea.

"If Ryo thinks he can go barging into my class with his womanizing tricks than he's got another thing coming" she said in her head as she thought of how to deal with the boy once she got to him. This was not the first time Ryo tried the stunt. Ever since he got back to the real world he's been trying to get her attention along with other girls in the city. He's even tried during the month when she was with Takato after christmas, but she had been with Takato most of the time so she rarely saw him. This time, however, was different. He knew that she and Takato were couple unlike the month after christmas, and yet he was deliberately trying barge his way into her love life.

"Well I'm going to deliberately shove my foot up his..." Rika was about to finish her sentence with words that will also not be recorded into this fanfic, but froze as she reached the front and saw who all the comotion was about.

"Hey Rika, nice to see a familiar face again!" Kazu voice was amped up through the mike, causing the red heads class mates to stare at her "Hey everybody, this is a friend of mines Rika. By the way, why didn't you tell me you had so many gorgious friend hot head". Rika was starting to feel really uneasy with all the eyes staring at her, she almost wished it was Ryo.

"Why did everyone get so quiet all of a sudd..." Naomi stopped short as she caught sight of Kazu.

The hyper brunette winked his eye at the blonde before saying "Now I'd loved to entertain all of you pretty girls in a second, but first a friend of mine has made a request for...a very special lady".

Seeing where this was going, Rika mentally said to herself "Oh no". Before she could do anything, Kazu turned on his radio and did one of the things he did best.

"Tonight is right for love
You know I, wanna touch you where the lights don't burn
Tonight is right for love
Love baby"

Rika was starting to look like a tomatoe for three reasons. One she didn't know that the brunette's voice could get that deep. Two she didn't know he was that good. Three...and this one doesn't happen often...she felt something deep in her, like butterflies in a tummy.

"Special love so sweet
Want to keep you burning like a dog in heat
To night is right for love
Love baby

Suddenly, Rika heard foot steps coming from the other side of the tree. Kazu turned and smiled, than he tossed an extra mike he had in his pocket behind the tree.

"Ladies, " Kazu raised a hand to introduce his best friend and partner in crime. All the girls turned to him, eating him with their eyes. Rika could already hear a couple of her classmates starting to make cute comments and it seemed that her class split into two teams: Team Kazu and Team Kenta. Even she was staring at him nearly the hardest, Rika was still on team Takato. She new whatever happened next would not be forgotten.

When Kenta started his voice was not deep like Kazu, but smooth full of excitement.

"Ooooh tonight
Oh its rights right
Ooooooh tonight is right for love
Love Baby"

"Thank you Kenta" Kazu said before finishing the song.

"Tonight is right for love
Love baby





"YOU MUST DIE" a roar came from behind the crowd. Turning around, Rika and the rest of her class saw there teacher who had returned from her chase. Without holding back, there teacher ran towards them at unimagenable speed. Kazu and Kenta, on the other hand, retreated in the same fasion. Waving good-bye to both Rika and there new fans, the two disappeared with the class teacher on their heels.

"What...the f***" Rika said before face palming herself. She had began to wonder the damage the two had created for her class and turned to see all the stares she was getting. There would be questions, whether she answered or not. Than she realized one girl was not staring at her like the others.

"Hey Naomi, you're going to catch flies if you leave your mouth open" the red head spoke to the blonde who was still looking in the same direction the boys had left "Whats wrong with you".

Naomi turned to Rika, her eyes still wide, before saying "I'm in love".

Feeling the blood rush to her face, Rika through her head to the sky and screamed "MOTHER FU...wait which one?".



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