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Beneath the mask of sanity




Can´t leave this world yet.

He could barely see the world a blur of surreal colors to his azure eyes.

He couldn´t feel his body and the will to get up was slowly vanishing along with the slight breeze that touched his face, anyhow; he wouldn´t get up even if he wanted to, his body was too weak.

He knew this feeling well. Death. It was coming soon for him he could feel it slowly making way inside him, coursing his body and shutting down everything on its way, eating his soul. He was losing too much blood and his breathing was coming in short shallow huffs.

His eyes grew heavier with each second dropping, but he refused to close them, refused to die like this, so pathetically, so easily.

But even he couldn´t put a stopper to death.

"Fuck." Grimmjow managed to say before the weight on his eyes was too much and he closed them.

Warmth, is this who dying was supposed to feel? He couldn´t recall. His body hurt no more he could now breathe with more ease and move his arms and legs.

Opening his eyes he saw…orange?

"The fuck?" Blinking he opened his teal orbs once again and saw the human woman kneeling before him, the orange glow emanating from her little fairy things. In absolute, she was healing him once again with her powers.

"Grimmjow-san don´t move, you´re still hurt." Her soft voice was preoccupied. It pissed him off.

"Why the fuck are ya healing me woman?" He managed to spat at Orihime.

She looked at him and their eyes crossed for a second, she looked somber for a moment, like a person who has seen and lived too much for her young age; it made him almost feel sorry for asking. Almost.

"There has been too many deaths, too much blood…" She murmured looking at him again. "…I was given this power to heal, and either friend or foe, I´ll do it."

"I´m tired of seeing death Grimmjow-san, but war is like this isn´t it? Fighting until one dies. The least I can do is heal people so they will not be in disadvantage and fight with all their will and power. It would hurt your pride not to do so, wouldn´t it?" She smiled sadly.

He was about to answer something rude and pointless at her, when someone interrupted him.

"Inoue! We have to find a way to leave this place fast. Kurosaki is fighting Aizen; he needs us in the real world. Abarai, Kuchiki and Sado are already there." The slim form of Ishida came to view as he talked to Orihime.

The auburn haired girls' eyes widened. She looked reluctantly at the Sexta´s lying form on the ground, his wounds were now sealed and no longer bleeding. Even so, he was not fully healed and still very weak and open to defeat, should anyone choose to attack him.

"Leave woman, I´m fine and no longer in deathbed." He grunted.

Ishida was not stupid, he knew what Orihime was doing, yet he chose to stay silent; he knew the young girls reasons for healing the arrancar…they all did.

"But, you're still weak…" She tried to reason.

"I´ll manage." Stiffly getting up on wobbly legs, he stretched a little body screaming in pain at the action, he took no notice at it.

Pointing his finger before him a vast darkness was opened, Garganta.

"An eye for an eye woman, this is for healing me, now leave... you too Quincy." He motioned for them to move with his head, crazed grin now back in his dirty and bloodied yet, still handsome face.

Not thinking twice they both entered Garganta into the real world.

"Arigato Grimmjow-san!" Orihime´s voice echoed. He rolled his eyes at the strange woman.

Taking a deep breath, which made his lungs and insides hurt, Grimmjow made his way back to Las Noches.

"Kurosaki has lost his powers." Ishida stated flatly, but anyone who saw him knew he was in shock.

"What? How is that possible?" Inoue gasped.

"I still don´t have all the details, but from what Kuchiki-san and have told me, apparently a technique."

Orihime couldn´t help it, she cried. They had won war, beat Aizen but, at what cost?

Grimmjow couldn´t believe it when he saw a wounded Primera and Tercera walking through the front doors of Las Noches deeply wounded. He had thought them all dead.

"Oii! You good for nothing underlings, go help them!" He yelled at some lower rank arrancar as he himself ran in time to catch Hallibel as she was about to collapse.

"What happened?" He asked, gripping Hallibel tightly and hauling her up as he got her to a nearby chair.

Her eyes narrowed at the Sextas question. "Aizen that bastard. He tried to kill me and almost succeeded, he thought Stark was dead and I was the only one left." She tightened her fist. "In that moment he let down his mask of benevolence, and told me we were nothing but pawns, a means of achieving his goal. Fortunally he didn´t get a chance to check my death, that Kurosaki boy came and started to fight him; I managed to get up somehow and made my way to Stark. Everyone was too engrossed with Aizens battle to notice us leaving."

"That Kurosaki boy did." Starks voice interrupted. The man was sleazed over in his own chair.

Both Grimmjow´s and Hallibel´s eyes widened.

"What? That´s impossible Stark." The Tercera responded unsurely.

Stark shook his head lazily. "He did and he let us go on purpose. Willingly. He threw one of his flashy attacks towards another way so everyone´s attention would go there. A weird shinigami that one is…"

"I agree." Hallibel stated silently. "We must rest and then go hunt, the three of us are severely injured and weak. Grimmjow you are mostly healed but your powers are barely there…" She ignored the deathly glare and snarl that went her way. "..If we don´t eat hollows soon we´ll all be reduced to not to a Vasto Lorde, but a simple adjuchas once again and I refuse to do so." She finished harshly.

"As do I." Stark assented.

Grimmjow merely grunted and proceeded to attack a lower rank arrancar, pouncing on him like a savage animal wasting no time in biting and ripping out a piece of his neck with his bare teeth. Chewing, he could already feel a little power coursing through his veins.

"Don´t eat the arrancar Grimmjow, they might come in hand later on." Stark lazily lectured him.

"Tch, that mean we´ll go out to Hueco Mundo desert?"

Opening an eye Stark looked at him.


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