All American Girl

A/N: This will be a two to three shot.

Summary: Some points in Sierra Fish's life and her relationship with her dad, Oliver and papa, Kyle. Her ages throughout: Part One: Three, twelve-going on thirteen. Part Two: Fourteen to sixteen. Part Three: Twenty to twenty four.

Disclaimer: I do not own OLTL or any of it's characters. If I did, Fish and Kyle, as well as baby Sierra would still be on the show. I do however, own the storyline and the OCs Chloe Dane, Xavier Cross, and Olivia Marienette.

Part One: And All Those Big Dreams, Changed

Year 2013:

Three year old, Sierra Rose let out a loud shriek and whimpered as she heard the thunder. Her tiny body shook as she climbed out of her big girl bed with her favorite, rainbow colored blanket wrapped around her skinny shoulders. Her fluffy, blue stuffed bunny dangled from her fingers as she ran into her dad and papa's room. "Daddy, papa!" She cried out running into the room.

Oliver Fish shot up from the bed startled, eyes falling on his wide eyed, little girl. His gaze softened as he climbed out of the bed, trying to be careful not to wake up his husband, "Sierra, honey." He murmured, kneeling down and wrapping his long, muscular arms around his little girl and pulling her onto his lap. "What's wrong?" His hand ran through her tangled, shoulder length blond hair as she cried into his bare chest.

"I don't like the noise." She whimpered softly, tears leaking from her blue eyes and soaking her father's chest. "It's scawy."

Sighing, Oliver stood up, bringing Sierra with him and holding her in his arms. Her slender arms wrapped tightly around his neck, blue bunny still clutched in the tiny fingers of one hand as she burrowed her head farther into his shoulder.

Kyle had awakened from all of the commotion and smiled a little bit when he saw the girl that he thought of as his own, in the arms of the love of his life. "What's my little princess doing?" He cooed sweetly, a brilliant white smile playing upon his lips as Oliver got back into the bed, climbing back underneath the covers. He grinned once more when Sierra reached out her arms for him to take ahold of her.

Oliver watched silently as his daughter cuddled into Kyle's side without a word and her thumb in her little mouth. Kyle and Sierra had a very special bond. One that even Oliver himself, couldn't quite understand. Kyle knew how to sooth their little blonde princess when nobody-including her dad, could. It had been that way, pretty much since they'd brought her home from the hospital. She'd been so content whenever she was in Kyle's arms and would immediatly stop crying and would fall asleep. It was still a sight that left him awestruck.

"She's asleep." A sleep roughned voice said softly, interrupting his thoughts. Oliver blinked and noticed that Sierra had indeed fallen asleep in Kyle's arms. He watched carefully as Kyle gently laid her down between them and covered her with the covers, placing her bunny back in her arms.

"Did you ever think that we'd be doing this?" Oliver asked quietly, finally breaking the silence that had filled the room.

Kyle locked eyes with him, running a hand through his messy, dark hair. "You mean raising a kid?" He asked his lover with a chuckle. He shook his head a little bit. "No." He answered, looking at Oliver behind his long lashes shyly. A smile curved up his lips. "But I always wanted to. I love Sierra like she is my own. And I love you."

Oliver grinned back, tears stinging his eyes as he rested his large hand on Kyle's neck and leaned forward."I love you too." He whispered, pressing a sweet goodnight kiss to his husband's lips.




Year 2022, Twelve year old Sierra

Oliver was sitting at the dining room table, looking through bills as the lasanga cooked in the oven, when he heard the front door slam shut. He looked up, furrowing his brow and locking eyes with Kyle who was pulling on a tight, red tee-shirt.

"What's going on? Sierra never slams doors." Kyle muttered, looking torwards the stairs worriedly, as his little girl stomped up them without a word.

The other man sighed miserably and shook his head. "I have no idea." He answered sadly. "She didn't even say anything when she came in. She just ran up the stairs."

"Should I go check on her, or do you want to?" Kyle asked of him, already moving torwards the stairs.

"Actually," Oliver answered carefully, scooting his chair out from under the table and standing up. "I think that I'm going to. Could you watch the lasanga and make sure that it doesn't burn and then stick in the garlic bread for me? There's salad already made up in the fridge."

Kyle nodded and took the seat that Oliver had just vacated, hoping that he could find out what was wrong with their daughter.

Oliver knocked on a white bedroom door, with a pink white erase board with Sierra's name written on it in red and blue markers.

"Go away!" Sierra's muffled voice shouted, angrily.

He didn't listen, slowly pushing the door open. His eyes fell on his daughter who laid on the purple and pink, canopy bed. She was crying into her stuffed toy bunny, the one that she'd had for years. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, he ran his hand through her pale blond curls. "What's wrong Si?" He asked of her, softly.

"You wouldn't understand! You and papa would never understand. You don't have to go through what I'm going through." She shouted, pulling her face away from the bed and glaring at her father. Her face was red and swollen and tear streaks were running down her face.

Oliver groaned and looked down at his feet, beginning to wish that he'd let Kyle come up and deal with this. He might've been able to get through to Sierra a hell of alot easier. "How will I know if you don't tell me, sweetie?" He asked of her, hoping that for once she'd listen to him.

Sierra rolled her eyes at him and sighed reluctantly. "These kids at school are being mean to me." She admitted softly, staring down at her lap as she twisted her fingers together, restlessly. "They've begun to tease me about not having a mom and about my not having a "normal" home life. Some of them think that it's disgusting that I'm living with you and papa. They think that a family should consist of a dad and a mom and brothers and sisters and maybe a dog. They hate me because I don't have any of that. And I got so mad at them that I punched one of them. I got detention for a week, because of it so you guys have to sign my pink slip."

He winced at his daughters words and ran a hand through his short, light brown hair. He didn't know what to say to this. He'd never really prepared for a conversation like this. He didn't even know why. Of course some people would have problems with this kind of lifestyle, as much as he hated it. There always had been people who'd had problems with it. His parents-father especially, included.

"Look, Sierra. I should've prepared you for this a long time ago but the thought never really crossed my mind. Some people, they just aren't going to accept something so different than what they're used to. This is normal for you, but other people don't understand it. Some of them probably never will. You've got to try and not let that bother you."

Sierra looked at him in disbelief. "So I should've just let that bitch insult my family?" She asked in a loud tone of voice.

"Language, Sierra." Oliver said firmly, narrowing his eyes. "And no. I'm not saying that. There are just other ways to deal with it rather than getting in fights. Violence is never the answer."

"It's hard though, dad. I wish that people understand. You and Papa and Aunt Gigi, Uncle Rex, Shane, and Auntie Roxie are the only family that I really need." She answered him quietly, wrapping her slender, tanned arms around her father's waist and snuggling into him.

He smiled softly and hugged her back, kissing the top of her head and then resting his chin on it. "I'm glad that you think that way, Si. Now, how about we go downstairs and make sure that your papa isn't letting dinner burn?"

To be continued: The start of highschool, heartbreaks, weddings, and new boyfriends.