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Chapter Song: You and Me by the Plain White T's

Talk about an awkward situation. To think Kankuro had been worried about meeting Kiba's family and being in his house. Nothing compared to the judging eyes of Kiba's huge dog, Akamaru. Kankuro was sitting on Kiba's bed like he'd been instructed to a minute ago while the younger teen ran to grab some refreshments, leaving Kankuro alone with the dog. At first it didn't seem bad till he noticed that the dog was sitting right across from him, just staring. It only made Kankuro feel a teensy bit uncomfortable. Every now and then the dog would lean his head towards Kankuro and sniff.

'Crap! What if he's smelled me on Kiba?! What if he knows!' Kankuro internally panicked. But then a bit of reason washed over him as he realized that he was talking about a dog. Even if Akamaru got a whiff of his scent on Kiba, it's not like he knew what they had done. Kankuro chuckled a bit out loud but as soon as he did, the dog turned its head and slightly bared his sharp canines at the boy. This shut him right up and plan an escape route. As he was calculating the possibility of breaking any bones from jumping out the window, he heard the door click and open up, revealing Kiba with two cups filled with some sort of beverage.

"Sorry it took so long. I had to find the right cups and put in enough ice and pour in the soda then walk up the stairs and try not to spill any and-" Kiba started but was cut off by Kankuro.

"Kiba, you're yammering," Kankuro interrupted.

"... Yeah... But I can't help it! I just get nervous when I'm around you," Kiba admitted coming over to Kankuro and handing him a glass.

"Well don't be," Kankuro retorted taking the glass and lightly patting the spot next to him.

Kiba was about to sit where Kankuro had indicated, but was taken aback when a rush of white fur beat him to it. Akamaru had jumped up onto the bed and was sitting next to Kankuro, preventing his owner from sitting near the older boy. Kiba chuckled a bit and sat down beside Akamaru, patting his head lovingly while Kankuro just groaned internally. And though he could have been imagining it, he swore that he saw that big mutt flash him an evil toothy smirk. Kankuro grumbled slightly about the dog separating the two boys, and Kiba apparently heard it cause he started to laugh.

"Haha, it's fine Kankuro. It just means he likes you enough to sit next to you," Kiba commented, stroking the dogs soft fur lovingly.

"But I want to be close to yoooou," the older boy whined. He reached back behind Akamaru and stroked up and down Kiba's back just like he did with his dog. Kankuro noted that this was one of the boy's sensitive spots at seeing the reaction he made. He put this little fact in the 'good to know' section of his mind before leaning over the large dog and placing a sweet kiss on Kiba's cheek.

A slight blush immediately appeared on the Inuzuka's face which Kankuro could feel with this lips. He slowly moved away to see the sight of his lover. If it wasn't for Akamaru separating them he would have had the boy on his back doing Gods knows what to him. A goofy grin ran across the younger boys lips as he propelled himself over his beloved dog and onto his beloved person.

The boys landed with a soft thud on the carpeted ground. Kankuro was a bit surprised, but was utterly stunned when he felt something wet sliding up his cheek. His eyes glanced over to see Kiba licking up the side of his face. The organ was hot and wet and it turned Kankuro on. He slid his arms around Kiba, stroking his back through the shirt he wore. He could feel the young Inuzuka squirm around on top of his body and moved his hand under his shirt. The act was met with a sharp pain on Kankuro's neck.

"Fuuuuck," he hissed out, halting his hand from moving on Kiba's tanned skin. "Why'd you bite me?" Kankuro questioned in a whisper.

"Cause I wanted to~" Kiba responded, pulling away from the older's neck.

The playful smile plastered on Kiba's face brought out a desire in Kankuro. He had never wanted anyone more than he wanted Kiba. With a quick movement, he rolled the pair over so he was on top. He sat up on his knee's, straddling the younger boy's waist. He looked down at his delicious prize, wanting to taste and touch every inch of him. One hand drifted to the boys abdomen and started to slide up to his chest, then his neck.

Kankuro grasped around Kiba's throat gently, not too tight but enough to show dominance. A spark ran through Kiba's eyes at this action. The older boy lifted a brow and curiosity drove him to tighten his fingers around Kiba's neck. A gasp of a moan slipped from Kiba's full lips. A jolt of excitement shot at Kankuro's member at the sound. He leaned over the boy with a playful smirk on his lips.

"Do you happen to like this, by chance?" Kankuro asked pressing his palm against Kiba's adams apple.

The Inuzuka looked away but the blush on his face and bulge in his pants gave him away. The brush of hardness against Kankuro's own growing erection lead him to continue his experimenting. His hand loosened a bit as he leaned down so his face was less than an inch away from Kiba's.

"If you tell me you like this, I'll continue. If not I'll just stop. I don't want to hurt you," Kankuro spoke, causing his lips to brush against Kiba's. Kankuro felt Kiba gulp even with his slacked grip.

"I... I do like this, please continue," Kiba finally spoke, his eyes darting to the side in embarrassment.

Kankuro smiled and kissed the boy before pressing his hand back against Kiba's neck in a rough manner. Kiba's lips parted in a dry yelp, allowing Kankuro to slither his tongue in. He licked at every inch, marking it as his own territory. This thumb and forefinger pinched against the hot skin, leading Kiba to arch his body. The elevation caused both boys groins to come into sweet contact. Kankuro growled with powerful lust before using his free hand to strip the others lower half. He kept a firm grip on Kiba's throat as the denim jeans and boxers slipped off. Kiba's cock was rock hard and sprung up against his lower stomach as soon as it was released.

As much as Kankuro wanted to pound into Kiba's little ass while choking him out, their last sexual escapade was too recent and Kiba had been a virgin. He had to bite back his want and settle for some cock on cock action for the time being. Kiba looked up slightly to see what his lover was doing, and he looked just in time to see Kankuro shedding his own pants and undergarments. A low moan vibrated against the older's hand as Kiba took in the sight of Kankuro's large cock. He didn't know where this was all going, but Kiba was enjoying every bit of it.

Kankuro hovered his naked half above Kiba's, letting their members brush slightly. This caused both of them to let out gasps at the friction. The hand around Kiba's neck tightened again, squeezing harder and harder till a choked noise rasped from his mouth. He could hear Kankuro chuckle darkly as he grabbed onto both their cocks with one had. His hand was slippery with a substance Kiba didn't know, but he didn't dwell on that. Fingernails started digging into his flesh creating little red semi-circles. The younger boys hands shot up to Kankuro's arm and gripped it. He didn't want it to stop, but it was a natural reaction.

Kankuro's hand faltered as Kiba's hand encircled his wrist and forearm. He looked into the Inuzuka's eyes for a sign to stop or continue. He was delighted to see an erotic gaze compelling him to continue. The boy then started to move his hand along the pulsating members. He made sure that Kiba was receiving more pleasure than he was seeing as he was the one getting choked. The older boy did his best not to show how much he was enjoying this whole thing. Maybe the dominance was getting to him, or maybe it as the feel of Kiba's slippery cock rubbing against his, but this was better than any sex he'd had before.

Kiba's hips started to thrust up, loving the feeling of Kankuro's rough slick hand pumping his cock. His lower body was on fire and he was drowning in the pleasure, just wanting the older male to take him. Logic wasn't in his mind or else he would have remembered the hot pain his ass had been emitting all day. He wanted to ask Kankuro to just fuck him senseless, but he dared not speak. The hand around his throat was still tight which made talking a bit difficult.

Kankuro's balls started to tense up, but he fought the urge to cum. He wasn't about to let himself orgasm before his partner so he focused more on moving his hand over Kiba's cock. He released his cock completely and rubbed his palm against the underside of the younger teens cock and would let is fingertips massage over his own balls. Kiba's eyes fluttered close and his chest heaved up in as he held his breath. Only a few more seconds and Kankuro could feel the cum rushing up his shaft before it exploded out of the slit.

Luckily the younger teen couldn't hold on any more. A gasp for breath and the tensing of his body was enough to show Kankuro that he was climaxing and needed the air. The hand was around his neck till the last second before Kiba came in a large spurt. It shot up onto both their chests' but neither seemed to take it to mind as they rode out their orgasms. Kankuro's matched the other's in how high up it flew but the more experienced male had a lot more to give. It was almost twice as what Kiba had done, meaning the smaller male's chest was coated properly with semen. Both their hips grinded into each other and the hands that were enclosed around each as their breathing was heavy and full of groans.

Kankuro couldn't help but show a bit of his soft side by afffectionately pressing his forhead to Kiba's, their lips and nose brushing as they sucked in air. A wide and triumphant smirk was plastered on his lips and he continued to hold the other close. He wanted to enjoy the heat and keep the illusion that the boy that was in his arms was his or even that he returned the same feelings he had. But just like the night before he pushed those kinds of thoughts out and just basked in being with the one he loved.

They only let a brief moment pass them by before silently deciding that they should redress before any kind of mishap occured. Once they were both seated on the bed once again, Kiba was the first to speak. He looked over at Kankuro with a small toothy smile and just the most adorable cock of his head, "You bring out a side of me that only hard core partying and/or extreme work outs could do," he said, a bit of huskyness to his voice from being choked.

Of course the perverted older male noticed this instantly and chuckled at both his comment and his priveledged knowledge. "I have no idea how those all connect, so I'm just going to say you're welcome."

"Haha, much appreciated," Kiba retorted with his own giggle.

"Pleasure doing business with ya'," Kankuro continued, tipping his head as if tipping his hat at a fair maiden.

To both their delights, they proceeded to work off each other in that kind of manner with chuck full of 'I do declair's' and 'Well I never's'. Kankuro was finding himself to love Kiba even more. He'd never dreamed they'd be this compatible with one another. The older male was growing a true attachment to his crush and the fear of falling deeper into this welcoming abyss was turning into a reality.

They didn't do anything else sexual, besides a bit of making out and cuddling before Kankuro had to go home. It was past Midnight and he'd already gotten three missed calls from Temari. He knew that by the fourth time she'd be on the war path and would start hunting him down. The two were walking out the door of Kiba's house, Akamaru in tow as Kiba (quite gentlemanly) escorted Kankuro to his car.

"Sorry it was boring," Kiba apologized, honestly thinking all the bonding and cuddling they did had annoyed the older male.

"I don't know why you keep confusing boring with 'amazing' and sorry for 'please let's do this again'," Kankuro boomed out, reaching into his pants pocket for his keys hoping he wasn't being too forward. Once they were located, he pulled them out and unlocked his doors.

"Well if that's the case then 'Please let's do this again. It was amazing!'" he joked, standing next to the car, shifting his weight from foot to foot. He really wanted to kiss Kankuro good night, but with his family in the house and nosey neighbors around he didn't want to risk it for both their sakes.

Kankuro sensed this and didn't try to pressure Kiba into it. Instead he just reached out and affectionately ruffled his hair with one big warm hand. "Take care kid. Call me if you need anything. If not I'll see you at school," he beamed opening his car door with a smile.

"I can text you though, right? Or... Just call you when I'm bored or... Whatever?" Kiba askeed, feeing embarrassed, an emotion he rarely was able to experience.

"Of course," Kankuro confirmed, though inside he was feeling quite pleased with himself and just a bit nervous with how cute Kiba was being. "Well, later days."

"Late-" Kiba said his little half-departing message.

With a small wave Kankuro was in his car and backing out of the driveway. Once he was a good distance he couldn't help but blast his music loud with the windows down. No alcohol or drug could top the high he was feeling at the moment. It was like Christmas, Birthdays, and Halloween rolled up into one feeling. It almost overwhelmed him and even his doubting mind couldn't destroy his mood. He sang along to the music the entire way home, completely unaware that Kiba was at home haivng the exact same feels.

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