Wow…it's been years since I've written anything. Goes to show how hard this show bit me.

I absolutely LOVED last night's episode! Especially the Steve/Danny interactions! So this wouldn't get out of my head…hope you like it! So far this will be two separate one-shots related to the episode.

Tweaked this chapter because Ice Cube1 pointed out a little mistake to me. Thank you!

Of course these characters are not mine. I wish.


Steve McGarrett stood in front of his house, taking in the wreckage left behind after the massive firefight just hours before. It was time for a remodel anyway, he thought wryly to himself, before wondering where he would live until everything was fixed. Firefighters had shown up with HPD apparently, and were currently dousing the flames caused by his homemade bombs. He hadn't expected them to grow so big…then again he also hadn't really expected to survive to see them put out.

"And this is why we should never bring our work home. You can crash at my place until it's all fixed up if you want," Danny Williams offered, pulling Steve from his dark thoughts. The shorter man approached him from behind, feeling for his partner. This was his home, the one place a man was supposed to be able to go to get away from the stresses of a line of work such as theirs. Now, not only would Steve have to think about the fight that went on at the front of his house, but he would also relive the fight with the man he had called a friend anytime he looked out his back window.

"In that little closet you call an apartment?" Steve questioned teasingly, "I don't want to put you out, man. I appreciate it though. I'll get a hotel or something." Guilt and shame washed over the SEAL while his mind wandered over the day's events.

Danny noticed the change in his friend and tried to cut him off early. "Don't even go there, Steve. It's-"

"It is my fault, Danny. I should have listened to you. I should have trusted my partner over a guy I knew years ago. I could have gotten you all killed, because I blindly trusted someone despite your warning."

"But guess what, Steve? The only person who walked out of that house with even a scratch was you. You protected us, kept the General and his family alive, and took out the bad guy. Sounds like a good day's work to me, minus the lovely gash that just missed a major artery in your arm. When it counted, you were right there with me and that's what matters. He was your friend, and he was your subordinate. You trusted him and he abused that for his own greedy motives."

"No, I trust you with my life…I should also trust your instincts. You have followed me even when you didn't like it, today being a prime example, and I should have given you the same respect." When Danny looked up at Steve, the taller man looked like a reprimanded child, his chin dropped to his chest, hands stuffed in his pockets, and his left foot scuffed the ground. Danny reached for his partner, who turned at the last second causing the Detective to grab his recently wounded arm. Steve hissed in pain and jerked back around, and Danny yanked his hand back as quickly as possible.

"Damn it!" Danny growled when Steve's arm started bleeding all over again.. "That needs to get stitched up, boss. Let's go, I'm taking you straight to the hospital. You let this go and with your luck it'll get infected."

"I can handle it, Danny," Steve snapped. He turned to stalk past his partner, but this time Danny grabbed his good arm. "Let me go."

Danny was unfazed by the warning in his partner's voice. He was plenty familiar with that tone, and while it might scare a criminal, he knew that Steve wouldn't hurt him, even when he felt backed into a corner. The guilt that he could see and feel rolling off of the other man was enough to support that theory. "I don't blame you for what happened tonight. If I were to ask Kono and Chin, I guarantee you they would say the exact same thing. We're all okay. A little worried about you and this self-loathing attitude that you've adopted and the fact that you haven't gotten that checked out yet, but we're fine. So now, we are going to go to the hospital, and you are going to get stitches in that arm, and you're not going to complain about it. Understood?"

Steve was staring at his partner, a dumbfounded expression on his face. He dropped his gaze to his feet again, and nodded. Danny tugged his solemn friend back towards his car and slid into the driver's seat. Steve remained unusually quiet, but Danny just let him be for the drive.

By the time the duo arrived at the hospital, Danny noticed that Steve was much paler than the last time he'd checked on him. "You okay, man?"

Steve looked over at him, an exasperated look on his face. "I'm fine. Let's just get this over with, okay?"

The pair made their way into the emergency room, and were admitted relatively quickly. The nurse cleaned the wound and stitched it up quickly. Danny got to watch his partner's face as he went through the motions, and noticed something that made him grin.

"Big bad Mr. Navy SEAL is afraid of needles?" the detective teased with elation.

Steve simply glared over at him. "Shut up." He smiled half-heartedly when the nurse failed to stifle a giggle. She smiled at him apologetically and then looked over at Danny, who made her start giggling again.

Once she was finished wrapping the wound and giving both of them instructions for care (because she had a feeling that the patient may be less than attentive to his own wounds) the duo was sent on their way.

"How bout I buy you a drink tonight so you can get over the anxiety of that needle?"

Steve couldn't keep the exasperated smile off his face. "I thought I told you to shut up?"

Danny just smiled as he opened a door for Steve and thought of all of the ways to use this new information against his partner.