This is a fic that I have written about Allie and Rhys, hope you enjoy.

What they can't know

An Allie and Rhys Fan Fic


She could feel his breath on hers, their bodies in such close proximity that air couldn't separate them his arms fell loosely around her waist, were they stood in the viewing room. Anyone could walk in at any second, but yet neither of them could move away, all attention had moved away from the interview which they were supposed to be watching. "Allie" his voice whispered, so soft and gentle that it could only just be heard over the sounds of the computer recording of the interview Duncan and Nick were running.

She knew this was wrong, they were work mates, adding sex to the mix would only make things complicated. But yet despite knowing this, it felt so right with him, everything felt right with him. "Rhys" she stopped him before he could say what he was about to, "We can't" the words tumbled out of her mouth. "Yes we can" he argued, "you and I both know that ignoring this any longer is only going to make things worse". Before Allie could respond to this, Rhys cupped her cheek; sending tingles down her spine and making her feel weak at the knee. Looking into her eyes he paused for a moment before moving in closer to her stopping as his lips almost touched hers. "You and me" he whispered, "we're good together".

That was all the convincing she needed, taking the lead she closed the small gap between them, looping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

And in that moment, the rest of the world didn't exist...