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Paul watched from his place beside Billy, who, as current Chief of the tribe, would be officiating the ceremony, as the bridesmaid and groomsmen made their way up the aisle. He smiled fondly at Claire as she practically skipped down the aisle throwing flowers everywhere. He watched as the bridesmaids and groomsmen came down the aisle but he barely took notice of what the girls looked like in their dresses and he certainly didn't pay attention to the guys; his eyes were focused on Bella as her and Charlie came into view. It turns out Elijah had been right about the tears, because before Paul had even realized his eyes were clouding with them, the tears were rolling down his cheeks; his little swan had never looked more beautiful than she did now.

Bella had been doing a pretty good job of keeping her tears in check as she walked down the aisle with her father, but as soon as she realized that the tux Paul was wearing was the one she'd been eyeballing, tears were gathering and she couldn't stop them from falling. Had he known that was the tux she'd wanted him in or was it just coincidence; either way it didn't really matter because he looked even better than she'd imagined.

To Paul and Bella, it seemed to take forever for her to reach him and once she did, Paul had to restrain himself from taking her into his arms and kissing her senseless.

As Charlie placed Bella's hand in Paul's he knew that he couldn't have asked for a better man for his daughter, so with a kiss to Bella's cheek and a smile, he moved to take his seat.

Neither Paul nor Bella paid a whole lot of attention to the words Billy spoke, they just repeated after him when asked, their eyes never straying from each other. Finally the time came for Paul to slide the ring onto Bella's finger and a smile bigger than any Bella had ever seen, spread across his face; a few seconds later and Bella was sliding a ring onto Paul's finger as well. When Billy told them that they could kiss, Paul pulled Bella closer to him, his hands moving to cup her cheeks as he stared into her eyes.

"I love you Mrs. Meraz." He whispered as he pressed his lips to hers

It was like they'd floated off into their own little world where only the two of them existed; they didn't hear the clapping or Billy clearing his throat once the kiss had gone from chaste to heated. Finally the need for air became too much and they were forced to separate.

"About time." Billy laughed

Bella blushed and Paul ran a hand across her cheek.

"My beautiful, blushing bride." He smiled softly

He grabbed her hand in his and then led her back down the aisle and down the path that would lead them out of the clearing.

Bella was surprised to see Paul's mustang sitting there when they emerged from the path; she turned to Paul with a questioning look.

"One of the guys snuck off to get it during the ceremony." He explained

"Oh, I didn't notice anyone had left." She replied

He helped her into the car and then moved around to his side. They headed off to the council hall where the reception was being held; their hands intertwined the entire way.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meraz!" Embry shouted from his spot at the DJ booth

Once husband and wife had taken their seat, everyone else did as well and dinner was served. After dinner, it was time for the toast and so Charlie stood from his seat and cleared his throat.

"Umm, I'm Bella's Dad, but I'm pretty sure everybody here already knew that," He chuckled nervously "I remember the day Bella was born and the doctor placed her in my arms; so tiny and fragile, I thought for sure I'd break her. I stared down at her and swore no boy would ever get anywhere near my precious little girl; course we see how well that worked out." He chuckled and everybody laughed along with him "No father ever thinks the boy his little girl decides to marry his good enough for her, and I was no exception to this; I spent many a nights cleaning my shotgun, just waiting for Paul to break her heart, but he never did. And after a few months I realized that my little girl might have actually found herself a pretty good man and I wouldn't be needing my shotgun after all. Paul you've turned out to be a great man, and I don't think I could've picked a better husband for Bella if I'd tried. My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least. I love you both and I wish you a happy life together. To Paul and Bella!" He said raising his glass

Next up to make a toast was Angela and after her came Jared.

"Paul, Bella if you two could come to the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife." Embry requested

Bella's eyes went wide at this and she started to panic.

"Paul! We forget to pick a song!"

Paul just smiled and grabbed her hand, "I took care of it."

"You did?" She asked

"Mmhmm…. I hope you like the song I picked."

As they stood in the middle of the dance floor, Bella looked up at Paul and smiled.

"I love you wolf boy." She whispered

"And I love you little swan."

The music began to play and Paul led Bella into their first dance as husband and wife.

I've been a walking heartache

I've made a mess of me

The person that I've been lately

Ain't who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me

Watch as the storm goes through

And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs

God gave me you for the days of doubt

For when I think I've lost my way

There are no words here left to say, it's true

God gave me you

There's more here than what were seeing

A divine conspiracy

That you, an angel lovely

Could somehow fall for me

You'll always be love's great martyr

Ill be the flattered fool

And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs

God gave me you for the days of doubt

For when I think I've lost my way

There are no words here left to say, it's true

God gave me you

On my own I'm only

Half of what I could be

I can't do without you

We are stitched together

And what love has tethered

I pray we never undo

God gave me you for the ups and downs

God gave me you for the days of doubt

God gave me you for the ups and downs

God gave me you for the days of doubt

For when I think I've lost my way

There are no words here left to say, it's true

God gave me you, gave me you

Gave me you

[God Gave Me You – Blake Shelton]

By the time the song was over, Bella was in tears and Paul was pulling tissues out of his pockets for her to wipe her eyes with.

"That was perfect." She cried

"Chief Swan, make your way to the dance floor please!" Embry called out

Charlie turned red as he made his way to the dance floor.

Bella smiled at her father as she was handed off to him and Paul went back to his seat.

"Paul asked me to pick out the song for the father-daughter dance, I hope you like it." He smiled nervously

The music began to play and Bella laid her head on her father's shoulder as they swayed.

Just once upon a yesterday
I held you in my arms.
You grew into a little girl
With lovely childhood charms.
Now it seems I only turned around and I see you by his side.
Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter is a bride.

I guess somehow I always knew
This day would soon be here.
Still I wonder as I look at you what became of all the years.
And no words could ever quite express
The way I feel inside.
Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter is a bride.

All the laughter and the tear drops,
The sunshine and the rain.
I would re-live every moment dear,
If I could bring them all back again.
And now my love, the time has come
To send you on your way.
So I wish you well and happiness
And the blessings of this day.
And I hope the love I've given you will forever be your guide.

Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter.
Oh I can't believe my eyes,
My daughter.
Oh my angel and my pride.
My daughter is a bride.
Oh I can't believe my eyes.
Oh I can't believe my eyes.
Oh I can't believe my eyes.
Oooooo ooooo.
Can't believe my eyes.

[A Song for My Daughter – Ray Allaire]

"I love you Daddy." Bella smiled as tears once again flowed down her cheeks

"And I love you Bells."

After their father-daughter dance was over, it was time to cut the cake.

Paul and Bella both were astounded by how well the cake had turned out.

"Oh Sue, it's absolutely perfect!" Bella gushed as she pulled Sue into a hug

After the cake was cut and then devoured, mostly by the pack, people ventured out onto the dance floor. Paul and Bella chose to just down and relax while everyone else had their fun.

"I don't think I've told you yet, but you look very handsome in your tux." Bella said leaning into Paul

"And you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress." He grinned, pulling her in for a kiss

They spent the next half hour or so in silence, just watching everyone dancing and making fools of themselves.

"Alright guys, it's time for the bride and groom's last dance of the night." Embry announced

"Another one?" Bella groaned

"Come on Swan." Paul laughed

"It's Meraz now." She replied with a smirk

Paul turned to face her and pulled her into his arms, "Hmmm, it is isn't it…."

"Come on you two, you've got plenty of time to make goo-goo eyes at each other later." Jared said as she shoved them towards the dance floor

Paul glared at Jared for a brief second before turning his attention back to Bella.

Neither of them paid much attention to the words of the song; to lost in each other to pay attention to what was going on around them.

After the last note of the song played, Paul and Bella kissed while everyone else clapped and cheered.

Soon they were leaving the council hall and getting into Paul's car. The drive back to their house was silent and neither of them felt the need to speak.

When they came to a stop in front of the house, Paul turned to Bella and smiled.

Bella grinned and quickly got out of the car and raced for the front door.

"Hold on there, Mrs. Meraz." Paul said as he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the house

He used his foot to shut the door and then carried Bella upstairs and laid her down on their bed

"Ready to find out if married sex is better?" He asked as he climbed on top of her

Bella giggled and pulled him down into a searing kiss.

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