Emma opened her eyes. She was looking up at her roof, the same roof she had seen that morning. She was relaxed, as if she had woken from an ordinary sleep. It took a few moments for her to remember what had happened. She opened her mouth, heart ramming in her chest. She sat up. She was still dressed in the blue dress, a sure sign that it hadn't been some awful nightmare. She leapt from the bed, tripping over her laundry pile that was set next to her bed. She squealed as she tumbled forward to the window. Grasping it and throwing it up with a loud bang, she stuck her head out of the window to look out into the city.

It was dark, maybe eleven o'clock at night. It was silent; no cars, no people stalking the streets. Emma turned her head to look at the museum which was dark. Emma's hair tossed in the wind as she inspected the ground again. It was a deathly quiet, the kind that made you think your heart beating was like thunder rumbling in the sky. Emma pulled herself into her apartment and ran to the TV, switching it on. All there was only static.

Switching it off, Emma curled up on her bed, arms wrapped around her, closing her eyes tightly. The city was dead, scarred and terrified. She pulled the covers around herself, trying to warm herself up. A cold wind blew through the window, making Emma shiver. She really didn't know how long after it was that she heard music coming from the streets. She opened her eyes slowly, wondering if it was all in her mind. But as it got louder, Emma got up and moved toward the window again. Brain bots (as Emma found out they were called) filled the street, sending a blue glow that lit up the black roads and crept up the buildings.

Emma ran back to her bed and pulled her comforter off the bed, wrapping it around herself and she flew out her door, not bothering to close it after her. When she managed to reach the lobby, she stopped at the door, watching wide-eyed as the parade of Bain-Bots flew past. Emma quickly opened the door and ran to the nearest ally. She peered around the corner, breathing heavily as she followed the flow of Bots.

They're heading towards Town Hall, Emma thought. She hadn't been in the city long, but she knew her way around. She ran down 40th, trying to find the quickest way to get to Town Hall without running into the Bots. She could hear the voices of Megamind and Minion echoing through the streets. Fear and anger struck Emma in the chest. She had to keep herself from running away from Town Hall, but it came into her sight before she actually had the guts to turn back. There was a long line of police men lined up in front of Town Hall, gates baring the way. Emma looked over her shoulder before running up to the cops.

"Ember!" Emma jumped; finding Detective Cole running towards her, hand on his holster. "What the hell do you think you are doing here?" he snapped. Emma opened her mouth, but Cole didn't let her answer. "Get behind the fence." Emma obeyed, jumped over the line, clutching her comforter so it didn't slip off. It was hard to maneuver in her dress. Emma mentally wished she had changed before she left. The music Emma had been hearing was at its climax and smoke suddenly appeared in one puff.

The police lined up, loading their guns. Cole pushed Emma behind with the News Crew. Emma quickly hid, peeking over the camera to see lights flashing. It was like some kind of Laser Light show. They flashed through the smoke, forming shapes and making a blue head.

Emma found herself smiling, and quickly stopped. She was being watched by a few of the crew who gave her looks of disgust. Megamind, with an army of Brain Bots, came skipping into view, wearing his black and blue outfit. He was laughing with joy, like a child at Christmas. Emma, again, was shocked by this "supervillians" behavior.

"Drop 'em!" he shouted. Emma looked on in horror as the police dropped their weapons. Surely, she thought, they weren't going to give in that easily to such a goofy character? But then again, he had murdered Metroman. Just that thought put Emma in a stage of loathing at the man who skipped up the steps of City Hall. Minion followed, carrying a Boom Box; which explain where the music was coming from. Megamind snatched a microphone from one of the News Crew. He signaled to Minion to cut the music. Minion nodded his fish head and clicked the button. The music awkwardly changed to a slow romantic song.

Megamind gave Minion an irritated look. Minion was desperately pressing as many buttons as he could. Emma giggled. A few cops, including Cole, glared at her. Emma quickly stopped, but she couldn't help by hid her grin under the comforter. Megamind cleared his throat (Minion smashing the Boom Box) and smiled at the crowd.

"Well, what a turn out!" he said. There was no response from the News Crew or the police. "Honestly, I think we all gained something today! A chance at a New Metrawcity!" he said. "I of course will be taking on the responsibility as your new Overlord! Pretty simple, I bet none of you have any questions?" he said, eyeing the crowd playfully as if to challenge them. "You there!"

The sea of heads turned to find Roxanne, hand raised, walking forward, a look of loathing on her face. "I'm sure we would all like to know what you plan to do with us and this city!" she demanded, glaring at Megamind. Megamind seemed to pause.

"He has no idea what he is doing." Emma said to herself. Megamind put on a false grin, turning around and looking over his shoulder.

"Well, think of the most horrible, terrifying, evil think you can think of…and multiply it by…SIX!" Emma, who had been amused up to this point, quickly was filled with fear. This blue man had murdered Metroman, who else would he kill? He didn't look like a killer, but Emma, as an artist, knew not to judge a person by their exterior. She found herself filled with anger. If she had been braver, she would have run up to Megamind and strangled him until he turned…well, whatever a blue person would change if they couldn't breathe.

"And I will get back to you!" he said. Emma watched as they both entered City Hall and slammed the door. You could still hear them giggling. Emma turned away, suddenly cold and feeling hopeless. The News Crew shut off their cameras. They didn't say anything. Emma was glade they didn't turn them on her, she didn't think she could handle that.

"Emma!" Emma looked to her right, expecting to see Roxanne. But instead, it was Herman. Emma's response was immediate. The moment Herman was close enough; Emma's hand shot out and slapped him across the cheek. The crowd froze, watching Herman's sunglasses go flying. Herman stood, shocked look on his face. Emma just stood there, breathing heavily, then, with all her emotions boiling over, she burst into tears.

Roxanne quickly pushed her way to her and put her arms around Emma's shaking shoulders. Roxanne shot a look at Herman that plainly said, "Look what you've done to her." She hissed. Herman looked down at Emma, who had her face hidden in her hands.

"I…I never meant…" But Roxanne was already leading Emma away.

"It's okay." She said. "You're okay." But even though Roxanne made Emma feel a little safer, she knew that she wasn't okay. She would probably never be okay again.