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Pairing: Kurt/Puck, Rachel/Finn, Carole/Burt and others.

Rating: Major M/NC 17 for swearing and sexual content in later chapters.

Warnings: underage sex, underage drinking, slash, homophobia, and swearing. Also this is painfully un-betaed so if you see mistakes, feel free to point them out and I'll do my best to fix them. Thanks!

Summary: Kurt's been close to breaking for months now but when someone took a shot at his father, hurt him again because of his sexuality, Puck offers an out. But is he ready for such a major step?

In the last four hours, Kurt's side had met a hideous red locker seven times. His arms and back had several bruises shaped like handles. He was ready to cry but forcing himself not to, since there were people around. Even Blaine's texts couldn't cheer him up or give him strength. Everyone who saw looked at him with pity or sympathy in their eyes but no one offered help or got angry at Karofsky. It was a weird feeling. He knew everyone felt bad for him and did care a little but sympathetic touches and words weren't enough. He had grown up with his dad showing he cared by getting angry at the problem upsetting him so he supposed that had something to do with his need for people to prove they cared by getting mad at Karofsky. But no one was. They were only worried about Kurt's physical health but didn't care why it was happening. It was bringing him down more than anything.

It was lunchtime so he went to his locker to put away access books and get the ones for his class after lunch. Karofsky was waiting. He grabbed Kurt by the arm and slung him into a small cluster of lockers. Kurt's face hit a handle because he didn't throw out his hands in time and his thigh his another. He whimpered in pain and dropped to the ground. He sat and stared at Karofsky miserably. "You're an ass," he said but it lacked his usual diva attitude. He sounded as broken as he felt, he realized, and he could feel the tears coming out unbidden.

Karofsky smirked and started to walk away. Puck entered the corridor and ignored Karofsky until he saw Kurt on the ground. He grabbed Karofsky by his jacket with a growl and slamming him in the lockers next to Kurt. Kurt jumped up and away to keep from being stepped on or something. He watched Puck slam his fist into Karofsky jaw and heard a disgusting crack. Karofsky lashed up and only succeeding in taking them to the ground. Puck rolled them, pinned Karofsky to the ground, and straddling him as he slammed his fist into Karofsky's face over and over. Kurt stared in shock at Puck's rage until he saw blood splatter on the ground. "Puck!" he cried. If Puck really hurt Karofsky, he would get sent back to juvee and Kurt didn't want that. He grabbed Puck's shoulder and tried to pull him up and off Karofsky but he refused to by moved. "Puck! Puck, stop it!" He didn't listen at first then Kurt yelled, "Noah!" and he froze. Kurt breathed a sigh of relief and angled his head to see Puck's eyes. "You'll be sent back to juvee if you don't stop. C'mon. Let's go before someone sees."

Puck climbed off Karofsky and allowed Kurt to pull him away. Kurt ran with Puck's hand in his to his car. He removed his first aid kit from under the passenger seat and tended to Puck's bloody knuckles. Karofsky had a broken nose, probably lost some teeth, and his jaw was definitely dislocated but Puck was fine, other than his knuckles. "You okay?" they asked each other at the same time. They laughed softly then Puck reached out and pulled Kurt into his arms. Kurt broke down after a few moments in the stiff, unfamiliar embrace. He sobbed uncontrollably and clutched at Puck desperately. Puck rocked him back and forth and tried to soothe him awkwardly.

"What's he done to you? You were so badass before I left. A queen in a world of commoners. What happened to that?" Kurt just whimpered and Puck sighed. "Well, that's that then. Congrats, Kurt. You're my boy now. I'm keeping that fucker away from you. We'll get your fire back, I promise."


Kurt stepped out of his house and smiled when he saw Puck leaning against his beat-up truck. The jock smiled back and pulled open the passenger door with a flourish for him to enter the truck. "Hurry before the cold gets in."

Kurt waved to his father and rushed to the truck. Puck helped him in and shut the door before going around to the other side and getting in. "Why're you taking me to school?"

"I'm your bodyguard, remember?" Kurt nodded and reached out to pat Puck's arm in gratitude. Puck took his hand and squeezed. "Hey, reach into my bag. There's a red box. It's for you. Go ahead, look."

Kurt reached down and removed the box from Puck's backpack. Inside he found a bracelet with a rainbow of beads and a silver oval that said Strength in purple. He turned it over and found the word Badass on the back in the same color written in Puck's messy handwriting. Sharpie, he realized. He laughed and leaned over to give Puck a brief hug.

"Just in case you need a reminder of how strong you are. Strong and badass," Puck told him. He parked in the parking lot of the school and stepped out. Kurt fastened the bracelet to his wrist and left the truck. Puck slung his arm around his shoulders and Kurt wrapped an arm around his waist as they headed into the school. People stared at they walked through the halls and Puck leaned against the locker next to Kurt's while he retrieved the needed books and put away the stuff he didn't want to lug around when he didn't really need it. It didn't matter what everyone thought. Let them. Kurt was under his protection now.


"Wait, wait, wait," Blaine said over the phone between French and algebra. "Let me just get this straight. Noah Puckerman, the guy who used to throw you in a dumpster, is your bodyguard? Is that safe?"

"I think he might be making amends. He bought me a rainbow bracelet with the word strength on it. In purple," Kurt told him, raising his wrist so he could look at it with a smile. "It was very sweet. He wrote badass on the back in purple Sharpie. It's almost as good as the Courage texts." Blaine chuckled and Kurt grinned. "He's determined to bring my queen-like attitude back. He's mad Karofsky shoved it out of me."

"Baby boy, you ready to go to algebra?" Puck said as he came out of the restroom. Kurt didn't like going in there. Other boys gave him dirty looks.

"Sure," Kurt replied with a giggled. "Blaine, I gotta go. Algebra. I'll call you at lunch and we can finish this conversation. Bye."

"Don't forget to call me. I want all the details. Later, Kurt," Blaine said. He heard Freddie and several other men shout, "Bye, Kurt!" and Blaine laughed. Kurt grinned and told Blaine to tell them all goodbye for him.

"Bye, Blaine," Puck called into the phone as he threw his arm around Kurt's shoulders.

"Bye, Noah," Blaine replied with a laugh. Kurt giggled another goodbye and hung it up. Puck led him to algebra, keeping his mouth near Kurt's ear the entire time and whispering to him, and Kurt laughed and wrapped an arm around the larger teen's waist. They both knew that, by lunch, the entire school would think they were dating and it was quite obvious to Kurt that Puck was not going to even both acknowledging the rumors, let alone stop them.

They sat together at lunch, arms around each other, and Finn sat down with a protective glare pointed at Puck and Rachel against his side. "Aw, don't be mad, Finny. You had a chance with Kurt, it's your fault you gave it up," Puck teased. Kurt poked him in the ribs and laughed softly. Puck leaned down to whisper in his ear, "He's such a protective big brother, Kurtie. You do realize he is going to cock-block every boyfriend you get, right? Especially that Blaine kid."

"Blaine is just a friend," Kurt informed him calmly. He leaned up and whispered back, "And if Finn tries to cock-block any boyfriend the universe actually blesses me with, I will kill him." Puck laughed and Kurt grinned. Suddenly, a glob of mashed potatoes hit Kurt on the chest. He cried out in surprise and outrage. "Damn it. This is an Alexander McQueen."

Puck and Finn grabbed a handful of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese and heaved them at Karofsky and Azimo. Someone shouted, "Food fight!" and that's all Kurt remembered before everything turned into a whirl of food, laughter, and yelling. For once, he didn't worry about his hair or clothes, just threw food at the jocks and laughed as Puck tried to guard him from what they threw back and failed miserably. By the time a teacher came and broke it up, everyone that hadn't hid under the tables was covered in food. Everyone identified Azimo as the one who started the food war and the avid participants –the jocks and the Glee kids – were sentenced to cleaning the cafeteria until it shined after school. They were all ordered to go home and change then return. They were warned that anyone who didn't return would spend two weeks in afternoon detention with Couch Sylvester. Even clean up was fun because the Glee kids took half the cafeteria and the jocks took the other. The Glee kids turned on a stereo and Mr. Schue joined them to practice their numbers for Sectionals while they cleaned. The jocks ignored them but were caught dancing along every so often.

When Kurt got home, Carole met him and Finn at the door with her hands on her hips and a, "I know what you did but I'd like to hear you admit it," look on her face. They shamefully confessed their sins and were sent to Kurt's bathroom to wash for dinner with a stern, "Burt and I will talk to you as soon as he gets home. Try to behave until then."

"Puck smeared potatoes in my hair," Finn said suddenly with a laugh as Kurt rubbed lotion on his hands after washing them. Kurt laughed and shook his head.

"I put macaroni down his shirt," he told him. Finn roared with laughter. Kurt's phone rang and he brought it to his ear cheerfully. "Hey, Blaine. I'm sorry I didn't call. I just –."

"It's fine, Kurt," Blaine cut it. He sounded excited. "I have something to tell you. I have a boyfriend."

Kurt shrieked with joy. "Congratulations! Tell me everything!" He rushed out of the bathroom and flopped on the bed. Finn shrugged and left. They talked for thirty minutes before Carole called him upstairs for dinner and he promised Blaine another call so he could finish telling him about his new beau. "Sorry. Blaine was telling me about his new boyfriend."

"That's great!" Carole said cheerfully. "Now go set the table with Finn." Kurt laughed and took the plates to do as told. He was so glad for his would-be-step-mother. He really didn't want to do the laborious cooking for Friday night dinners after scrubbing the walls of the cafeteria so much. He giggled as he thought of Puck trying to juggle sponges and dropping one on Rachel's head. Finn looked over from setting down the salad bowl and they laughed when they locked eyes. Finn made a squishing noise, obviously thinking about the same thing, and Carole looked at him as if he was insane. They just laughed even more. "Boys," Carole muttered with a roll of her eyes. "What I wouldn't give for a girl. At least I could understand a girl."

"Whatever! Girls are weird, Mom," Finn told her seriously. She and Kurt just chuckled at him.

End chapter.

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