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Beneath the mask of sanity

Chapter Three:

First class ticket to hell

"Ahh Kurosaki-san! Come in and we`ll talk over tea ne?"

Karin eyed the over enthusiastic blond with distaste before nodding and stepping inside the shop.

Once both being seated, Tessai already was serving the hot steaming green tea.

"So Karin-chan…to what do I owe this pleasure?" Breaking the silence Urahara carefully asked.

"Do you have his gigai ready?" The black haired girl cut him off.

Both stared at each other until Urahara sighed.

"Ma ma, straight to point huh? Yes, the gigai is ready, be sure to have him try it on before trying to do anything else."

"So, you trust an Espada with my brother?" She swiftly asked.

"No, you trust an Espada with you brother. I`m merely helping to see if your theory will actually work." He countered.

A black brow arched in challenge. "You`re still committing treason."

"Bah! As if they`d ever find out."

The younger Kurosaki smirked, that last statement was so true. Soul Society had little to no contact with the real world nowadays.

No one would ever know…

It was perfect, or almost perfect. Taking a sip of her tea, Karin rubbed her temples with her free hand. She had the Espada, his help and a gigai…now all she needed was her brother and his cooperation.

She snorted. Better said than done.

Grimmjow nearly groaned at his boredom, not that he would ever admit but, he was anxious to go to the real world and speak with Kurosaki for the first time in months.

He wanted to confront the orange haired kid and see for himself if the shinigami was that far gone and lost in his own self pity.

That is why humans are weak, Grimmjow mused to himself.

Stark and Hallibel had already been informed of the shinigami`s (now human) arrival and had told the Sexta the teen`s sleeping quarters would be ready by the time he would arrive with the teen.

Stretching his muscles he heaved himself of his bed with what anybody would consider feline grace and grabbed his jacket which was draped on an armchair before leaving his (now with a new door) bedroom.

He had a prey to hunt.

Karin huffed as she blew a stray strand of hair from her face, She had been a little early (damn her for listening to Grimmjow`s don`t be late crap), it was cold and she had no means to cover herself from the harsh weather.

In other words she had no jacket or sweater.

`Screw Grimmjow` she thought as she rubbed her hands together in hope of getting warm.

"Haa-chuu!" The loud sneeze echoed through the lone park, making her feel even more miserable in her cold state.

"Shit." She muttered to herself. "Just what I needed, to get sick."

"I assume `bless you` is what you humans would say to each other." A familiar gruff masculine voice came from behind her. "But, I ain`t human kid; so just don`t die…they`d blame me."

Rolling her eyes, Karin didn`t even acknowledge his existence as she started walking towards Urahara`s, maybe Ururu had a spare sweater for her to survive this weather?

Grimmjow grinned wolfishly as he silently followed the slightly shivering girl, falling into the same pace as her.

They were greeted by an over enthusiastic blond who was fanning himself outside his shop. "Oh so the main character is here! Goody, now the play can start!" Clapping his hands together Urahara stepped inside as the other two followed.

"Do I even want to know?" Grimmjow muttered eyeing the blond with evident distaste. "And what the fuck is a play?"

Karin shook her head. "Ignore him, his stupidity isn`t contagious."

Smirking Grimmjow continued walking, still wondering what in the name of Hueco Mundo was a play…somehow sure of himself, that deep inside him he knew the answer. Ignoring the feeling he stepped inside one of the many rooms the shop had, after Urahara and Karin.

There on a metal table lay an exact replica of the blue haired arrancar –hence the mask or hollow hole- clad in only a pair of tight black boxers.

"I figured you`d appreciate to have some clothing on when you get in your gigai." The blond happily commented.

Karin scoffed. "This is your idea of clothing? Because we all know how much men these days love to prance around mid winter clad in only their underwear!"

Ignoring the comment and only muttering something among the lines of "at least he`d be a sexy guy clad in only his underwear." He turned towards Grimmjow.

"I took the liberty of leaving your rank tattoo and eye markings just as they were."

"Why?" Again, the black haired interjected.

"I like them!"

"Whatever. Blue get inside that thing while I look for the clothes I know Urahara has but won`t give." With that said she turned and marched away.

Watching as Karin lost herself in the shop the Sexta turned his attention towards the shopkeeper.

"How`d I enter it?"

"Uwhoo, you just get near it…and simply step inside it."

The arrancar grimaced. "Step…inside it."

"Hai, hai" Urahara waved his arms. "You just step inside it as if you were getting inside a box."

Stopping the urge to roll his eyes, the blue eyed got near his gigai and…stepped inside it. Next thing he knew he was laying on the metal table with no hollow hole or mask.

"Fuck this shit is stiff." He muttered as he got up and walked around stretching his arms and legs.

"Ohh good good, your motor functions are working perfectly well. The stiffness will leave once you get used to the body."

A grunt from the tall male was all he got as an answer.

Cracking his neck, Grimmjow stopped midway suddenly remembering something.

"What about my powers?" He swiftly asked, narrowing his eyes in a menacing way at the blond which he did not trust. Said blond gave no importance to said eye threat and smiled with even more glee.

"Gone…while in your gigai. Of course you still have your own physical strength, so if you have any need to slap Kurosaki-kun around or drag him here you`ll be able to do so."

Grimmjow found himself staring with awe at the blond after hearing his words. Deciding to ignore the slapping part…he did not slap. Ever. That was a woman`s thing, as he remembered Orihime had bitch slapped Ulquiorra, the poor pale guy had been with a red hand imprint on his face for some time; just thinking of that brought a smile on his face. The Cuarto had deserved that and more in his opinion. Oh fuck it, screw his thoughts on slapping is for chicks, Hallibel slapped for shit; that woman only punched and kicked the shit out of him one too many times. He nearly turned green at the thought.

Point was he could use force on Kurosaki if he wanted and needed to do so (which would probably be the case). And that was enough to bring a devilish smile on his face.

"Great, just what I needed blue getting all blood lusting and riled up before even thinking of my brother," She shuddered at the meaning of her words. "Do tell what has that crazy shit eating grin on your face? It`s fucking creepy." She added as an afterthought, as she stepped though the door and handed the Sexta a pile of clothes and boots.

Nodding at the clothes she signaled for him to get dressed before turning towards the blond.

"Love your taste in clothes Urahara," Sarcasm dripping of every word. "As if his hair wasn`t enough for attention drawing you just had to dress him as a delinquent too."

Benihime`s wielder almost looked offended.

"He most certainly does not look like a delinquent, look." He pointed at the half dressed Espada who only had his tight black jeans on. "He looks mature and the chains give him a dangerous look."

"Which he doesn`t need." Karin huffed under her breath.

Grimmjow looked at what he supposed were combat boots on his feet, having no clue of how to exactly tie the laces. Clothes he knew how to put on; even if it consisted on the pair of jeans a sleeveless white shirt and a black parched vest (which in his opinion was too much clothing), but tying shoe laces…how the fuck was he supposed to do that? His time spent with Aizen in his ranks he`s worn step in boots which only required for him to put his fucking foot inside the fucking boot.

"Yo kid, how the fuck do I do this?"

Karin jumped at the sound of Grimmjow`s voice and made her way to the arrancar. Seeing his dilemma she kneeled before him.

"Look you tighten the laces until you feel the boot won`t come flying of when you walk and then you tie the laces like this." And after a couple of twists and twirls and a tight knot Grimmjow learned and memorized how to tie his boots.

How utterly human of him. He nearly gagged.

The short black haired teenager got up and dusted her knees and turned towards the blond again.

"Time for me and the delinquent to go talk to my dearest emo of a brother. If things go swiftly we`ll be here soon with a kicking and screaming Ichigo…if things don`t go so smooth we`ll be here with a bleeding kicking and screaming Ichigo. So either way wish us luck."

Urahara shook his head as he watched the pair leave silently hoping the orange head would cooperate for once.

They expected many things to happen when they arrived to the house; however, arriving at the Kurosaki house they did not expect to see Isshin Kurosaki smoking a cigarette outside his house watching them closely.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was not stupid (contrary to many beliefs), he`d survived as a simple soul, turned into a hollow, had kept his conscience as he ate his fellow comrades, turned into a Menos Grande still keeping his conscience and evolved to an Adjuchas before reaching his Vasto Lorde position and Arrancar. He was a strong fighter a hunter and he knew well when there was a situation classified as dangerous and who was the dangerous person or thing.

Isshin Kurosaki was one of them. Even from a couple of meters of distance away from him, he could sense the strong reiatsu, the emanating power that came from that man…he was a strong opponent and he wasn't even in his shinigami attire.

"Oii kid, get going with Kurosaki, I`ll catch up with ya in a few." He murmured quietly at the teen who was eyeing her father in a nervous way.

Karin Kurosaki was smart, a little too smart and observant for her age. She was a headstrong, witty and had a snarky attitude, never backing down on anything or anyone. Fortunally she was also prudent in situations such as these and knew when to simply not intrude. And more fortunally for her she knew when two strong beings wouldn`t attack each other with killing intent, so she felt at ease leaving her father with blue knowing he wouldn't attack him or vice versa.

That did not mean she liked the idea of leaving them alone. Unfortunally she could do nothing.

"`Kay," She muttered walking towards the front door crossing the lawn and her father in the process. A nod of welcoming was all she got from him.

Sighing she went inside looking for her brother, meaning: his bedroom.

Isshin stared at the arrancar passively while taking a drag from his cigarette and exhaling it to the cold night air. Said arrancar took no notice of this as he walked closer to the shinigami.

"Yo arrancar." The stubbed man greeted.

Feeling the corners of his mouth twitch in what would be a smirk; Grimmjow lifted his brow in response. "Shinigami," He muttered.

"I know what you`re planning…and I won`t stop you." Isshin looked at tail of his now finished smoke and threw it to the ground, stepping on it.

"My son needs his powers back, he was born a shinigami and he will always be one. Once he`d gotten a taste of his powers as a shinigami, the fights, everything… I knew coming back and having just a normal teenage life wouldn`t be enough for him…ever. Unfortunally not everyone thinks my son`s pain is priority."

The Espada merely tisked. "Don`t get me wrong Ojii-san, I ain`t gonna save him or help him for shit. He`ll get his powers back, yes; but with his own hard work and crap, and I won`t make it easy…after he gets his powers back (if he ever does) I`ll get my rematch and kill `em."

"I know."

Grimmjow laughed. "And yet you`ll let me take him."

Isshin looked at the sky, hands in his pockets, "It`s the least I can do for him, and I know you arrancar`s have your own ways of doing things…that`s how I know he`ll be alright."

The Sexta said nothing, his silence saying more than words ever would.

"And who knows? Maybe after all the time you`ll spend with Ichigo you won`t want him dead anymore."


The older male stared at Grimmjow, hiding his need to smile. He was an old, dead fighting soul; yet the blue haired was so inexperienced at the same time.

His son would be fine…or so he hoped.

With that in mind, he saw Grimmjow cross the lawn and go to his front door, stopping before it.

"Better be ready for a funeral shinigami, cuz the kid leaves alive and returns dead."

Not turning his head back in time to see Isshin smirk at his words, he opened the door and went straight upstairs following the feel of the kid`s reiatsu and not even bothering to look at the house the orange head had grown in.

Outside Isshin Kurosaki stared ahead in thought. `Hmm, you don`t understand that Ichigo is already dead and that you`ll give him life once more.´

Cracking his neck he walked towards the clinic entrance, he did after all have some paperwork he could do now.

Karin Kurosaki was not an easily afraid girl, that`s why when she knocked on her brothers door after leaving Grimmjow with her father, her fear dissolved. She had someone she wanted to protect and for that he had to leave, leave and become whole again, leave to be healed. Leave, so he could return and be her Ichi-nii once more.

And like hell if she wouldn`t give him the first and final push out the door.

"Hai hai, I'm coming." A moment after she tapped at his door it opened revealing and unruly Ichigo with his apron on covered in paint, solemn expression on his face. She breathed hard and slipped passed him.

The room was filled with a solemn feel and rejoice of lost dreams and memories covered every pore of it.

Frankly she was tired of it, all of it. It made her nauseous and pissed off.

"Ichi-nii we gotta talk."

Hazel eyes, sparked with childish curiosity that made Karin almost smile, he wasn`t that gone.

"So, speak." He stated.

Raising an eyebrow at his confidence she crossed her arms and looked at him straight in the eye.

"You're getting your powers back."

Ichigo had expected something big –Karin never barges in his bedroom to simply speak unless it was big- but, he had never expected it to be…outrageous.

So, he laughed. Hard. The thought of what she said as if it were a statement, a reality; made it hilarious.

"I don`t see anything worth laughing for Ichigo." Her seriousness never leaving her.

"The way you say things as if they were a reality…things aren`t as easy as saying them Karin."

"I know which is why I took the matter into my hands; which that itself was a fateful thing." She muttered.

The orange head`s expression went from amused to alarmed at his sister`s words.

"Karin what the fuck did you do?" He was almost afraid of the answer itself.

"I met an old friend of yours, well more of an acquaintance and we barged a deal…you`ll get your powers back."

What. The. Fuck? "What `friend`? Deal? what kind of deal?

Questions were running in and out his head for a moment before turning towards his younger sibling.

"What `friend` are you talking about Karin?"

A small, tiny almost insignificant smirk lightened her lips and as she opened her mouth to speak his door barged open and in came who had haunted his dreams more than one restless night.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

The look of shock, fear, confusion and awe on the teen`s face was like no other to the Sexta`s eyes; and he fed on it with evident glee.

"Yo Kurosaki."

Grimmjow –fucking- Jaegerjaquez, who was supposed to be dead, was not. He was as alive as (any hollow could be) and he and Karin were…and he was wearing human clothing and he could see him?

The only coherent answer he could think of was a gigai, and where he`d gotten one: Urahara.

"Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?" He looked towards Karin, not bearing to look at the sharp teeth that the teal eyed bared through his smirk.

"Do I ever joke?" And with that said, she neared her brother, hugged him; kissed his temple and she made her way towards the door, stopping next to Grimmjow on the way.

"He`s all you`re blue."

Ichigo could only stare in stupor as the black haired left his room closing the door behind her, leaving him alone with the man he preferred to have never met in his life.

A sudden hostile sentiment was in the air and he didn`t know how to respond.

Grimmjow shifted in his position before walking towards the single bed and making himself comfortable in it, until the he turned to admire the sickening artistic room; so this was what Kurosaki turned to?

Sure he had seen him, but one thing was seeing him from afar and another being inside the room.

Canvases, paint, colors, hundreds of them strewn across the room, stacked in piles…and then he spotted the one lone painting hanging on the wall. Himself. He turned his eyes towards the orange head who had taken to ignore him as he busied himself cleaning his brushes and stocking his paint, it was obvious the painter would not finish his art with him in the room, his muse gone. The Sexta watched as the unfinished body of Ulquiorra in his second resurrection form was taken to a corner of the room, who knew if Kurosaki would ever finish that painting?

"So, you survived." Ichigo couldn`t stand the quiet and not to mention awkwardness of the situation. Turning towards the male on his bed he couldn`t help but admire the health form he was in, or maybe it was that gigai he was in?

"I see you`ve been in contact with Urahara." He stated dryly while he put his brushes where they belonged along with the paint.

"You`re a pathetic piece of human shit Kurosaki." Grimmjow`s sudden agressive tone made the young teen jump and turn once again towards the bed.

The Sexta had stood up and evident rage had taken possession of him, why, the orange head had no clue.

"You have no right to come here and insult me…Grimmjow." Even saying his name was…different, it made him feel something foreign.

He still couldn´t believe the blue haired was alive insulting him, in his own house. It made Ichigo want to laugh and cry at the same time.

"No right? We unconcluded business Kurosaki and for that I need you to get your shinigami powers back, fortunally for you I know how and the people you need for that, so shut the fuck up and pack cuz we´re leavin´."


Grimmjow arched a brow, so the defenseless strawberry dare defy him? Maybe not all was lost.

"Glad ta´ know not all that spitfire is lost shinigami." He smirked.

That did it, Ichigo snapped; his feelings were everywhere in a mere second, changing from hate to anger, hope, anguish, adrenaline…just the lone meaning of seeing and hearing Grimmjow, knowing the hollow was alive made his lungs burn for more air.

"You stupid son of a bitch! Wipe that fucking smirk of your face! You're supposedly dead…I somehow in my fucked up state end up feeling gulty, then you show up…pop out of fucking nowhere and want me to get my powers back over unfinished business? And I know my sister said yes to this cuz she knows I can fed up for myself, but what the fuck is wrong with you people? You have no fucking right to fuck with my mind/life!"

"Fucking shut the hell up Kurosaki, you sound childish. The kid is worried for ya kay? And I was the one who accepted her proposal not the other way…and was about to reject it too when I started watchin´ya. You´re like a caged animal Kurosaki, one who has gotten used to his enslavement…you´re losing the fight and fire in ya´, it´s pathetic."

Ichigo swore he saw red, childish him? A caged animal? Pathetic?

"Quiet! Shut up! Just shut up! You have no idea what I´ve been through…" A crazed panicked, desperate look crossed over his features; slightly darkening them. "…I first ended up a shinigami as an accident, a means to protect my family. Until then I had a moderately normal life…but then I had power, the one I needed to protect my precious ones and I fought my friends, family and town. After a whole a shitload of training and fighting turns out I´m the fucking messiah. The chosen one to defeat and kill Aizen, the only one who could do it, which was fine with me…I was doing what I had to do to protect my people. I knew I would lose my powers with that final attack and I don´t regret it, but my whole life as I had grown up in was gone. I had become too accustomed, used to being a shinigami; fighting and risking my life in a daily manner….I couldn´t go back to being a normal high school student; not after fighting hollows, arrancar, Aizen and saving the girl." He finished quietly turning towards Grimmjow in his desperate haze.

"Being a shinigami meant everything to me and I gave it up without a second thought and I now feel empty…hollow. I know it was the right thing to do…but sometimes I wish I had been selfish and that though alone scares me. I know sometimes wonder if my dreams really are memories or if they´re just dreams, figments of my imagination. If the shinigami I knew and can't see are real or made up…if you´re really alive and here or if I´m dreaming."

Ichigo felt hot wet tears prickle out of the corner of his eyes and frankly he didn't give a damn and made no move to wipe them.

"I feel like I´m going insane, slowly forgetting what´s real and what´s not, what happened…if I was really a shinigami…" He trailed of looking into a void space.

"So I paint. I paint everything I can remember, everything I dream in hopes of never forgetting…in a means of making sure I remind myself it was real, that it, they still exist even if I can´t see anything. Either way, I´m not sure It´s working." He added sardonically. Walking over to a painting of Zangetsu, he slowly –with trembling hands- picked it up.

"I can´t even hear Zan´s voice anymore or even feel him with me. He was a part of my soul along with that insane hollow and now they´re gone." His quiet voice quivered.

Blue eyes watched as Kurosaki crumbled before him, telling him everything, spilling out his feelings, fears, wants…everything.

If he had ever felt something akin to pity, this would certainly be it. Not that it would change anything between them.

"You don´t like yer life as a human, I need you as a shinigami…don´t see what´s the problem. It´s a win-win situation Kurosaki." He told him cynically.

"I will not let you or anyone dictate my life or manipulate my existence or make decisions for me. You only want me for your own selfish desires and self satisfaction. A fight. It´s all you crave you sadistic, barbaric animal!" Ichigo hissed.

"Leave! I don´t need you. If you´re the only means I´ve got of getting my abilities back then I´d rather stay, live and die as a simple human."

Even as he outed the words Ichigo knew it was a total and utter lie, but he wouldn´t back down.

Grimmjow by now had frankly enough of the crybaby´s bullshit. Grabbing the teen by the collar of his shirt, he slammed him against the closet, hard; loving the look of pain scrunched on the younger´s face as his head and body hit the closet door. Joining their foreheads together, he spoke deadly to the boy.

Ichigo shuddered as he felt those intense teal blue eyes look at him so closely, he was sure Grimmjow was seeing the darkest depths and pits of his soul. The arrancar breath was only inches away from him and he could feel it on his face, he almost closed his eyes as he felt those deadly lips next to his ear.

"You fucking weak hypocrite, you say I´m selfish, sadistic…an animal? Well so are you. Admit it Kurosaki, the only reason you want your powers back is cuz you crave the fights, the adrenaline, the fucking feeling that courses through your body as your zanpaktou cuts through flesh and bone. I know the protect bullshit if part of ya, but a fighting animal is what you really are, yet you desist from admitting it. That berry, is what makes you a lying, encaged, hypocrite."

"Now, I came here with an offer, you either take it or leave it. I won´t be carrying your scrawny ass against your will only to have ya bitch and moan in Hueco Mundo and burry yourself in you own self pity. Choose make your fuckin decision yourself as you claim to not have the right, but lemme tell you one little fucking thing: This is a one time opportunity, if you leave I will make your life a living hell with all the training you're going to overgo and franklywith the looser attitude your carrying yourself with I doubt you´ll make it to twenty percent of your power before you give up. Man up, hate me, train to fight me and kill me and you´ll survive Hueco Mundo once again." By the time he had finished his little speech, more like threat he was facing Kurosaki´s face once more, taking in all his features and turmoil of emotions going through that pretty little head of his. He was so easy to read.

"I´m gonna find the kid, I´m fuckin starving. You think about out little chat, make up your fuckin mind for fucks sake and get the fuck ready."

Taking one last look at the teen he almost, failed to notice how well his body molded to his own and exactly how flustered Kurosaki was looking with his widened eyes (which he already knew was because his words affected him, but had his closeness taken part too?).

Making a mental note to himself he stood before the orange head before turning his back and smirking on his way out.

What a strange, yet exiting new discovery he had made. Maybe his prey would be more fun than he thought. Well, he´d certainly entertain himself with his new toy.

The teen watched, his back still pressed to the closet in his own accord, his breathing her and his heartbeat erratic. Closing his eyes Ichigo slid down the closet onto the ground, and as he thought about his decision he willed himself not to think about the body heat emaning from Grimmjow as he pressed him up against the closet or exactly how much his voice had affected him.

Shaking his head, he willed those thoughts away; he had a decision to make.

"What you do, kill him before he got his powers back?" Karin barked at Grimmjow as he walked calmly down the stairs looking around the place as he did so.

The blue haired ignored her comment as he entered the kitchen where she was sitting drinking tea.

"Tch, wouldn´t waste my time killin him while he´s that useless and weak."He accused as he took a sip from her tea.

"Got some food?" He asked.

Karin smiled humorlessly snatching her tea back, before pointing next to the stove where a plate of onigiri was placed.

"Had to make something simple, can´t cook for shit without Yuzu telling me what to do." She commented.

The Sexta smirked at her sheepish expression, before grabbing the plate and taking a bite out of one of the snacks. Chewing contently he made way to one of the seats.

"He´s still got some fight in him."He grunted.

"Ahh." The girl agreed taking her tea and drinking.

Ichigo sat still against the closet were the arrancar had slammed him; the words that had been growled into his ear were still ringing as haunted whispers.

Truth is he wanted to grab his things and go to Hueco Mundo into another grave adventure where he would fight, bleed and conquer. He missed the heavy weight of Zangetsu against his hands; all he had now was the rough calloused skin to remember the sword by.

But, the idea of leaving, training and putting his life in the Sexta´s hands was the same as selling his soul to the devil himself…what worried him more was the idea of knowing he wouldn't mind doing it for the sake of having his powers back…among other things.

Groaning he slammed his head against the closet door, he knew the answer since he´d seen Grimmjow enter his room, no he´d known the answer seven months ago when he attacked Aizen; since then he just sat and waited for the question to come to him. He just never expected it to come in the form of Grimmjow nor from Hueco Mundo, hell he´d always expected Soul Society to come to his aid.

So, did he want to gain his abilities back and become a shinigami once more? Hell fucking yes.

Sighing, he opened the closet door and grabbed a traveling sack and backpack. He carelessly threw in some clothes (would he even need them? Who the hell knew, but better be prepared), i-pod and carefully packed his paint and art utensiles, heaven knows he would need them…who knew, maybe sticking a brush in Grimmjow´s eye would save his life in a near future?

Passing a hand through his unruly hair, he grabbed his packs, slung them both over a shoulder and left his room. There was no looking back.

With that in mind he walked down the stairs, with a new regained confidence, he just hoped it lasted him long.

Neither the arrancar nor human girl imagined Ichigo would walk down the stairs willingly to leave with Grimmjow towards Hueco Mundo.

"Wow, he really is desperate." Karin muttered in awe.

Ichigo –in his part-ignored his sister´s statement and stared at Grimmjow.


The Sexta let out a bark of a laugh. "Ha! Good Kurosaki so you're not that far gone are ya? Well I don´t give a fuck, saves me trouble of hauling yer ass to Blondie's house."

Ichigo scowled, so the whole ´makeup your mind I won´t take you if you don´t want to´ was bullshit eh? He should have known.

"Blondie?"He stared from his sister to the blue giant.

"Urahara."Karin said.

Suddenly feeling kind of stupid he suddenly remebered Urahara, he should have known he would have to make a stop at the blonds house.

"I don´t even want to imagine his shitty face." He murmured tiredly. Then something clicked in his head. Grimmjow and Karin were sitting on the kitchen table…eating Onigiri and sharing tea.

"Kami-sama help me, the Apocalypse has come."

Karin smiled in a wickedly sweet way at her brother's discomfort.

"You know Ichi, Blue and I have become best buddies." She commented out of the blue.

The look of horror on the orange head´s face was priceless.

"Fuck you Karin, just…God! Let´s go before I change my mind and you…" He rounded on Grimmjow. "Stay the fuck away from my sister, she´ll get weird shitty ideas from you."


"Language dear Nii-chan."

Even their choired responses sickened him. Rolling his eyes he walked to the door and out to the front porch were his father smoked what seemed to not be his first cigarette.

"I don´t think I need to tell you to be careful do I?" Isshin´s gruff voice called to him.

"You knew he would come?"He countered.

"I had a heartbeat." Isshin muttered.


"Ichigo, take care of yourself. Thank Kami Yuzu´s not here, she would cry a river."

Ichigo nodded, knowing if his younger sibling weren't at her summer camp, would be here crying her pretty eyes out.

"Ja´ne." He muttered walking past his father, Karin and Grimmjow walking next to him.

The walk to Urahara´s was fast, short and quiet for neither of them spoke a word.

"Ho ho, I see Kurosaki-kun indeed has come. It´s been too long, how´ve you been?"

"So so."

"Mmm, I see. Anyhow I need our young patient, come if you will Kurosaki-kun."

The young man shrugged nonchantly and followed the blond shinigami into one of the many rooms the shop had.

"Oii hat and clogs wha…!"His sentence was cut short when a gloved hand –the glove being surprisingly familiar-smacked him straight in the face. The long lost feeling of his soul separating from his body come back in a flash as he looked at his now unmoving body hit the floor.

"What the fuck Urahara! You could warn me you know?"

"Yes, but where would the fun be in that?"

Ichigo scowled at the shinigami and stared down at his body –well, soul- which was not in his normal shinigami attire…he looked like a simple soul, except there was no chain tying him anywhere.

He supposed it was Urahara´s doing.

He´d almost sighed in discontent, it wasn´t as if he expected to be in his shinigami uniform, sword strapped onto his back; but he´d also be lying if he said he didn´t hope it.

Urahara seemed to read his mind as he spoke up.

"As soon as you get some of your reiatsu back you´ll be able to get your shinigami attire…as for Zangetsu, I´m afraid I don´t have the answer."

The orange head stared at the blond in disbelief.


"I have a couple of theories, but nothing concret. You either have to start from zero…"

"But, I already know Zangetu´s name. Form and real form!"

"…or you´re going to have to find out by yourself. You´re the only one who has a deep connection with your zanpaktou, for it´s yours, so meditate and try to make a connection."

Not having a real response for Urahara, Ichigo responded with a simple "hai" and reached down to grab his packs.

"Ready Kurosaki?"Ichigo turned to see Grimmjow out of his gigai and in his normal Espada uniform, jaw bone mask on the side of his face; hollow hole and rank tattoo were all-in place.

"Yeah…Urahara you´ll take care of my body?"

"But of course! It can sleep next to Grimmjow-kun´s!" He babbled excitedly.

"Just kidding"

"I don't know why I don´t believe you."

Ignoring the conversation between the shinigami and Kurosaki because frankly Grimmjow didn´t give two shits about where his gigai slept or was kept, he turned towards Karin.

"You comin kid?"

Karin who was looking bored at the two yapping before her smiled slowly.

"I think Ichi needs to be on his own now with no distractions…he needs to be whipped back in shape again, and I mean mentally and physically. So, no I won´t be going blue, at least not for now."She looked up smirking.

"You´ll come and tell me my brother´s progress won´t you?" Her tone was actually one of order rather than questioning and that was enough for Grimmjow to laugh.

"Ha! I think I could spare 10 minutes or so to come and speak ta ya kid."

"Good. And after I see Ichi´s doing well, I think I´ll accept your offer, after all how can I pass up an opportunity to see Hueco Mundo."

"Tch, it was a onetime offer kid."

"But, you´ll still end up taking me. Take care blue and don´t let Ichi do anything too stupid."

"Oii! What am I, a fucking toddler?" Ichigo snapped at her.

"Oops, apparently he did hear." She muttered.

"Karin, I´m right next to you."

"Yadda yadda."

"Take care Ichi-nii."She murmured as she hugged him out of the blue.

"You know I will take care of Yuzu and the old goat and don´t make them cry."


"Love you sis." He whispered holding her tight.

"Love you more Ichi, be strong." She murmured letting him go.

"Kurosaki move yer ass!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes at the blue haired arrancar yelling his lungs out from outside.

"Shut the fuck up Jaegerjaquez, you´ll wake up half the freakin´town." Ichigo spoke as he walked next to him.

"Don´t give a fuck." He pointed his index finger in front of him and Garganta opened.

"In ya go Ichigo, your first class ticket and way to hell."

He had no clue if it was the impression of hearing Grimmjow call him by his first name or him knowing that his words were being unchangingly true, that made him almost quiver as he stepped behind the Espada into Garganta…not knowing what awaited him on the other side.

That fact alone made him know that he –once again- would start anew adventure, and that alone was good enough for him.

At least for now.

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